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Posted By: Billiam
04-Aug-03 - 03:53 PM
Thread Name: Black Jack Davey Dylan
Subject: RE: Black Jack Davey Dylan
It is good to have the contributions from people with a similar view of Dylan's excellent version of Black Jack Davey, but it would be even better to know the answer to question originally posed: where did the tune used by Dylan come from?

My researches have led me to the wonderful Max Hunter Folk Song collection on
which includes seven versions of the song with tunes, and the equally impressive Wolf Folklore Collection on
which includes another couple of versions, and several others appear in various book collections.
The diversity of the words and tune is fascinating,
BUT none of the tunes that I can find remotely resembles the one used by Dylan - where did he get it from? (could it be taken from a different song???)

I have been massively impressed by the knowledge and scholarship of many people who have contributed to mudcat discussions in the past, and cannot believe that there is not someone out there with the answer to this question, or at least some suggestions for other material I should be looking at.

Still confident of finding the answer - but suggestions gratefully appreciated