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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
Pace   Easter
Pack an' thick   confidential.
packman   a travelling merchant
paction packtion bargain+ deal
pad   path
paewae   pale+ sickly+ drooping
paidle   paddle
paidle   nail-bag
paigle   housework+ chores
paik   beat
painch   paunch
paip   fruit kernel or stone
pair   pair
paircel   parcel
pairish   parish
pairk   park
pairt   part
pairtial   partial
pairtie pairty party
pairtner   partner
paitren paittren+ paittern+ pattren pattern
paitrick   a partridge; used equivocally of a wanton girl.
pal   friend+ befriend
palaiver   palaver+ a fuss+ a fussy person
pale   a small shovel or scoop
palie   thin+ pale+ sickly-looking+
pall   a pole+ strong post
pallal(s)   hopscotch
pan   skull+ cranium+ solid soil
pan-jotral(s)   odds and ends of food
pane   a sheet of glass
pang   ache+ pain+ cram full
pant   fun+ a prank
pap   the uvula+ a conical hill+
pap   touch + strike lightly+ throw+ aim
Pape   the Pope+ a catholic
paraud parawd parade+ procession+ march
Parishen   the parish.
parr   a young salmon
parrie parry waste time+ dawdle+ delay
parritch   porridge
parritch-pats   porridge-pots
partan   edible crab
parteeclar parteicular+ parteiclar confidential
pat   pot
pat   put
pattie   clay or earthen ware (marble)
pattle   pettle
pauchle pochle a small load+ bundle+ a swindle
paughty   haughty
paukie   pauky
paum pawm palm of hand
paumie pawmie belt on the hand with tawse
paut pawt strike the ground with the foot
paveelion paveilion pavilion
paw pa dad (father)
pawkie   matter-of-fact humorous outlook
pawkie   a mitten
pawky   cunning+ sly
pawnd   a pawn+ a pledge+ a pawnshop
peace paice peace
pearl   purl+ a stitch in knitting
pease piz+ pizz pea+ peas
peasie   a small marble
peat   peat
pech   pant
pechan   the stomach.
pechie pechy short winded
pechin   panting
pecht   out of breath+ a Pikt
peck   a measure of weight
peek peik tiny point of light+ tongue of flame
peel peil an equal match+ a stockade
peeler   a small crap at shell casting time
peelie-wallie peilie-wallie pale
peend pein+ peen sloping point at the end of a roof
peenge peinge whine
peenie peinie pinafore
peeoy peioy schoolchild's home-made firework
peep peip small flame from a gas cooker
peerie peirie little+ a fircone+ a spinning top
peetie peity pity
peetifu   pitiful
peewee   lapwing
peil peel pill+ a tablet
peir peer pear
pen   a pointed conical hill
pend   an arch
pennie   penny
penny-fee   wage in money
penny-wheep   small beer
pent   paint
penter   painter
pentit   painted
perfaission   profession
perfit   perfect
perjink   neat
perk   a pole or rod
permeession permeision permission
pernicketie pernickity particular+ fastidious+ difficult
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.