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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
dab   peck+ pierce+ push
dabbitie   ornament+ a picture game
dad   daddie
dae dui do
daein   doing
daez't   dazed
daff   play+ flirt
daffin   larking
daft   mentally deranged
daftlike   foolish
dagie   marbles game
daich daigh dough
daidle   dawdle
dails   planks
daimen icker   an odd ear of corn
daith deeth death
dale   deal plank+ portion
dam   pent-up water
dambrod   draughts board
damie   dim. of dame
dams damss game of draughts
dane   done
dang   struck
dang   pret. of ding.
dang   to hit with a blunt object
danton   v. daunton
darena   dare not
darg   a day's work
darger   casual labour
darklins   in the dark
dask   a pew
daud dod+ dad strike+ a large piece
daud   to pelt
Daulkeith   Dalkeith
daunder dander+ dauner stroll
daunle   dandle
daunton   subdue,daunt
dauntonly   bravely
daur   dare
daur't   dared
daurd   dared
daurk dawrk dark
daurken   darken
daurna darena+ darenae daren't
daurnae   dare not
daurs   dares
daursay   suppose
daut   pet+ fondle
Daut   dawte
daver   wander aimlessly
Daviely   spiritless.
daw daa dawn+ a lazy person+ slut
dawds   lumps
Dawgittie   Dalgetty
dawin   dawn
dawk   drizzle
dawt   caress
dawtingly   prettily
De'IL   devil
dead   death
dead-sweer   extremely reluctant
deal dale+ dail deal
dealer   trader+ dealer
deave deive+ dieve deafen
deave   deafen
dee   die
dee'd   died
deed   indeed+ to be sure
deek deik a glimps+ a look
deem deim doom
deemster deimster judge
deer deir deer
deevil deivil devil
defeat defait defeat
defender   defendant
deg   pierce
deid   dead
deif deef deaf
deil   devil
Deil-haet   nothing (Devil have it)
Deil-ma-care   Devil may care
del dell delve
Deleeret   delirious
deleerit deleirit delirious
delf   hole or pit
delite delyte+ delicht delight
delvin   digging
demit   resign
den   valley
denner dainer+ dainner dinner
dentielion dentylion dandelion
depone   deposit
derf   difficult
dern   hide
dern   darn
Dern'd   hid.
dert dairt dart
descrive   to describe
deser deserr deserve
destrict destrick district
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.