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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
ha'   hall
ha' folk   the servants
haa ha+ haw hall
haar   cold mist
haar-frost   hoar-frost
habber   stutter
habble   hobble+ confuse+ tangle
habile   able+ valid+ admissible
hackit   ugly+ unattractive
hacks   blow with a sharp instrument
haddie haddo haddock
Haddin   holding
HADDIN   estate
hae   have
HAE+ HA'E   have
haed haid+ hud had
haedna   hadn't
haein   having
haen   had
haes his+ hes+ hus has
haesna hisna+ hisna+ hasna+ hasnae hasn't
Haet   a thing.
haffet   the cheek+ temple
Haffet   hauffet
haffets   side-locks
Hafflins   half
hag   hew
hag   a moss
hagger   hack
Haggies-Haa   Halkets-Hall
haggis   a special Scots pudding
hai-tear   at full speed
haigle   carry
haik hake wander
hail hale+ haill whole
hail watter   a downpour
hail-hertit   undaunted+ stalwart
hail-skint   having an undamaged skin
haillie   completely
hailscart   unscathed+ scot-free
hailstanes   hailstones
haimer haimmer+ hemmer hammer
haims hems part of a horse collar
hain hane conserve+ store
hain   to spare
hain (by)   reserve
hainch   a haunch+ underhand throw+
haingle   move about feebly+ loiter+ lazy
haingles   influenza
hainin   enclosed piece of ground
hair herr hair+ a small portion
hairm herm harm
hairp herp harp+ sieve+ riddle
hairse   hoarse
hairst   autumn+ harvest
hairst   har'st
hairt   heart
hairth haerth hearth
haisk   croak
hait haet particle
haith   faith (an oath)
haiver   talk nonsense
haiverel   half wit
haivers   nonsense
haivers   v. havers
haizer   dry+ bleach+ air
hal'   hald
hale   hail
hale   health
hale   hail
hale   whole
Halesome   wholesome
halie   holy
hallan   inner wall
hallan   a partition wall
hallan   cottage
hallion   a rascal
halliraker   hare-brained
Halloween Halla’een All Saints' Eve (31st of October)
Hallowmas   All Saints' Day (1st of November)
haly   holy.
ham   bacon
hame haim home
hamelt   domestic
hamesucken   assault
han'   haun
han-darg   v. darg
Hand-wal'd   hand-picked
handsel hansel welcome+ inauguration
hangie   hangman (nickname of the Devil)
hank   hook
hankle   entangle
hanlawhile   little while
hansel   the first gift; earnest
hant   haunt
hantle   quantity
hap   cover
hap   a wrap
hap   to shelter
Hap   to hop
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.