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Title [author] (comment) Lyrics
Ca Hawkie (from Bruce and Stokoe's Northumbrian Mistrelsy (1882); midi made from the notation in that book. Bruce Olson posted an earlier set of the tune (1772) here: Drive Hakky) DT thread
Cadal Chan Fhaigh Mi   thread
Cailin Deas Cruite Na mBo /Pretty Maid Milking a Cow   thread
Cait o gharran a 'bhile   thread
Cakes and Ale [Henry Purcell] (A catch) DT  
Caledonia [Dougie MacLean] DT thread
The Calico Printer's Clerk [Harry Clifton & Charles Coote] DT thread
Call John the Boatman   thread
Calliope House [Dave Richardson] (Written by Dave Richardson of Boys of the Lough in Edinbrough, 1983 and named after a pub called Calliope House)   thread
Calon Lan DT  
Cambourne Hill DT  
The Cambrian Colliery Disaster [Bill Sables] (Ewan MacColl also wrote a song with this name.)   thread
The Candlelight Fisherman (Singer: Phil Hamond. From Peter Kennedy's Folksongs of Britain & Ireland, #219) DT thread
The Candyman [Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley] (The pop song made famous by Sammy Davis Jr.) DT  
Cannibal King Medley - A Cannibal King DT thread
Cannibal King Medley - M-I-N-E DT thread
Cannibal King Medley - We'll Build a Bungalow DT thread
Cape Ann [Gordon Bok]   thread
Cape Breton Lullaby [lyrics by Kenneth Leslie, tune traditional]   thread
Captain Coulston (per Malcolm:The DT text was transcribed from a record by Andy Irvine and Dick Gaughan; their principal source was Brigid Tunney, though they added additional verses from another source. Steeleye Span also recorded an arrangement of her version (somewhat pared-down), so I've used notation in the first Steeleye Span songbook for a midi: first verse only, as they varied the tune (another Dives and Lazarus / Gilderoy variant) later on. I don't have a recording of Brigid Tunney singing it, but would hope that this is reasonably close; it's certainly quite close to the way her son Paddy sang it. ) DT  
Captain James (from Songs the Whalemen Sang, Huntington)   thread
Captain Ward (from Flotsam, Jetsam, and Lagan, Captain Ernie Hall, 1965)   thread
Captain Ward (The Jolly Mariner) (Child #287 - from the Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection) DT thread
Carnlough Bay   thread
The Carol of the Birds DT thread
casadh an tsugain (common version)   thread
Casey's Hat DT thread
The Cast Out   thread
The Castle of Dromore DT thread
The Castle of Dromore (MIDIText from John in Brisbane)   thread
The Castle of Dromore (October Winds) DT thread
Castles in the Air   thread
The Cat Came Back (version 1) DT thread
The Cat Came Back (version 2) DT  
The Cat Came Back (original version) [Harry S. Miller, 1893] (source: Levy Sheet Music Collection) DT thread
A Cat Catch [Robert Brown] (1710)   thread
Catch Me If You Can   thread
A Catch On Cats Michael Wise - 1685   thread
Cattle Call (orchastrated) DT thread
Cavan Girl [Thom Moore, 1970's]   thread
A Caveat for Cutpurses (Packington's Pound) DT  
Cearc Agus Coileach ('Cas Amhran' Michael O hEidhinn - version posted at message 952573) DT thread
Cearc Agus Coileach 2 (Donal O'Sullivan, "Songs of the Irish"; he gives both poetic and literal translations. Again it is a different version and tune from the DT version) DT thread
Celia Learning On The Spinnet [John Isum] (1685)   thread
Ceol An Phíobaire (aka:Music of the Piper)   thread
Changes [Ochs] DT  
The Charladies' Ball [Harry O'Donovan]   thread
Charles Gustavus Anderson DT thread
The Charleston Merchant   thread
Charlie Mopps   thread
Oh Charlie, O Charlie (Tune from John Ord's Bothy Songs and Ballads (1930; reprinted 1995); text in thread. )   thread
Chattanooga Choo-Choo [Harry Warren & Mack Gordon]   thread
Chattanooga Choo-Choo   thread
Cheer Boys Cheer   thread
The Chocolate Song [Marcus Turner]   thread
Christmas Day in the Morning DT thread
Christmas in the Trenches [John McCutcheon] DT thread
Christmas's Lamentation (taken from Chappell's Popular Music of the Olden Time (1859)) DT thread
Chuaigh me na Rossan   thread
Church In The Wildwood (First version) DT thread
Church In The Wildwood (Second version) DT thread
Cindy DT  
Clare to Here [Ralph McTell] DT thread
Clarin de Campana (The Triumph of Battle) (from: Irwin Silber & Earl Robinson, Songs of the Great American West, p. 63)   thread
Close The Coalhouse Door   thread
The Closing [Jeri Corlew] (There are no lyrics for this tune.)   thread
Co Sheinneas An Fhideag Airgid? (see Silver Whistle) DT thread
The Coal-Black Smith, or The Two Magicians (Child #44) DT thread
The Coast of Peru (Colcord) (from Joanna Colcord, Songs of American Sailormen)   thread
The Coast of Peru (Harlow) (from Frederick Pease Harlow, Chanteying Aboard American Ships)   thread
Coastline of Mayo DT thread
Cock of the Morning   thread
The Cock-Fight (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs)   thread
The Cockerham Devil (per Malcolm: The DT text was transcribed from a radio broadcast, and does not credit the writers of this song, who are Pru and Roger Edwards of Pilling (as in the song). Midi made from notation in Mike Harding's book Folk Songs of Lancashire (1980).) DT  
Cogar Mogar   thread
Colcannon DT  
A Cold Wind Blows [Alasdair Clayre, 1966] (From New English Broadsides, Oak Publications, 1967)   thread
Coleraine Regatta (from John Moulden's "Songs of the people", selections, the Sam Henry Collection, Belfast 1979)   thread
Coleraine Regatta (Arranged by Paul Brady & Mick Moloney)   thread
Colin and Phoebe DT  
Colly My Cow DT thread
Columbia, Gem of the Ocean   thread
Come All You Garners Gay (Midi made from the notation in Hamer's book Garners Gay (EFDS Publications 1967).) DT  
Come and I Will Sing You DT  
Come by the Hills DT thread
Come Down You Bunch of Roses DT thread
Come Hasten, Ye shepherds   thread
Come Josephine in my Flying Machine [Words: Alfred Bryan; Music: Fred Fisher] DT thread
Coming Around the Horn [J.A. Stone / L.V.H. Crosby (Air: Dearest Mae)] (From The Songs of the Gold Rush, Lingenfelter/Dwyer)   thread
Connemara Cradle Song [John Frances Waller]   thread
The Connemara Cradle Song   thread
The constant Farmer's son (a reasonably close set in Creighton's Maritime Folk Songs, in this case from Jack Turple of Upper Kennetcook, 1952 again - this is "best guess") DT  
The Corbie and the Crow   thread
Corbitt's Barkentine   thread
Corduroy (Midi made from the notation in Bob Copper's book Early To Rise (1976).)   thread
Cornish Lads   thread
Cornish May Carol DT thread
The Cornwall Apprentice   thread
Cotton Field Song (Mr. Rabbit)   thread
Cotton Mill Girls   thread
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