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Title [author] (comment) Lyrics
Jack Haggerty DT thread
Jack Tar   thread
Jack The Jolly Tar (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs)   thread
The Jackets Green [Michael Scanlan] (from The First Book of Irish Ballads (O'Keeffe/Healy))   thread
Jake and Roanie (from Glenn Ohrlin, The Hell-Bound Train)   thread
Jake and Roanie (from Myra Hull, "Cowboy Ballads," Kansas Historical Quarterly, February, 1939)   thread
Jamaica Farewell DT  
Jamie Foyers [Ewan MacColl] (traditional Scots tune) DT thread
Janie on the moor (it was used for a similar variant in the same region, which will serve in Helen Creighton's Maritime Folk Songs (1962) which was noted from Nathan Hatt of Middle River, Nova Scotia, in 1952. ) DT  
The Jarvey Was a Leprechaun   thread
Jayne's Jig [Jon Freeman]   thread
The Jealous Lover ((Noted by Helen Creighton from Nathan Hatt of Middle River, in June 1952) as far as I can tell this is unrelated to the two in the DT lmp)   thread
The Jealous Lover   thread
The Jeannie C DT thread
Jemima Brown [Harry Clifton]   thread
Jennie Jenkins DT thread
Jenny Jenkins (Recorded by Mrs. Alice Brown, July 24, 1930, in Bethel, Vermont, from the singing of Mrs. Susan Chase, as learned from her aunt when a little girl. midi from notation in the book) DT thread
Jim Along Josey (from Sigmund Spaeth's "Weep Some More, My Lady")   thread
Jim Along Josie (From "Tom Glazer's Treasury of Folk songs")   thread
Jim Along Josie (From "Handy Play Party Book")   thread
Joan to the Maypole (Midi made from notation in The New National Song Book (1957 edition). )   thread
Jock Sheep (midi twice as long as the verses in the DT file, to which should be added the following as chorus: Leatherum thee thou an' a' Madam aye wi' you, An' the seal o' me be abrachee, Fair maiden I'm for you.) DT thread
Joe Magarac [Jacob A. Evanson, 1946] (from Pennsylvania Songs and Legends, 1949)   thread
John and William (collected by Josephine McGill, 1914, from an unnamed singer in Knott or Letcher County, Kentucky. Quoted by Bronson, Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads, vol.I, 1959, from Josephine McGill's Folk-Songs of the Kentucky Mountains, 1917.)   thread
The John B Sails (Sandburg) (from American Songbag) DT thread
The John B.'s Sails (Alan Lomax) (from The Folk Songs of North America) DT thread
John Barleycorn [John Blount] (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs)   thread
John Barleycorn (this text is an expanded set of the version of the song recorded by Fred Hamer in 1960 from William (Billy) Bartle of Wrestlingworth in Bedfordshire; midi made from the notation in Hamer's book Garners Gay.) DT  
John Barleycorn Is a Hero Bold [written by Joseph Bryan Geoghegan in 1859 or 1860]   thread
The John Birch Society [Michael Brown] (as sung by the Chad Mitchell Trio) DT  
John Blount DT  
John Dameray   thread
John O'Dwyer of the Glen (Tune 1 3/4 time with the odd bar of 4/4 stuck in!)   thread
John O'Dwyer of the Glen (Tune 2 3/4 time)   thread
John O'Dwyer of the Glen (Tune 3 6/8 time)   thread
John O'Dwyer of the Glen (Tune 4 3/4 time)   thread
John O'Dwyer of the Glen (Tune 5 3/4 time)   thread
John Paterson's Mare DT  
John Peel ( -W. Metcalfe's version, 1868. This is referred to in more detail above; bear in mind that the tune usually used nowadays is just the third part (refrain) of the original. ) DT thread
John White (version 1) DT thread
John White (version 2 - Another song collected from Mrs. Russell of Upwey in Dorset by the Hammond brothers, and published by Frank Purslow in "The Wanton Seed". Mrs. Russell sang the song in two slightly different ways, hence two midis.) DT thread
Johnnie Verbeck (Dunderbeck) (from The Boy Scout Songbook (USA, 1963) - not the usual "Rambling Wreck"/"Gambolier" tune) DT thread
Johnnie's Gone for a Soldier (Shule Agra) DT thread
Johnny Barbour (Child #100) (from Ballads Migrant in New England, Flanders/Olney)   thread
Johnny Booker (from the Old-Time String Band Songbook)   thread
Johnny Doolan's Cat (Johnny Dolan's Cat)   thread
Johnny Fell Down in the Bucket (from Vance Randolph, Ozark Folksongs)   thread
Johnny My Man (aka Farewell Tae Whiskey Midi made from the notation in Ord's Bothy Songs and Ballads, 1930,) DT  
Johnny My Man (Belle Stewart's version, which she learnt from her brother, Donald MacGregor (Till Doomsday in the Afternoon ,MacColl & Seeger, 1986).) DT  
Johnny Schmoker (Source: Heritage Songster, Leon & Lynn Dallin, 1966)   thread
The Jolly Boatswain (from Folk Songs of the Catskills)   thread
The Jolly Bold Robber DT thread
Jolly Old Country Squire (full) [Harry Clifton]   thread
Jolly Old Country Squire (melody) [Harry Clifton]   thread
Jon Freeman [Jeri Corlew]   thread
Jowl an' Listen (As printed in Come All Ye Bold Miners (A.L. Lloyd, 1978) Noted by W. Toyn from Henry Nattress of Low Fell, County Durham, in 1962)   thread
Joy of My Heart (tune: traditional:Leannan Mo Ghaoil)   thread
Jug of Punch (2) (Kennedy included Loughram's set in his Folksongs of Britain and Ireland (1975) Midi made from the notation in that book; the embedded lyric is Loughram's version.) DT  
The Julie Plante (from Lomax, The Folk Songs of North America)   thread
Just As the Tide Was Flowing (From Kidson's 'Traditional Tunes', 1891. Tune from Mr. Lolly (Yorkshire), but text from a broadside.)   thread
Just As the Tide Was Flowing   thread
For Just One Dime [Mark Cohen] DT  
Kafoozleum   thread
Katie Bairdie (#1657a from the Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection) DT thread
Katie Beardie (2)   thread
Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning (from Jerry Silverman's Folk Song Encyclopedia)   thread
Keepers & Poachers   thread
Kelley's Irish Brigade DT  
Kellswater DT  
Kellswaterside (from ABC Tunefinder (compare with Lovely Glenshesk I))   thread
Keltie Clippie   thread
Kentucky Waltz   thread
The Kettle Valley Line (The Kettle Valley Line, as sung by Stan Triggs himself) DT thread
The Key of R [Libby Anthony] DT thread
Kilkelly [Peter Jones] DT thread
Killiecrankie DT  
Da Kine [Mark Cohen]   thread
King Jamie and the Tinkler (Kirkpatrick used the tune given in the Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society (vol.III no.I, 1936), which is a traditional one found in Frank Kidson's manuscript collection) DT  
King O'Luve (Child #89 (Fause Foodrage): this is Child's example C, and came from the Harris MS, "Derived from Jannie Scott, an old Perthshire Nurse, c.1790". Child and Bronson both refer to it as Eastmuir King The tune, given in Child as well as in Bronson, is the one that Andy Irvine mistakenly used for Willy of Winsbury) DT  
The King of Borneo (Bastard King of England) [words & music by Frank Crumit, 1929]   thread
King of the Fairies (set tune) DT thread
King of the Fairies (Another version) DT thread
Kinmont Willie [Child #186] (Bronson gives the tune published by Alexander Campbell in Albyn's Anthology (1816), with considerable reservations as to its authenticity) DT  
Kitty from Coleraine DT thread
The Klan [Alan Arkin and David Arkin] DT thread
The Knickerbocker Line (from English Dance and Song )   thread
Knife In The Window DT  
The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter (Published by Cecil Sharp in "100 English Folk Songs" (1916), Lyrics embedded) DT thread
Kyrie de Moines (Rugby version) (From a French Rugby Song Website)   thread
Kyrie des Moines (The Monks' Lament)   thread
L'année Passée [Massie Patterson and Lionel Belasco] (from sheet music)   thread
The Lachlan Tigers (May also be the tune for Musselburgh Field -JRO-) DT thread
Laddie With the Golden Hair (made from the notation in Alfred Moffat's Minstrelsy of the Scottish Highlands.) DT thread
The Lads of Virginia (see thread for multiple versions see also Australia see also Weary in Virginny,O) DT thread
Lady Leroy (This is taken from H.M. Belden's Ballads and Songs Collected by the Missouri Folk-Lore Society, and came originally from A.F. Wade's MS collection, where no tune was given. Variants have been found in a number of places, but there is another set from Missouri at The Max Hunter Folk Song Collection: The Lady Leroy As sung by Mrs. Tressie Rose in Gainesville, Missouri on July 1, 1958.) DT thread
The Lady Leroy 2 (Midi made from the version in the Sam Henry collection) DT  
The Lady Maria [Dave Robinson] (tune submitted by Dave Robinson himself)   thread
The Lady of Skin and Bone i (appears to be an Irish version of the song, from Petrie's Ancient Music of Ireland (1855; p.166)) DT thread
Lady of Spain [Tolchard Evans, 1931]   thread
Lagan Love DT thread
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