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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
I'   in
I'se   I shall
iceshoggle   icicle
Icker   an ear of corn
idleset   idleness+ unemployment
Ier-oe   a great-grandchild
ile uilie+ eelieNE oil
ilk   each
ilk+ ilka   each+ every
ilka ilkie every
ilka bodie   everyone
ilkagate   everywhere
ilkagate   every way
ilkane   each one
ilkawey   every way
ill ull bad+ evil
Ill o't   bad at it.
Ill-taen   ill-taken.
Ill-thief   the Devil
ill-trickit   mischievous
ill-uise   ill-use
Ill-willie   ill-natured
in   in
in a wee   shortly+ soon
in-kneed   knock-kneed
inbring   import
inby   inside+ enclosed
income   arrival+ illness
indentin   indenturing
indwaller   resident
infirmary   hospital
infuise   infuse
ingaither   collect
ingan   onion
ingang   entrance+ shortage+ lack
Ingine   genius
ingle   fire (hearth)
ingle-cheek   fireside (properly the jamb of the fireplace).
ingle-lowe   ingle-low
ingyne ingine genius+ senses+ an engine
ink-fish   squid
inklin   small amount+ inclination
inlat   inlet
inmaist   inmost
inner   inner
innerlie   kindly
Innerness   Inverness
innin   introduction
inouth inooth within
inower   inside
inpit   input+ contribution
Inshcoam   Inchcolm
insteid   instead
intae   into
interdict   injunction
interdict   carry out an injunction
intil   into+ inside
intimmers   internal organs+ the works
invite invyte invitation
is   is
isna   isn't
isnae   is not
ither   other+ each other+
ithergates   otherwise
its   its
itsel   itself
itsel'   itself
iver ivver ever
iverie ivery+ ivvery+ ivverie every
iveriehott   everything
ivermair   ever more
jabble   splash+ choppy sea
jad   a jade
jad   a woman past her prime
jag   prick+ injection
jaicket jaikit jacket
jalouse   suspect+ guess+ imagine
jandies   jaundice
janitor   caretaker
Janwar januar January
jarg   creak
jaud   jade
jauk   to trifle
jauner   gabber
jauntie   dim. of jaunt
jaup   splash
jaur   jar
jaurie   earthenware marble
jaw ja surge of water+ pour+ splash
jaw   talk
jaw   to throw
jaw-box   a sink+ drain
jaw-hole   sewer
jealous jailous+ jeilous+ jeelous+ jealous
Jeddart   Jedburgh
jeeg jeig a jig
jeeg   to jog
jeeger jeger odd or eccentric person
jeegle jeigle jog+ shake about+ jiggle
jeel geel+ geal+ geil congeal
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.