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Posted By: Joe Offer
27-Jul-99 - 01:11 PM
Thread Name: Convert ABC files to GIF images HELP!
Subject: Easy HTML Tag Guide for Mudcat
Hi, Sue - I fixed your problem in the message above. The Mudcat Forum is set up so we can use HTML. That's a great advantage to us in many ways, but it takes a while to get used to it. To get your message to look right, I added HTML line break <br> tags, which you can do yourself. If you're posting something long, I suggest you do it in a word processor, and use the "replace" function to put a line break and a carriage return every place where there had been just a carriage return.
Bold type is <b>, closed by </b>
Italics <i></i>
Underline <u></u>
BIG <big></big>

<a href=>Click here</a>

I would warn you to use copy-and-paste as much as you can when entering HTML tags, or you may go bonkers from typing all those angle brackets. Hope that helps. If you want to know more, do a Forum Search for HTML as "subject", and you'll find a few interesting threads like this one (click). Welcome to the 'Cat.
-Joe Offer-