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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
ba'   a ball
baa baw+ ba' ball
baccie bakkie tobacco
back   back
back-end   autumn
Back-yett   gate at the back
backarts   backwards
Backet   bucket
backin   address
Backit   backed.
backlins   backwards
backlins-comin   coming back
backsey   loins of beef
bad baud bad
badderelocks   edible seaweed
bade   endured
bade   stayed
Bade   asked.
baff   a slipper+ a blow
baggie   a swede
Baggie   stomach.
bags   bagpipes
baig'nets   bayonets
baignet   bayonet
baillie   magistrate of a Scots burgh
bainie   bony
baird   bard
bairge   barge
bairn   child+ baby
bairn bairnie little child
bairnheid   childhood
bairns   children
bairntime   brood
baith   both
bak   bake
Bakes   biscuits.
bakken   baked
bakkit   baked
balderrie   wild orchid
ballant   ballad
ballats   ballads
balloch   mountain pass
ballop   opening in trousers
Balou   lullaby
ban   swear
ban'   band (of the Presbyterian clergyman).
bananae   banana
band baun+ baund bound
bandster banster one who binds sheaves after reapers
bane   bone
banes   bones
Bang   an effort; a blow; a large number
Bang   to thump
Banie   v. bainie
Bannet   bonnet.
bannock   small loaf
bannock   bonnock
Bannock nicht   Shrove Tuesday
banstickle   stickleback
bap   bread roll
bapteese bapteise baptise
bar baur bar
Bardie   dim. of bard.
bardy   scolding
bare-scud ber-scud naked
barefit   barefooted.
barket   barked.
barley-brie   or bree
barm   yeast.
barmie   yeasty.
barn-yard   stackyard.
barrae barra+ borra+ borrie+ barrie barrow
barrie   fine+ excellent
Bartie   the Devil
bash   a drinking bout
bashing   abashing
bass   a mat
bastardin   devilish
bastart   bastard
Batch   a number
bather   bother
Bathkit   Bathgate
batters   book cover+ to paste
batts   the botts; the colic
bauch   bad tasting
bauchle bachle+ bauchil distort
bauckie-bird   the bat
baud   bade
baudrons   cat+
Baudrons   Baudrans
bauk   beam+ unploughed ridge+ balk
Bauk   v. bawk.
Bauk-en'   beam-end.
bauken   bat
bauld   bold+ bald
Bauldest   boldest.
Bauldly   boldly.
Baumy   balmy.
baur   joke+ bar
baurber   barber
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.