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Title [author] (comment) Lyrics
Valley Forge (First verse and chorus)   thread
Valley of Strathmore DT thread
Valparaiso in a Rowboat [Zeke Hoskin]   thread
Varka Yialo (Barka Gialo) (from   thread
Varsovienne No. 2 (Put Your Little Foot) (from Ira W. Ford, Traditional Music of America )   thread
Vieni Sul Mar   thread
Vigilante Man [Woody Guthrie] (from The [Nearly] Complete Collection of Woody Guthrie Folk Songs)   thread
The Volunteer Organist [Words by Wm. B. Gray. Music by G.L.S. Spaulding] (Published in 1893)   thread
Vu Iz Dos Gesele   thread
Wae's Me For Prince Cherlie (per Wilma Paterson (Songs of Scotland, 1997) this was written by one William Glen, set to the melody Ladie Cassiles Lilt, (Skene MS, 1615-20), which is a version of Johny Faa or the Gypsie Laddie. midi from the notation she gives with Johny Faa) DT  
Wait for the Turn of the Tide [Harry Clifton]   thread
Wallaby Stew DT thread
Wallflower Waltz [Sharyn Dimmick]   thread
Waltz [Jon Freeman]   thread
Waltzing Matilda (Original Christina McPherson tune for Matilda.) DT thread
Waltzing Matilda (Queensland version) DT thread
Wann ich vun dem Land rei kumm (Pennsylvania Dutch original of "When I First Came To This Land" - from Pennsylvania Songs and Legends, 1949)   thread
The War Game [Ewan MacColl]   thread
Warlike Seamen (Copper Family) DT thread
Waterbound DT  
The Waterford Boys (from the sheet music at Levy collection) DT thread
Wave Over Wave DT  
We Didn't Know [Tom Paxton] DT thread
We Have Fed You All for a Thousand Years [Music by Von Liebich] (from the IWW Little Red Songbook) DT thread
We'll go to Sea No More DT thread
Weave [Rosemary Crow] (from the Girl Scout Sangam GIT/Sangam Songbook)   thread
The Weddin' o' Lauchie M'Graw (collected from Joe Yates of Sofala by John Meredith in 1983)   thread
The Wedding Song [Stookey] DT  
The Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede [Matt McGinn] (from the notation in Sing a Song of Scotland (Sheila Douglas, 1981).) DT thread
Wee Sandy Waugh (In Alfred Moffat's Fifty Traditional Scottish Nursery Rhymes (1933); midi made from notation in that book.) DT  
Wee Weaver (transcribed from Steeleye Span) DT thread
Wee Weaver Paddy Tunney's tune (transcribed from his book, "The Stone Fiddle") DT thread
Weepin' Willer [Harry Clifton]   thread
Weevils in the Flour   thread
Welcome Poor Paddy Home DT thread
Welcome Yule! (From The Oxford Book of Carols, ed. Percy Dearmer, R. Vaughan Williams and Martin Shaw. The carol appears in "Sloane MS. 2593, of the beginning of the 15th century or temp. Henry VI. Another version in the Bodleian Douce MS. 302, the collection of John Awdlay, the blind chaplain, c.1430, printed in Sandys Christmastide, 1852." The tune is modern, and was composed by Sydney Hugo Nicholson (1875-1947), sometime organist at Westminster Abbey and a prolific composer of church music. Midis made from the notation in the Oxford book Melody line only)   thread
Welcome Yule! (full arrangment Text 15th Century; spelling modernised. Tune by S.H. Nicholson)    
Welcome, Welcome Every Guest   thread
Were you ever in Dumbarton   thread
West Virginia Mine Disaster [Jean Ritchie] DT thread
The West's Asleep DT  
The Western Ocean (All For Me Grog) (from Helen Creighton's Songs and Ballads from Nova Scotia)   thread
A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea [Allan Cunningham] (from Songs the Whalemen Sang (Gale Huntington), page 49)   thread
Wexford Fishing song DT thread
Wexford Lullaby DT  
The Wexford Murder (Noted by Fred Hamer from Walter "Paddy" Church of Bedfordshire, and published in Garners Gay (Fred Hamer, EFDS, 1967).)   thread
The Whale Song [lyrics, Geoffrey Dearmer; music Hoagy Carmichael]   thread
The Whale-Catchers (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs) DT thread
What Did Delaware?   thread
What Shall I Give to Thee? [Septimus Winner]   thread
What Shall I Offer Thee? [Septimus Winner]   thread
What Will I Do Gin My Hoggie Die? / Oh Leave Novels   thread
Wheel Of Fortune DT thread
When a Knight Won His Spurs (hymnbook arrangement)   thread
When a Knight Won His Spurs (Jan Struther's poem was set to this air, which is a variant of The Fair Flower of Northumberland. vocal line only)   thread
When A Man's In Love DT thread
When Father Papered the Parlour DT thread
When First I Went To Caledonia (Another song sung to the Mo Run Geal Dileas tune. Midi modified from the Kelvinhaugh midi with reference to a recording by Waterson/Carthy, who learnt it in Cape Breton where the song was made.) DT thread
When First We Met/So Here's to You [Alan Bell] DT thread
When I First Came To This Land (Oscar Brand's version of the tune from Singing Holidays, 1957) DT thread
When I First Came To This Land (Pete Seeger's version of the tune, from American Favorite Ballads (1961)) DT thread
When I Was A Little Boy (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs) DT thread
When I Was In My Prime (midi made by ear from pentangle recording)   thread
When I Was Single (Lomax FSNA) (from Lomax, The Folk Songs of North America)   thread
When I Was Single (Lomax FSUSA) (from Lomax, Best Loved American Folk Songs (Folk Song: USA))   thread
When I Was Young (from The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs)   thread
When McGuiness Gets a Job [Jim O'Neil & Jack Conroy] (tune from the original sheet music, 1880)   thread
When Mursheen went to Bunnan   thread
When Poppies Close Their Eyes [Christine Turner Curtis and Ruth McConn Spencer] (from the Ginn & Company school songbook, Singing Juniors)   thread
When She Cam Ben, She Bobbed (Midi made from the notation in Burns: Poems and Songs (James Kinsley, 1969).) DT  
When Spring Comes In (Midi made from notation in Bob Copper's A Song for Every Season (1971).) DT  
When the Battle it Was Won ( From MacKenzie's Ballads and Songs from Nova Scotia, where no tune was given. The Roud Index at present lists only two sets with tunes; one from Maine, USA, the other from Newfoundland. The latter would presumably be the one to go for here, with the usual health warning: there is no evidence that this tune is even remotely like the one that belonged to the text in the DT, but it was used for a similar version of the song in another part of Canada, so it might be. Midi made from notation in Peacock's Songs of the Newfoundland Outports (1965): vol.3, where it is called The Deserter. Noted by Kenneth Peacock from Mrs. Thomas Walters of Rocky Harbour, July 1958. ) DT  
When the Roll is Called Up Yonder DT  
Where Did You Get That Hat? [James Rolmaz]   thread
Where Is the Little Street (Vu Iz Dos Gesele) [Malvina Reynolds]   thread
Where Moorcocks Crow DT thread
Where the Grass Grows Green (Denny Blake) [Harry Clifton]   thread
Where the Lilies Used to Spring [Matthew Richards (MattR)]   thread
Where the Old Allegheny and Monongahela Flow [J.J. Manners (tune traditional)] (from George Korson's Pennsylvania Songs & Legends)   thread
Where There's a Will There's a Way [Harry Clifton]   thread
Where There's Rest for Horse and Man /Home Lads Home (midi from transcription by jeri in thread) DT thread
Where Will Our Goodman Laye (from Oswald's Caledonian Pocket Companion for the Flute, vol.II, c.1750. ancestral to 'John Peel') DT thread
Whiskey in the Jar (? the three versions of this in DT appear to have tunes.)    
Whistle Daughter, Whistle DT thread
O Whistle, and I'll Come to Ye, My Lad (per malcolm: midi made from notation in Burns: Poems and Songs, James Kinsley, 1969. unknown contributer: Burns' song is in 'The Scots Musical Museum', II, #106, 1788. The chorus is in David Herd's MSS (Hecht's 'Herd', p. 185). The tune is first found as "The Irish Lover's Morning Walk" on a single sheet song with music, c 1780, and slightly later used for the song "Since Love is the Plan" in 'the Poor Soldier', 1783. )   thread
Whistlebinkie [Matthew Richards (MattR)]   thread
The Whistler and His Dog [Arthur Pryor (1870-1942] (Published as an instrumental piece for band in 1905, featuring a piccolo solo. Used as the tune for "Piddlin' Pete.")   thread
The White Buck of Epping [Sydney Carter]   thread
The White Buck of Epping [S. Carter] (midi from B. Bolton)   thread
White Coral Bells (from the Girl Scouts Sing Together Songbook, 1973)   thread
The White Hart   thread
Whitsun Carol DT  
Whiz Fish Song   thread
Whizz-Fish (from the 1948 edition of Song Fest, by Dick & Beth Best)   thread
Who Can Sail/Vem kan segla [Louise Dannielson, Stockholm] (published in East-West Songs, Cooperative Recreation Service 1960)   thread
Who Will Sing For Me? [J.T. Ely] DT thread
Who Will Sing For Me? [J.T. Ely] (harmony version) DT thread
Who'll Sing For Me? [Thomas J. Farris] (from the 1946 Stamps-Baxter Hymnal, Inspirational Songs) DT thread
Who'll Sing For Me? (full harmony version) DT thread
Whoever Invented the Fishfinger [Leon Rosselson] (This MIDI may need some work, but it should give an idea of what the song sounds like. -Joe Offer-) DT thread
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