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General Folk
Please note that we can allow only one link per Website or performer (put links to your MP3's on your site, not here). Pick the ONE category that best fits the site - with over 500 links on this page, we don't have room for multiple categories and multiple links for single sites. Also, limit your description of the Website to about three lines. We reserve the right to edit links posted here. If I think you are using any tricks that artificially place your link at the top of the list, I will change your link to place you in a more suitable location.
Also note that we do not have room to allow individuals to post large numbers of links on a given topic, such as links to various festivals. If you have a large number of links to contribute, please start a thread or talk with me about putting them in a PermaThread.
-Joe Offer-

42explore: Folk Music General Folk
Lots of good links.

Acoustic Traditions Music and Folklore Centre General Folk
Music store in Ontario, Canada, with 2 locations: Orangeville and Fergus. Retailers of folk, world, and collectable instruments. Also: weekly jam session, live music through the Traditions Folk Club, books, and music lessons.

Archives of the Ballad-L e-mail list General Folk
A place where knowledgeable scholars research and comment on ballads. The archives are searchable, and may contain information if you're looking for the details behind a ballad.

Australia Ad Lib General Folk
"An interactive guide to the wild, the weird and the vernacular in Australian music." (thanks to pete au for this link)

Bernard's Website General Folk
Gig info, potted history and links to other sites.

Brooks Williams Page General Folk
Home page of singer/songwriter Brooks Williams. Includes gig dates and album info.

Bruce Olson's web site General Folk
Roots of Folk: Old English, Scots, and Irish Songs and Tunes - Background Information, Lyrics, and ABC Tunes for early or original versions of hundreds of folk songs.

Butte Folk Music Society General Folk
A very active folk music club in Chico, California.
(Joe Offer)

Camp fire songs General Folk
Heaps of old favorites here... great fun

Canadian Journal of Traditional Music General Folk
Current and Archived issues of the long standing magazine on traditional music

Ceolas General Folk
Ceolas claims to have the largest online collection of information on Celtic music, and has links to hundreds of related sites.

Child Ballad Database (CBDB) General Folk
A very comprehensive index of recordings of Child Ballads.

Contemplations from Marianas Trench General Folk
Folk music of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales & America. Midi, lots of information.

Folk Music, An Index to Recorded Resources/ General Folk
Database index to recordings of tunes and songs from traditional and contemporary sources. H.

FOLKDJ-L Archives General Folk
Searchable archives of the Folk DJ's discussion forum and playlists. Find out what DJ's think of your album and how much airplay you are getting.

FOLKDJ-L discussion forum for Folk DJs General Folk
A discussion forum, much like Mudcat, designed especially for folk DJ's. They post their playlists here and compile monthly top-50 lists. Also contains hints for "Getting Airplay on Folk Radio Shows."

FolkLib Index General Folk
The FolkLib Index is an on-going attempt to index information on the World Wide Web that is related to the fields of Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Acoustic Blues and Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar. Among other topics, special pages are also devoted to Harp (the stringed kind) Players and Wisconsin Musicians. General Folk
Contains lots and lots of links to performers, folk-oriented businesses and organizations, forums, etc.

Francis J. Child -- The English and Scottish Popular Ballads General Folk
Francis J. Child Ballads; with Biography of Child, Complete List of Child Ballads, Lyrics, Tune Information, Midis, Historical Background and Tune Related Links

Glór Irish Music Centre General Folk
Glór - Irish Music Centre in Ennis, Co. Clare, presents a summer programme of themed nights featuring a range of local and national artists

Harmony Central General Folk
Links for the guitar player

harpsounds General Folk
Dedicated to harp music, Celtic music, harp cds and cassettes, harp sales, folk harp, Celtic harp, Irish harp,Scottish harp

Helen Creighton Website General Folk
A special multi-media web page celebrating the life and career of Helen Creighton, one of Canada's best-known folklorists. View descriptions and content listings for the Creighton fonds, and visit a Virtual Exhibit with over 50 photographs, several sound clips and a selection of online documents. Come listen to folk songs, read first-hand accounts of the supernatural, and learn more about folklore and music, dances, games, cures, ghosts, superstitions, witchcraft and buried treasure in Nova Scotia.

Irish Music Magazine General Folk
Website of a monthly magazine called "Irish Music". Includes session listings.

Jeremiah McCaw's FolkPage General Folk
This is a personal site aimed primarily ('though not exclusively) at the southwestern Ontario area. Contains guides to folk clubs, venues and performers. Also a calendar, listing clubs, festivals and gigs.

John Jacob Niles, American Balladeer General Folk
A view of Niles as a performer, more than as a collector of folk music. (Joe Offer)

Kids songs and lullabyes General Folk
a great little site full of great songs for kids, and the young at heart.

KKUP (SF)All-Community public radio General Folk
SF Bay Area(S.Bay)91.5FM{Fleapowered!} Completely volunteer programmed public radio (No PRI or NPR feeds at all!-ALL original local programming) My all-time favorite Folk/Blues show!!!! Lisa Atkinson's 'Don't Panic It's Just Us Folk' Tuesdays from 10am-1pm Give it a spin if you can. More very esoteric stuff other times too! (Hawaaiin, etc)

KMUD General Folk
diverse people powered radio

Local 1000 AFofM General Folk
A musicians' union for travelling musicians

luke brindley artist website General Folk
luke brindley is a songwriter/performer who unites rich poetry with uncommon guitar skill to create songs and instrumental compositions which wow audiences as much as they inspire them.
world and jazz influenced folk.
MP3's here (click)

Mainly Norfolk: English Folk and Other Good Music General Folk
Reinhard Zierke's excellent Website.

New York Folklore Society General Folk

New Zealand Folk Song General Folk
All sorts of information about New Zealand folk music, with lyrics, chords, and recordings of song songs.
(Joe Offer)

North American Jew's Harp Guild General Folk
The guild is dedicated to the preservation and education of the Jew's harp. The organization provides an annual music festival each year in Richland, Oregon.

Northern Journey - Canadian Music Online General Folk
Links to everything you'd ever want to know about Canada's music and musicians. (Joe Offer)...

O'Neill's Irish Music Project General Folk
O'Neill Project's entire O'Neill's Music of Ireland in abc.

Paddy Tutty's Home Page General Folk
British Isles/Canadian folk music interpreted by singer Paddy Tutty, on her label Prairie Druid Music.

Reckless Elbow General Folk
5-piece band from The Wirral, UK, contemporary, trad and self-composed folk with a unique, sometimes reckless attitude. 2 CD's available.

Resources for Folk Music and Women's Music General Folk
A good bibliography, along with some interesting links.
(Joe Offer)

Resources for Singing Rounds General Folk
Home of the Rounds Galore songbook, by Sol Weber

Rick Lee's web page General Folk
Waterbug Recording artist, links to many folk music resources, special emphasis on Celtic and Appalachian traditional and tradition-rooted songs.

Rick's MVG General Folk
A site which seems to have been created by a Choir singer, but which has a VERY large database of American, French, German, Scots, Irish, English etc. songs, along with sections of Sea songs,Hymns, Christmas songs, and a special area for the songs of Fredrich Silcher...and an amazing number of all of these have nice midis!! Really worth the visit!!

Rounder Records General Folk
Distributor for Greenhays Recordings, an independent label owned and operated by Jean, husband George Pickow and son Jon Pickow.

s.a. allitt General Folk
homepage of nj based solo artist who mixes folk, blues and rock into a unique musical experience and her lyrics tug at heartstrings. page includes some lyrics, music samples and concert dates.

Sixteenth & Seventeenth Century Ballads General Folk
A homepage for 16th and 17th century ballads.
Also covers the work of Thomas Ravenscroft and Thomas Deloney.

Sol Weber, the Roundman General Folk
Collector of Rounds and Author of Rounds Galore.

TaleWeb General Folk
Links, MID's, MP3's, RealAudio streams etc. having to do with (folk) music

Tam Lin Web Site General Folk
Tam Lin are a British band playing Celtic & other traditional music. The site also has loads of ABC and other links.

Taylor's Traditional Tunebook General Folk
Traditional tunes in midi format from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the colonies.

The Ozark Folk Center State Park General Folk
America's only state park dedicated to the preservation and interpertation of Ozark Culture, it's music and crafts

The Poxy Boggards General Folk
A California primarily Renaissance Faire based band, self billed "Drinking Group with a Singing Problem". Fun guys, great music. Not just because I'm in 'em either. Come visit during RPFS.

The Stan Rogers Page General Folk
discography and many lyrics to Stan Rogers recordings (new URL - updated October 2002)

The Traditional Ballad Index General Folk
An Annotated Bibliography of the Folk Songs of the English-Speaking World. Find reference information on folk ballads. Not itself a source of song texts. H.

Toronto's Laura Thomas has a New CD! General Folk
This is a website by a totally addicted musician. She gave up her day job as a microbiologist 10 years ago and makes her living mostly playing acoustic music. This site will tell you all about her! Thanks!

Utah Phillips General Folk
The U. Utah (Bruce) Phillips Appreciation and Information site.
(Joe Offer)

UWM Folk Center General Folk
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Folk Center
Check out the Stringalongs - Spring and Fall workshops for folk music and folk arts.

Volkslieder (4000 Volkslieder General Folk
German equivalent of DT (still increasing, partly with tunes). Easy English language navigation. Besides a large collection of German folksongs there are several hundred Blues, Gospel, Irish, English and American Folk titles and some folksongs in other languages (esp. Spanish).

WFMT / The Midnite Special General Folk
Listen [!!!!!] to the best Saturday night Folk show in the country, live, via RealAudio

Will McLean General Folk
Annual west-central Florida folk fest, usually in March, named for Florida's "Black Hat Troubador". Lots of regional new folk and traditional Florida music. This is the primary site for information about Wll McLean.

Women's Folk Music and History Resources General Folk
Lyrics, bibliography, discography and more, all related to the theme of women and folk music.

Yet Another Digital Tradition General Folk
A mirror of the Digital Tradition Folk Song Database, with tunes available in GIF and other formats. (Link updated Aug 2001 - Joe Offer)

Links: Styles / Genres: General Folk