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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
kae   jackdaw+ its call
kail kale cabbage+ soup
kail   kale
kail-blade   the leaf of the colewort
kail-gullie   a cabbage knife
kail-runt   the stem of the colewort
kail-whittle   a cabbage knife
kail-yard   a kitchen garden
kailwirm   caterpillar
kailyaird   kitchen garden
kaim kame comb
kain   kane
kaip kep cap
kaitie beardie   loach
kame   a comb
kebars   rafters
kebbock kebbuck cheese
kebbuck   a cheese; a kebbuck heel = the last crust of a cheese
keckle   cackle
ked keb a sheep tick
kedge   stuff
keek   peep
keek o' day   crack of dawn
keeker   eye
keekin gless   mirror
keekin-glass   the looking-glass.
keekit   peeped
keel   red chalk
keelie keilie tough
keelin keilin a cod
keelivine keilivine a lead pencil
keeng keing king
keep   keep
keepit   kept
keetchin keitchin kitchen
keevie keivee+ kievie on the alert+ in high spirits
keich keech excrement
keinin keenin wailing
kelpie   water demon
kelpies   river demons
Kelsae   Kelso
kelt   spawned salmon
kelter   tilt+ wriggle+ struggle
kelterin'   undulating
kemp   contend+ competition
ken   know
kenmerk   distinguishing mark
Kenna   know not
kennin   trace
kenspeckle   conspicuous
kent   knew+ known
kep   catch
kerds   cards
ket   the fleece on a sheep's body
kevel   walk or climb clumsily
key   quay
kiaugh   anxiety
kicher   cough+ titter
kil kill kiln
kill   kill
kilt killt killed
kilt   tuck up
kilter   good spirits
kimmer   a wench
kimmers   young women
kin   related+ relation+ kind+ sort
kin o   well+ exactly+ thoroughly+easily
kin'   kind
kin'ly   kindly
Kinaskit   Kinneswood
Kincairdin   Kincardine
kinch   twist in rope+ problem
kineuchar   Kilconquar
king's-hood   the 2d stomach in a ruminant (equivocal for the scrotum)
kink   to curl+ gasp+ choke
kink-hoast   whooping cough
kinnle   kindle
kinrick   kingdom
kintra kintrae, countra country
kip   play truant
kirk   church
Kirkcaudie   Kirkcaldy
Kirkcoubrie   Kirkcudbright
kirn   churn
kirn   harvest home
kirnel   kernel+ swollen gland
Kirsen   to christen
kirsten kirsen christen
kirstenin   christening
kirtle   to clothe+ dress
kis   because
kist   chest
kitchen   to relish
kith   relations+ neighbours
kittle   tickle+ stimulate+ excite+
Kittle   difficult
kittle   restless
kittlie   itchy+ ticklish+ intricate+
kittlin   kitten
kiutlin   cuddling
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.