Russian Folk songs with English translations pp32,33 #27

On the Vol-ga's might-ty bo-som,
Where the is-lands break the tide,
Gay with many_a col-lour'd pen-non,
Sten-ka Ra-sin's gal-leons ride.
On the first there fares a prin-cess,
Rapt a-way to be his bride,
With her tall and splen-did cap-tor,
Drea-ded Sten-ka, by her side.

On the shores the watching soldiers,
Lie in wait to seize the band;
Stenka knows the fate before him
And his men, whene'er they land
All the fighting spirit wakened,
That had won him many a prize,
Till the cowed and trembling pirates
Feared to meet their captain's eyes.

And his brow grew dark with anger,
As a tempest hides the sky,
Ye shall know that I am Stenka,
Ye shall see how men can die;
But for sacrifice I offer,
What of all I hold most dear
And his cry rang o'er the waters
For his watching foes to hear

Round the shoulders of his princess,
Iron strong he laid his arm;
Is it homage that you bring me,
Stenka mine, or cruel harm?
Ne'er a word he gave for answer
But he thought, O Volga mine,
Thou the mightiest of rivers
Never was such treasure thine

Ere I say farewell for ever
To thy waters dark and deep
Take the prize I hold the dearest ,
In they heart for aye to keep.
The on high he raised the fair one,
Slender form he loved so well
Hurled her far into the waters
Watched the eddies where she fell

Now my lads, with song and laughter,
To our last assault we go;
Raise a shout as all our manhood
On the cossack steel we throw.
On the Volga's mighty bosom,
Where the islands break the tide
To the last of all their forays,
Stenka Rasin's galleaons ride.