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Posted By: mike the knife
08-Aug-03 - 03:15 PM
Thread Name: Learning Lap Dulcimer- Tips? Tricks?
Subject: RE: Learning Lap Dulcimer- Tips? Tricks?
Wow- Thanks for all of the great info- The mesh idea is super- I've been chasing the thing all over my lap. (perhaps this may be referred to as the "Dulcimer Lap Dance"?) I also am learning to widen my "stance" ie: keeping my left knee/leg close to/under the headstock- I've almost catapulted the thing across the room end-over-end by quickly dropping back down to the first fret with my knees too close together.
I've found a place to take lessons & I start Monday- Looking forward to being shown the "right" way to play, tunings, etc. I'm going to pull some tabs for a couple of tunes & see how badly I mangle them initially. I really love the idea of the quick learning curve on this instrument. Thanks also for all of the websites referenced. I suppose Jean Richie is a Dulcimer Deity of some great renown based on the responses here.