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Posted By: Max
07-Aug-03 - 11:50 PM
Thread Name: PMing Max - A New Beginning
Subject: PMing Max - A New Beginning
OK, I just cleared out hundreds upon hundreds of PMs from my account. I know I have never been good at getting back to people, and for that I am sorry. Just the volume of them: many that should be threads, many with no point, many that should go to dick or Pene, etc. etc. And my life, career change, new baby, old baby, excuses excuses.

So here's the deal. I cleared them all out, there gone. I did this out of frustration because there were just so many. So I'll ask anyone that has not gotten a response from me and still wants one to PM me. You can go to your "View Your Sent Messages" and copy and paste it into a new one to me if you want.

I hereby give my word, and place my reputation on the line that I will respond to each and every one of them or forward them to dick or Pene where appropriate. If I fail to respond to anyone, you have my permission, and I will instruct all the volunteers not to kill it, to start a thread berating me and calling me a liar and whatnot.

Just trying to kill my bad habits ONE AT A TIME like a squirrel and his nuts. So, please accept my apologies, and write to me if you'd like. It'd teach me a lesson.