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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
o   of
o'   of
o'er   over
o'erword   the refrain; catchword.
o't   of it
oan   on
obleege obleige oblige
ochone   woe is me!
ocht   anything+ nothing+ ought
October   October
offisher   officer
on   on / upon
oncairie oncairrie+ onkerry+ oncairry a fuss+ carry-on
oncome oncum the beginning+
onding   downpour
onfaa onfaw rain+ snow+ attack+ beginning
ongaun   behaviour
ongauns   goings on
onie ony any
onie ither bodie   anyone else
oniebodie   anyone
oniegate   anyway
oniething   anything
oniewey   anyway
oniewey   at least+ at any rate+ anyhow
onieweys   anywhere
onions and oatmeal   boiled in a sheep's stomach.
only onlie only
oo ou wool
oor hoor hour
oor   our
oorie   chill+ sad
oors   ours
oorsel(s)   ourselves
oose ooze+ oos+ ouse+ ouze+ ous woollen fluff+ dust
oot   out
oot o   out of
oot-stair   oustside staircase
ootby   outside
ootby   outlying+ distant
ootcast   a quarrel
ootcome   result+ effect+ profit
ooten ooton out of
ootgane   past time+ fully
ootgang   an outgoing+ departure+ expense
ootgate   exit
ootgaun   outgoing+ removing+ leaving+
oother outher fluff from frayed wool
ootland ootlan a stranger+ outcast
ootlin   alien+ outsider
ootmaist   outermost
ootower atour beyond+ across+ outside
ootpassin   termination
ootrel ooteral a stranger
ootset   an ornament
ootunner   from under
ootwye   outweigh
op'd   opened
open apen open+ free to do
or   ere+ before+ till+ early
or   or
oranger   orange
ordein ordeen ordain
ordinar ordnar+ ornar ordinary
orp   grumble+ complain
orra   odd
Orra   extra.
orral   a scrap+ fragment
orrals   bits and pieces+ odds and ends
ort   waste
oubit oobit caterpillar
ouf oof small unimportant+ a fool
ought   aught.
oughtlins   aughtlins
ouglie oogly ugly
oul(et) ool(et) an owl
ourichie oorichie dismal+ gloomy+ strange
ourie oorie dismal+ gloomy+ strange
ourie   shivering
ourit oorit cold+ shivery+ tired
ourlich oorlich miserable looking
outler   unhoused
ower   over+ across+ farther off
ower   excessively+ too
owerby   over the way
owerend oweren turn up+ set on end
owergae   surpass+ overflow
owerhail   overtake
owerset   translate(d)
owertaen   made helpless+ overcome+
owerturn   repeat a song+ story+ turnover
owerwird owerword chorus of poem or song
owre   over
owsen   oxen
owthor   author
oxter   armpit
oxter'd   held up under the arms
Pace   Easter
Pack an' thick   confidential.
packman   a travelling merchant
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.