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The Mudcat Cafesj

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Be aware that our forum is Free.

Anonymity and Guest Posting are permitted.

You are free to be anything you want EXCEPT unkind, impolite, argumentative or snooty.

While anonymous Guest postings are permitted at Mudcat, you will garner much more good will by using a consistent "handle".

Be aware of what personal information you decide to share within the forum. It is public, you are making statements in public here. Unlike Facebook, we don't even pretend to offer privacy.

We care about your safety but we are not in the business of protecting you. Your kind and civil behavior is your best protection.

For the time being, the membership transaction is human, manual, personal...

One of the great things about udcat over the years has been our ability to meet other mudcatters around the world in person and visit their homes and such. For this to be safe for everyone, we gotta kinda put you through the wringer a bit. So...

To join this here site, you gotta talk to us. A very nice email should be sufficient. Contact Joe Offer,

We're real and not hard to find. We'd like to feel the same about you.


If you make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, we'll set up your membership by hand and, if you'd like, facilitate an introduction to our vibrant and loving community.

Now let's have some fun.