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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
ma mi my
ma certies   my+ certainly
machine   machine
mad   annoyed+ angry
made   made
mae   more
maen mane moan+ mourn+ lament
maggie   a magpie
maggot   a whim+ fancy+
magink   a queer looking object or
maid   maid
maik   a half penny+ the equal of
mailen   mailin
Mailie   Molly
mainer mainner manner
mair   more
mair bi taiken mair by token more over
mairch merch march+ boundary
mairchless   infinite
mairie mairrie+ merry+ mairry marry
mairiet mairriet married
mairitch   marriage
mairt mart+ mert an ox or cow fattened for
Mairtinmass   11th November
mairtyr   martyr
maist   most+ almost
maister   master+ mister
maistlins   almost
maiter maitter matter
maithe   maggot or egg of a bluebottle
major-myndit   haughty+ proud+ high minded
mak   make
Mak o'   make o'
makar   poet (maker)
makdoun makdoon garment made to fit smaller person
makkit   made
malafouster malafooster destroy
Mall   Mally
mament maement moment
mammie   mother
man maun man
mangle   mangle
mankit   mutilated+ damaged
manse   minister's house
mant   stammer+ stutter
manteele   a mantle
map   nibble
mappit   stupid+ exhausted
mar   obstruction+ obstruct
mark   merk
marl mirl mottled pattern
marlie mirlie mottled. variegated pattern
marrae marra marrow
marrow   companion+ partner
marrowless   matchless
mart   a market+ auction building
masel masell myself
mash   a heavy two faced hammer
mash   mesh of a net
mashlum   mixed grains and pulses
mask   infuse (tea)
maskin-pat   the teapot
massacre massacker massacre
massie   bumptious+ proud
mat   thick bed cover
match   equal
matrass   mattress
maucht   might n.
mauchtless   helpless+ powerless
mauger   notwithstanding+ ill-will
mauk   maggot
mauk flie   bluebottle
maukie   maggoty+ filthy
maukin   hare
maukit   maggoty or filthy sheep
maumie   ripe
maun mun must
maun   may+ must
mauner   gossip
maunna   mustn't
maunt   was able
maut   malt
mavis   song-thrush
maw maa seagull
mawe maw mow
mawed   mown+ mowed
mawin   mowing
mawn   mown
mawn   a large basket
mawsie   warm+ thick+ comfortable
me   me
meal mail+ male meal
mean   mean+ possessed jointly
meantime   meanwhile+ for the time being
mear   a mare
measles maisles+ meisles measels
meat mait food
mebbe mibbe perhaps
mebbies mibbies perhaps
meddle middle meddle
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.