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The Mudcat Cafemuddy

Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
ca'   call
ca' thro'   work on
ca'+ ca'd   call+ called
caa ca'+ caw call
caad ca'd called
caain   vocation
cabbitch   cabbage
cabble   quarrel
cack   defecate
cackie   defecate
caddie   carrier+ bearer
cadge   peddle wares+ carry
cadger   carrier+ disagreeable
cadger   a hawker (especially of fish)
cadie   a mans cap
cadie   caddie
caff   chaff
cahoutchie cahoochie rubber
cailleach   old woman
caird   card+ tinker
cairiage cairriage carriage
cairie kerry+ cairrie+ cairry carry
cairie-on   behaviour
cairiet   carried
cairn   pile of stones
cairpet   carpet
cairt   cart+ map
CAIRT   cart
cairts   playing cards
caition   deposit+ caution
caiver caver mumble
Calf-ward   grazing plot for calves
Callan   callant
CALLAN   boy
callant   youth
caller   fresh
Caller   cool
Callet   a trull.
cam   came
camceil   sloping ceiling
cammelt   crooked
camshauchle   disordered
camsheuch   crabbed+ cross grained
camsteirie camsteerie+ camstairie perverse+ difficult to
can kin may / can
canalyie   rabble
candibrod   sugar-candy
cangle   wrangle
canker   fret
cankert   ill-tempered
cankrie   crabbed
cankrif cankrife cankering
canna canny+ cannie may not / can't
cannach   cotton grass
cannae canna cannot
cannie canny gentle+ skilful etc.
Canniest   quietest.
Cannilie   cannily
canny   carefully
canny gaun   easy going
cant   sing softly
cantie canty cheerful+ happy
cantle   lilt
cantrip   magic spell+ frolic
Cants   merry stories
canty   contented
Cape-stanc   copestone
caper   caper
capercailzie capercaillie the game bird
capernoitie   capricious+ crazy+ irritable
capestane caipstane capstone
carb   wrangle+ quarrel
care caer care
Care na by   do not care
carefu carefae+ carefie careful
carfuffle curfuffle disorder
cark   care+ worry
Carl   carle
carl+ carls   fellow+ fellows
carl-hemp   male-hemp
carle   old man
carlie   a manikin
carlin   carline a middle-aged
carline carlin old woman
Carline's lowp   Carlups
Carmagnole   a violent Jacobin
carnaptious   irritable+ quarrelsome
carrant   expedition+ sudden
CARRY   firmament
carsackie   an overall
carse   land along river bank
Cartes   playing-cards
Cartie   dim. of cart
carvie   caraway
cast   cast
castock   cabbage stalk
cat's een   germander speedwell
catalog catalogue register
catch   catch
catch-the-plack   the hunt for money
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.