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Title [author] (comment) Lyrics
Dainty Davie (from The Dancing Master, 1701)   thread
The Damper Song (from the Cub Scout Songbook)   thread
Dan McCarthy's Party [J.E.Murphy c.1882.]   thread
Dan McCarthy's Party (full score)   thread
Dan O'Hara (from The Very Best Irish Songs & Ballads, Vol 2, Waltons Publications)   thread
The Dancers of Stanton Drew   thread
Dans La Prison de Londres DT  
Dans les prisons de Nantes (4)   thread
Danville Girl (2) DT  
Darby Kelly (from The National Song Book)   thread
Darby McGuire/M'Guire [D.K. Gavan]   thread
Dark Eyed Molly DT thread
The Dark Eyed Sailor DT thread
Dark Eyes / Otchi Tchorniya   thread
The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue (full) [Harry Clifton (1862?)]   thread
The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue (melody) [Harry Clifton (1862?)]   thread
The Daughter Of Peggy, O (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs)   thread
The Day is Past and Gone (as sung by Jean Ritchie) DT  
Day Now Is Done [Moravian folk tune] (May also be known as Skautska Vecerka/Scouts' Evening Song)   thread
The Days of Forty-Nine [Text by Joaquin Miller, Tune by Leila France] (late 19th Century - from Singing Gold, the Sacramento Bee) DT thread
The Days of Forty-Nine [Charley Rhoades (Bensell)] (from Songs of the American West, Lingenfelter/Dwyer) DT thread
The Days of Forty-Nine [from the singing of "Yankee" John Galusha] (source: Traditional American Folk Songs from the Anne and Frank Warner Collection) DT thread
The Days of Forty-Nine (John Lomax) (from John Lomax, Cowboy Songs, 1916)   thread
The Days of Forty-Nine (Lomax) (from Lomax & Lomax, Best-Loved American Folk Songs)   thread
The Daysman   thread
Dead Dog Scrumpy DT thread
Dear Mrs. Roosevelt [Woody Guthrie] DT thread
Dear Old Donegal DT  
Death and the Lady (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs) DT thread
Death and the Lady (2) DT thread
The Death of Queen Jane (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs) DT thread
The Death of Queen Jane (version 2 with lyrics embedded) DT thread
Deep Elem Blues (see also Down in Black Bottom) DT thread
Der Gute Kamerad (usually known as 'Ich hatt' einen Kameraden') DT thread
Desert Silvery Blue   thread
The Deserter From Kent   thread
The Deserter From Kent (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs)   thread
The Devil and the Farmer's Wife DT  
The Devil and the Ploughman (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs)   thread
The Dewy Dens of Yarrow (A version of Child #214) DT thread
The Diamantina Drover [Hugh McDonald]   thread
Die Gedanken Sind Frei DT thread
Diego's Bold Shore (The tune was noted from Joseph McGinnis, and was used by both Joanna Colcord (Songs of American Sailormen, 1938) and Gale Huntington (Songs the Whalemen Sang, 1964, reprinted Dover, 1970), in both cases set to texts of Diego's Bold Shore[s] from other sources; both texts are given in the thread. Midi made from notation in Huntington's book.)   thread
The Dimming of the Day DT  
Dirty Old Town DT thread
Do You Hear Me My Brown Haired Maiden (An Cluinn Thu Mi Mo Nigheann Donn) (Can't find lyrics for this one, or a thread on it. -JRO-)    
Do You Love an Apple DT thread
A Dollar Down and a Dollar a Week (from Old-Time String Band Songbook (Oak))   thread
Don't Get Married Girls (Words and music by Leon Rosselson, 1973. Midi made from notation in My Song Is My Own (ed. Kathy Henderson et al., 1979).) DT thread
Donal Og   thread
Donald Caird's Come Again   thread
Donald Where's Your Troosers? DT thread
Donkey Driver (Jerusalem Cuckoo) [Folk variant; original lyrics by J.W. Rowley] (From the singing of Ray Padgett, Barnsley, UK)   thread
The Donzella and the Ceylon   thread
Doodle Let Me Go (Yeller Gals) DT thread
Doodle Let Me Go (Yeller Gals) (Fits the lyrics in the Digital Tradition) DT thread
The Dorset Militia Song (see also 'Old Militia Song')   thread
Double Bunking DT thread
Dours Catastrophe ( from a supplement to Playford's Dancing Master (c.1662), where it was called Dours Catastrophe ancestral to Love Lies a bleeding/Dominion of the Sword)    
Down and Out DT  
Down by the Riverside DT  
Down in a Coal Mine [ J. B. [Joseph Bryan] Geoghegan]   thread
Down in Black Bottom (see also Deep Elem Blues) DT thread
Down in the Cane Break DT thread
Down in the Coal Mine DT  
Down in Yon Forest (per Malcolm:This text was quoted from John Jacob Niles, who copyrighted it in 1935, apparently, though he made no claim to have written it. I don't have the relevant book, so I don't know who he said he had collected it from, though it seems that he got it in North Carolina; however, an almost identical text, with tune, was published in the Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, vol.4, number 3, 1942. It had been noted in 1936 by Ralph Vaughan Williams from the singing of the folklorist Evelyn Wells, who learned it from Amos Curtis of Brasstown, North Carolina. Midi made from RVW's notation. There are a few minor textual differences; none greater than might be expected and not worth noting here (assuming the DT file to be a correct quote from Niles). Perhaps at some point in the future somebody who has the Niles music can compare the two; I expect them to be pretty much the same.) DT thread
Down the Plughole (Dahn the plug'ole)   thread
Doxology DT thread
Dragonfly [Jeri Corlew]   thread
Drake's Drum (Words by Henry Newbolt, music by Florian Pascal (1897). Midi from 1906 edition of sheet music. (Vocal line only)) DT thread
The Dreadful Ghost (Midi made,... of that set in Creighton's Maritime Folk Songs (1962).) DT thread
Dream Angus (Per malcolm:Described as "traditional" wherever referred to, and quite likely the tune is; I'm less convinced about the lyric, though. The DT file was transcribed from a record made by a Canadian band, and differs in wording from most examples to be found on the web; since I don't have any printed source for it, I can't say what would be the right of it. There is a verse omitted, however: List to the curlew cryin' oh, Fainter the echoes dyin' oh, Even the birds and beasties are sleepin', But my bonny bairn is weepin', weepin'. ...contains a particularly comical mis-hearing. Either the transcriber or the singer(s) have Dream Angus is hurtlin' through the heather, which is a ludicrously inappropriate image. The word should be hirplin(g), which is, to limp; move unevenly; hobble. Midi made from staff notation found on the web) DT thread
Dremlen Feygl ( Notes per Malcolm:Midi made from notation which originally appeared in Sing Out! vol. 6, 1964. The title there was given as S'Dremlin Feigle, with words and music both credited to Leah Rudnitzky; the DT has "Words by Leah Rudnicki; Music by Leyb Yampolski". They gave a translation, which the contributor to the DT failed to do: Birds are dozing on the branches, Sleep my dear little one. At your crib on an old wooden bench, A stranger sings to you. There was a time when your crib Was woven out of happiness. But now your mother, oh, your mother, Will never return. I have seen your father running, Under a hail of stones And his far and lonely wail Flew over the fields. The translation was perhaps made by Dina Suller, who sent the song to Sing Out. ) DT  
Drifting Too Far From Shore DT thread
Droylsden Wakes (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs) DT thread
Dublin City DT thread
Duffy's Hotel   thread
Duke of Athol DT thread
Duke of Bedford (Midi made from Cecil Sharp's transcription from William Atkinson at Marylebone Workhouse, London, 9th October 1908, as printed in The Folk Music Journal, vol.I, no.1, 1966.)   thread
Duke of York (The Grand Old) DT thread
Dulaman   thread
The Dumb Wife (see 'dumb,dumb,dumb')   thread
Duna DT thread
Dunkirk [Ilsa St. Clair] DT thread
Durham Gaol [Jez Lowe]   thread
Duw, It's Hard [Max Boyce] DT thread
The Dying Stockman 1   thread
The Dying Stockman 2   thread
Eamann Mhaga/ine   thread
eanach dhuin DT thread
Earl Marshall (in DT as Queen Eleanor's Confession)   thread
The Earl of Moray (The song that gave us the word "mondegreen") DT thread
The Eastern Train (from Read "Em and Weep (Spaeth))   thread
Eastmuir King (Child and Bronson both refer to it as Eastmuir King; perhaps Hermes Nye, who is mentioned in the DT file as having recorded the song , thought King o' Luve sounded nicer) DT  
Eddie Baker's Muckspreader [John Kirkpatrick]   thread
Edelweiss DT thread
Edelweiss [Rodgers & Hammerstein] (A rather syrupy interpretation) DT thread
Eence Upon a Time [from the singing of Jeannie Robertson] (from The Scottish Folksinger, Buchan & Hall)   thread
Eileen Oge   thread
Einini (Irish Lullaby)   thread
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