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The Mudcat Cafesj

Make Your Own Drums
Balloon Tom-Tom
materials: Juicecan, oatmeal box, potato chip can, or other such container 2 large balloons. 2 heavy rubber bands, 2 pencils with erasers
1. open both ends of the container for the drum body
2. cut small end off the balloons, this is the drum skin
3. stretch the closed end of the balloon over the drum body
4. hold balloon in place with the rubber band, smoothing out the wrinkles
5. repeat 1-4 for the other end
6. use the pencil as the drum stick

materials: tin can, potato chip can, juice can or other such container to use as the drum body. styrofoam cup with a base that will fit snugly into the open end of the drum body, balloon, rubber band, 3-6 nails of different sizes, long enough to reach from one side of the cup to the other, duct tape, stick
1. Follow 1-4 directions of the tom-tom drum using only one balloon
2. Lay out the nails, shortest to the longest then push them through the rim of the styrofoam cup. Don't let them touch each other.
3. Fit the base of the cup into the open end of the drum body and tape in place.
4. Make a striker by taping a nail to a stick.

Coffee Can Bongos (see figure 1)
materials: two coffee cans of different sizes with lids, 2 wing nuts, 2 bolts
1. Open both ends of the cans.
2. With a nail punch 2 holes in each can. Put the holes in a straight line one on top of each other. Line them up so that the bolts will go from one can into the other.
3. Put the bolts through the holes and add the wing nuts securing them.
4. Decorate the drum bodies if you want to.
5. Add the plastic lids for the drum heads. Could use inner tubing, brown grocery sack or other material for the drum head. If you use any of these cut the material one inch larger than the drum body.

Cake Tin Hand Drum (see figure 2)
materials: round cake or candy tim without the lid, inner tube, rawhide or heavy twine lacing
1. Cut the bottom out of the tin and smooth any rough edges.
2. Cut open the inner tube so you can have a large, long flat piece that will cover both ends of the tin
3. Lay the tin on the inner tube an draw a circle around it. Turn the tin over and draw another circle connecting the two circles.
4. Cut the two circles out like a figure eight, so they are connected.
5. With the paper punch make holes all the way around the edges about one and a half inches apart.
6. Pull this "drum head" over the tin so that the open end meets, tie this down until you lace it up.
7. Start lacing at one end near the connection and continue around tieing a good strong knot. Leave a tail of an inch or so.
8. A handle can be added if desired.
9. Make a drum stick using a hard ball or use a wooden drum stick.

Pan Drum
materials: several cardboard tubes of a different lengths but the same diameter, stiff transparent paper , glue, model airplane lacquer
1. Decorate the tubes if desired.
2. Cut drum heads out of the paper and glue it to each tube.
3. Treat each drum head with lacquer as soon as the glue is dry. This will create tension.
4. Fasten drums together using rubber bands, glue, staples or whatever.

Log Drum
materials: 3 or more large fruit juice cans, duct tape or other strong tape, large brown grocery sack, green paper, clear tape
1. Open both ends of the cans.
2. Tape the cans together to form a log.
3. Open the brown paper sacks up.
4. Cut out enough to wrap around the log.
5. Roll the paper around the log and tape it in place.
6. Draw a wood grain design on the paper with markers or crayons.
7. Cut out some leaves from the green paper and tape them underneath the drum.
8. Use sticks to strike the log.

Mouth Drum
materials: mouth and hands.......................................................... .......................................................... ............
Open mouth slightly. Lightly hit your cheeks with your open hands. It works best when your hands are straight and your fingers are together. Try changing the position of the mouth for different sound: opening and closing, tightening lips.

Skin Drum
materials: large juice can, colored paper, tape or paste, wax paper or soft vinyl, 2 strong rubber bands, 2 corks, 2 pencils, brown paper sack treated with lacquer could also be used for the drum head
1. Cut both ends out of the cans.
2. Cut the colored paper so that it is as tall as the can and long enough to wrap around it.
3. Decorate one side of the paper.
4. Tape or paste the paper to the can.
5. Cut 2 circles from the wax paper or vinyl at least 1 inch bigger than the can.
6. Place the circle over the can.
7. Fold over the excess paper. Attach the circle to the can with the rubber band. Make this tight.
8. Cover the other end the same way.
9. To make drum sticks twist the sharp end of the pencil into the cork.