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Posted By: freightdawg
04-Aug-03 - 11:00 AM
Thread Name: Steering Clear of Copyright cops
Subject: Steering Clear of Copyright cops
Sorry to start a new discussion on an old topic, but after hours of chasing threads I haven't seen the answers to some basic questions. Many thanks to the contributors who have answered many others though, especially the links to and My questions take in the following scenario: On Monday night Frisky
Fred plays some old and new folk songs at his home BBQ party. His selections include really old stuff and some songs right off the recent charts. A friend likes his music and asks him to perform at her neaby Bistro for a combination plate on the house, $100 and all the tips his guitar case can hold. On Tuesday night ol' Fredo does his little gig and a patron offers to record Fred on a cd. Wednesday night Fred once again plays and sings and the producer of the cd really likes his stuff. Thursay night the producer gets stood up by a rock band for a major concert, but luckily good old Fred lives nearby and so after a couple of phone calls Fred plays to a sold out house, and because the concertgoers have never really heard good music, they go absolutely ape and a star is born.

The questions then are these: On Monday Fred made no money, and so, I assume, has defrauded no copyright holder. Is he in the clear? On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Fred did play for money and for ever increasing amounts and in larger public venues. Also, on Wednesday his effort was recorded. When did Fred run afoul of copyright laws? Was it his error, or those who recorded/produced him? On Tuesday morning, would it have been better for Fred to have hired an agent, or a lawyer specializing in contemporary music law? Or is there a place where Fred could have sent a check to cover all copyright issues and to placate all the copyright holders of the music he simply wanted to share with those who maybe have not heard it before.

I love the information and the discussion that is shared on this site. Thanks a million for helping poor of Fredo out of his jam.