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Posted By: *daylia*
04-Aug-03 - 11:16 PM
Thread Name: Jacob's Wooden Flutes
Subject: RE: Jacob's Wooden Flutes
Uncle Jaque you are so very helpful and sweet too! Thank you so much -- it'll take a bit before I can digest everything that's in those great links! I'm gonna check out the Chiff and Fipple forum in more detail tomorrow. I've been having fun with the penny whistle, but I've sure heard that instrument played a LOT better than I've been able to make it sound. First time I tried to hit the upper octave I nearly broke the windows -- well, my ears anyway. Sounded like I was strangling a chicken-hawk ...

A lot of the AN "Love Flutes" are on a pentatonic scale, with 5 holes or some other odd number. Some have a hole on the back like a recorder or pipe chanter, and the fingering is not at all like a pennywhistle or fife.

My friend who sold me the flute told me that by moving the leather fetish on the flute, I can change it from the pentatonic scale to the full major/minor. He also explained how to get the sharps and flats, and how to get the upper octave. (Something like blow a little harder?) I printed out his instructions cuz it's useless to try to memorize all that without the flute to try it on. He also sent me a video and a fingering manual that came with the flute.

It's called a "Love Flute"? Wow, he never told me THAT! Hmmmmmmm ...

As an aside; (and this may be terribly sexist, for which I mean no offense) - I personally find that there is little that can instantly transform an otherwise attractive, beautiful - even gorgeous Lady into a repulsive and repellant creature, and that is a smouldering cigarette dangling out of her mouth. Chewing a wad of gum the size of a tennis ball or prominently displaying grotesque tattoos will do it for me too. Don't know if other fellows feel this way or not, but I rather suspect that some might.

Well I don't think what you've said is sexist at all. I think it's the truth. I hate it when I catch a reflection of myself with a stinky ugly not to mention EXPENSIVE cigarette dangling out my mouth. It looks so tough and "hard" and that's not really how I am at all. Repulsive and repellant is right. I have to let it go, and I'm pampering myself all the way through this -- with new flutes and new music and new friends and all!

Irregardless, I have no doubt that your beauty will shine forth in renewed, radiant abundance while playing the old Indian "Love Flute" - much more so than while enslaved to nicotine!

You are so eloquent and such a dear, Uncle Jaque! I sure hope you're right too, because nothing feels uglier than a dragged-out nicotine fit. The penny whistle -- and a few other little "inner" tricks -- have helped out a LOT with this. I can hardly wait to get the Kestrel!

Thanks again so much for your help and encouragement~!

And good luck with finding Jacob, Nathalie!