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Title [author] (comment) Lyrics
The Rabbit Trapper's Song (Original tune as sung by Basil Cosgrove in 1973)   thread
The Rabbit Trapper's Song (Dave de Hugard version)   thread
The Rabbiter's Song [Stan Wakefield]   thread
The Races of Ballyhooly   thread
Radhadlam Raindi   thread
The Railway Belle (full version) [Harry Clifton]   thread
The Railway Belle (melody only) [Harry Clifton]   thread
Raise a Ruckus Tonight (from Something to Sing About, Okun)   thread
Raise up Your Voices   thread
Raise Your Voices in the Song (by Genie!)   thread
The Rambling Comber   thread
Rambling Robin   thread
The Rang-a-Tang-Too (#31b from Randolph & Legman, Roll Me in Your Arms: "Unprintable" Ozark Folksongs and Folklore)   thread
Rap Her to Bank DT thread
The Rape of Glencoe DT thread
The Rapparee   thread
The Ratcatcher's Daughter   thread
Ratcliffe Highway (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs) DT thread
The Rattin Family (from Songs for Swinging Housemothers)   thread
Rattler (version recorded by Bradley Kincaid)   thread
Rebel's Fancy [Jeff Porterfield (jeffp)]   thread
Reconciliation [Ron Kavana]   thread
Rectal Bleeding Calypso [John Dengate]   thread
The Red Herring (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs)   thread
Red House (ancestral to 'Do YOu Ken John Peel' from Playford's Dancing Master (1706). The tune first appeared in the edition of 1695 in a slightly different form. ) DT thread
The Red Light Saloon DT thread
Red Rose Cafe DT thread
Reuben Ranzo (1)   thread
Reuben Ranzo (2)   thread
Reynard the Fox (3) (known as You Gentlemen of High Renown ... version recorded by The Young Tradition, who called it The Fox Hunt. The tune and text they used were noted by Ralph Vaughan Williams from Stephen Pole of Norfolk. Midi made by ear) DT  
Reynardine (Donegal tune, as published by Herbert Hughes.)   thread
Reynardine (version sung by A.L. Lloyd, which he had originally from Tom Cook, of Eastbridge, Suffolk. Tune collected by Merrick from Henry Hills, a Sussex farmer." )   thread
Ride the Chariot   thread
Right Said Fred DT thread
The Ring-Dang-Doo (#31a from Randolph & Legman, Roll Me in Your Arms: "Unprintable" Ozark Folksongs and Folklore)   thread
Ripest of Apples   thread
Rise and Shine DT  
Riu Riu DT  
The Road Goes Ever On [Matthew Richards (MattR)]   thread
Roast Beef of Old England (Lyrics embedded) DT  
Robin Adair DT thread
Robin Cam' to the Wren's Door (midi made from the notation in James Kinsley's Burns: Poems and Songs (OUP, 1971)) DT thread
Robin Hood and Alan A Dale DT thread
Robin Hood and the Pedlar (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs) DT thread
Robin Redbriest's Testament (Malcolm notes: The DT file contains seven variants, several from Greig-Duncan, and will need to be re-visited later. For now, I have just the one tune, from Alfred Moffat's Fifty Traditional Scottish Nursery Rhymes (1933), where it is called Guid-day now, bonnie Robin, lad; midi made from notation in that book. Moffat's set is essentially a much-shortened form of example (1) , with chorus as specified in the file. ) DT  
Rock O' My Soul (from Slave Songs of the United States, 1867)   thread
Rockabye Baby DT  
The Rocks of Bawn DT thread
The Rocks of Scilly (from Traditional Songs from Nova Scotia, Helen Creighton and Doreen H. Senior) DT thread
The Rocks of Scilly (from ABC Tunefinder) DT thread
The Rocky Road to Dublin (Gavan) [words were written by D K Gavan, 'The Galway Poet'] (Tune obtained from sheet music published for Harry Clifton, with words by Gavan. Composer of tune unknown, possibly traditional.)   thread
Roisin dubh   thread
Roll On The Day [Allan Taylor]   thread
Roll On, Silver Moon [J.W. Turner]   thread
Roll the Cotton Down (1)   thread
Roll the Cotton Down (2)   thread
Roll, Columbia, Roll [Woody Guthrie] (from the Sing Out! songbook, Roll On Columbia, The Columbia River Collection)   thread
Roller Coaster/ Silver Spire [Jon Freeman] (Silver Spire - Trad)   thread
Romans and English (from The Singing Game, Iona and Peter Opie)   thread
Room Full of Roses DT thread
Rosbif Waltz   thread
The Rose DT  
The Rose in June (Let It Be Early, Late or Soon) (Version noted by Cecil Sharp from John Vincent (72) at Priddy, Somerset, 25th April 1906.)   thread
Rose of Alabamy DT thread
Rose of Britain's Isle (per Malcolm: The DT file names no source, but the text given is nearly identical to the one in Edith Fowke's Sea Songs and Ballads from Nineteenth Century Nova Scotia (1981), and may perhaps derive from that book, with one or two words mis-remembered. Fowke commented: "Although at least four different broadside printers issued this ballad in England, it does not seem to have survived in British tradition, nor has it been reported in the United States. However, it has been quite popular in Canada, turning up in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario. The text here is one stanza longer than any of the traditional versions I have seen. It is remarkably close to the texts given by Creighton and Manny except that they lack the seventh stanza." The Fowke text came from Fenwick Hatt's notebook of sea ballads, made around the 1880s. Helen Creighton gives a set in her Songs and Ballads from Nova Scotia (1932), which was noted from Mr. Ben Henneberry of Devil's Island c.1929. This is probably as close as we are likely to get to a tune for the DT example, though, as ever, I stress that we can't know whether or not that text was ever sung to this tune or one like it. Midi made from the Creighton example. ) DT  
Rose, Rose (from Rise Up Singing songbook) DT thread
Rose, Rose (from Sol Weber's Rounds Galore) DT thread
Rosie Anderson (From The Folk Music Journal, 1966. James Duncan collection: noted from a Mrs. Gillespie in 1905.) DT  
Rosie Ann   thread
Roulez, Jeunes Gens, Roulez! (Midi made from a recording by "The Shanty Crew" It was collected in Haute-Normandie (Seine Maritime) by Michel Colleu from Captain Vedieu (Saint-Pierre-en-Port, 1974) and M. Cuvier (Eletot, 1976).) DT thread
Rounding the Horn (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs) DT thread
The Roving Highlander (This is the tune for #253B in Greig-Duncan)   thread
The Roving Ploughboy-O (from Peter Kennedy, The Folksongs of Britain and Ireland)   thread
The Row-Dow-Dow (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs??) DT  
Royal Oak DT  
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer DT  
Rufus' Mare   thread
Rum and Coca Cola [Disputed Authorship] (from The World's Greatest Fakebook - Warner Brothers)   thread
Ryan Flynn's Tune [Ryan Flynn ©1998]    
Rybar (Rybak)   thread
' S óró londubh buí (traditional tune (O my blackbird gay) used for Brown and Yellow Ale)    
Sabrina Fair [Milton]   thread
Sagart na Cuile Baine   thread
The Sailor From Dover (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs) DT thread
A Sailor in the North Country (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs)   thread
A Sailor's Life (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs) DT thread
Saint Patrick Was a Gentleman (from Clinton's 'Gems of Ireland', c 1840) DT thread
Saints of God DT  
Salisbury Plain (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs)   thread
Sally Ann (From Pete Seeger's American Favorite Ballads)   thread
Sally Anne (from The Folk Songs of North America (Alan Lomax))   thread
The Sally Buck (Collected by Cecil Sharp from William Wooton at Hindman, Kentucky (Sharp 159A))   thread
The Sally Buck (Collected by Cecil Sharp from Alex Coffey, Nash, Virginia, May 9, 1918)   thread
Sally Monroe DT  
Sally Wheatley DT thread
Sand Dance [Wilson Kepple and Betty] (full version)   thread
Sand Dance   thread
Sandy Seaton's Wooing (child #33 midi made from notation reproduced from Moffat in Bronson's Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads.) DT  
The Santa Fe Trail (from Katie Lee's Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle) DT thread
El Santo Nino [traditional Puerto Rican]   thread
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