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Title [author] (comment) Lyrics
I Ain't So Young (from Randolph/Legman Roll Me In Your Arms)   thread
I Am a Fine Musician   thread
I Am A Music Man   thread
I Don't Work for a Living   thread
I Dream Of Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair [Stephen C. Foster] (tune from "Treasury of Stephen Foster") DT thread
I Had a Cat   thread
I had a hat when I came In DT thread
I Had a Little Overcoat / Hob Ikh Mir a Mantl (from Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, a children's book by Simms Tabak)   thread
I Had a Wee Cock DT  
I Have Been a Wild Boy   thread
I Learned About Horses from Him [George B. German] (from Ohrlin, The Hell-Bound Train. It's unclear whether this tune is appropriate or authentic for the Kipling and Goebel Reeves versions.) DT thread
I May Not Pass This Way Again [Rod McKuen] (from Sparkles 6: Worktext in Music, Arts, and Physical Education (2005) Authors Lagarto, Et Al Publisher Rex Bookstore, Inc.)   thread
I see the Moon DT thread
I Want To Have a Little Bomb Like You [Sydney Carter]   thread
I Was Born   thread
As I went by the Luckenbooths (This is quoted from Alfred Moffat's Fifty Traditional Scottish Nursery Rhymes (1933), where it is called The Fair Lady. The DT file digests most of Moffat's notes on the song, though it would be worth adding the following: "The Luckenbooths were picturesque buildings in the High Street [of Edinburgh], close to St. Giles' Church. They stood there from about 1470 to 1817 when they were cleared away." Midi made from Moffat's notation.) DT  
I Will Go (Made by ear from a Corries recording of the song. ) DT  
I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again (Proffitt) (from Traditional American Folk Songs from the Anne & Frank Warner Collection)   thread
I Wish, I Wish (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs) DT thread
I Won't Marry (from A Prairie Home Companion Folk Song Book, Marcia and Jon Pankake)   thread
I Wonder When I Shall Be Married DT thread
I'll Be No Submissive Wife (1835 version from the Lester Levy Sheet Music Collection (full arrangement))   thread
I'll Be No Submissive Wife (from the English Folksinger, Richards & Stubbs)   thread
I'll Be No Submissive Wife [Alexander Lee, 1835] (from the Lester Levy Sheet Music Collection)   thread
I'll Bid My Heart Be Still   thread
I'll go and 'list for a Sailor (Noted by Dr. George Gardiner from George Lovett of Winchester in 1906, and from Alfred Oliver of Basingstoke in 1907. Midi made from notation in Marrowbones, ed. Frank Purslow (EFDS Publications, 1965).)   thread
I'll Go Enlist For a Sailor [Harry Clifton]   thread
I'll Hae a Piper (Quoted from Alfred Moffat's Fifty Traditional Scottish Nursery Rhymes (1933); midi made from notation in that book. ) DT  
I'll Have a Collier   thread
I'll Not Marry at All (from Linscott, Folk Songs of Old New England)   thread
I'll Remember You Love (In My Prayers) (aka When the Curtain of Night)   thread
I'll Tell You Where They Were (from Sound Off: Soldier Songs) DT thread
I'm a Decent Boy from Ireland   thread
I'm a Little Teapot DT  
I'm a Man That's Done Wrong To His Parents   thread
I'm a' Doun for Lack o' Johnnie   thread
I'm As Irish As A Texas Girl Can Be [Matthew Richards (Mbo) words by Áine] (   thread
I'm Going Back Again to Yarrawonga [Neil McBeath]   thread
I'm Going Back to North Carolina (as sung by Frank Proffitt to Anne & Frank Warner, 1959) DT thread
I'm Going Over the Rocky Mountains (Frank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore, #278B)   thread
I'm Gonna Be An Engineer DT thread
I'm Just a Country Boy   thread
I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts DT thread
Icy Acres DT thread
The Idiot DT thread
If It Wasn't For the Houses in Between [Words by Edgar Bateman / Music by George Le Brunn]   thread
If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here   thread
Il est ne, le divin Enfant   thread
Impossible Dream DT  
In de Vinter Time (from Carl Sandburg's American Songbag) DT thread
In Heaven There Is No Beer DT thread
In Mindanao (from Jerry Silverman's American History Songbook - tune is "The Girl I Left Behind Me"?)   thread
In My Garden Grew Plenty of Thyme DT thread
In Praise of the City of Mullingar [tune by Colm O Lochlainn]   thread
In Praise of the Glen (from Sam Henry's Songs of the People, Page 195)   thread
In Room 202 [Leslie/Kalmar/Lewis]   thread
In the Days When We Went Gypsying [Melody by J. N. Sporle]   thread
In the Old Bazaar in Cairo DT thread
In the Old Bazaar in Cairo DT thread
Innisfree (Not sure this is a correct match. Tune is "Innisfree." Lyrics are "Isle of Innisfree." If you know for sure, send me a personal message. -Joe Offer-) DT thread
Into the Air Junior Birdman (This is the @#$ Air Force Hymn. We still need the right tune.
-Joe Offer-

Joe - I have always heard Into the air Junior Birdman sung to the Air Force Hymn....isn't it?)
Into the Air, Junior Birdmen [Philip Egner] (Original tune: On, Brave Old Army Team
(West Point fight song) -JRO-)
DT thread
Iona Boat Song DT  
Irish Jaunting Car [1952 version attributed to Wilson Crean]   thread
The Irish Lover's Morning Walk (The tune is first found as "The Irish Lover's Morning Walk" on a single sheet song with music, c 1780, and slightly later used for the song "Since Love is the Plan" in 'the Poor Soldier', 1783. )   thread
Irish ways and Irish laws DT thread
Irish Wedding Song (Tune doesn't seem quite right. If you have a better one, contact Joe Offer.)   thread
Is é fáth mo bhuartha   thread
Is there Anybody here like Mary A-weepin' DT  
Isabella, the Barber's Daughter [Harry Clifton]   thread
Island of bothies (This is an English translation of a set of FIONNGHUALA) DT  
The Islands   thread
Isle of France   thread
Israeli Reel [Matthew Richards (MattR)]   thread
It Had To Be Hugh (It Had To Be You) DT  
It Is The Twilight Hour   thread
It Isn't Nice [Malvina Reynolds]   thread
It's Magic DT  
It's Not the Miles We Travel [Harry Clifton]   thread
It's Sister Jenny's Turn to Throw the Bomb (from Song Fest) DT thread
It's Tragic DT  
Ivan the Likeable [leeneia] (A tune by Leeneia in honor of Ivan the Terrible Likeable)   thread
Jack Haggerty DT thread
Jack Tar   thread
Jack The Jolly Tar (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs)   thread
The Jackets Green [Michael Scanlan] (from The First Book of Irish Ballads (O'Keeffe/Healy))   thread
Jake and Roanie (from Glenn Ohrlin, The Hell-Bound Train)   thread
Jake and Roanie (from Myra Hull, "Cowboy Ballads," Kansas Historical Quarterly, February, 1939)   thread
Jamaica Farewell DT  
Jamie Foyers [Ewan MacColl] (traditional Scots tune) DT thread
Janie on the moor (it was used for a similar variant in the same region, which will serve in Helen Creighton's Maritime Folk Songs (1962) which was noted from Nathan Hatt of Middle River, Nova Scotia, in 1952. ) DT  
The Jarvey Was a Leprechaun   thread
Jayne's Jig [Jon Freeman]   thread
The Jealous Lover ((Noted by Helen Creighton from Nathan Hatt of Middle River, in June 1952) as far as I can tell this is unrelated to the two in the DT lmp)   thread
The Jealous Lover   thread
The Jeannie C DT thread
Jemima Brown [Harry Clifton]   thread
Jennie Jenkins DT thread
Jenny Jenkins (Recorded by Mrs. Alice Brown, July 24, 1930, in Bethel, Vermont, from the singing of Mrs. Susan Chase, as learned from her aunt when a little girl. midi from notation in the book) DT thread
Jim Along Josey (from Sigmund Spaeth's "Weep Some More, My Lady")   thread
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