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The Mudcat Cafemuddy

Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
rab   rob
rack   stretch+ pull+ twist+ dislocate+
rackle   a chain+ the clanking of a chain
rackless   reckless
rackon   reckon
rade   rode
radge   rage+ mad+ violently excited+
rae   roe deer
raen   raven
raep   a rope
raff   plenty
raft   a rafter
rag   rough projection after sawing+
raggit   ragged
raggitie   ragged
raggle   cut unevenly or jaggedly
ragglish   erratic+ uncertain+ wild
ragnail   loose piece of skin or broken
ragweed ragweid ragwort
raible   rabble+ gabble
raibles   recites by rote
raiglar   regular
raik rake roam+ stray
raip rape rope
rair   roar
rair't   roared
rairie   loud+ noisy+ drunk+ bright
rairin   roaring
raise   arouse+ infuriate+ state of
Raise   rase
raised   infuriated+ wild+ over-excited
raither   rather
raivel rile entangle
raize   to excite
rake   rake+ search+ a hoard
ram-stam   headlong
rame raim repeat+ recite+ talk nonsense
ramfeezl'd   exhausted
ramfeisle ramfeezle+ ramfoozle muddle+ confuse+ exhaust
ramgunshoch   surly
rammage   storm about
rammie   a free-for-all+ violent disturbance
rammle   ramble+ wander
ramp   romp+ climbing of plants
rampage   an outburst of rage
ramscuiter ramscooter+ ramscouter beat+ drive off in terror
ramsh   eat greedily
ramskeerie ramskeiry wild restless romp
ramstam   headstrong+ rash+ heedless
ramstouger   rough in manner+ boisterous
ran   ran
rance   diagonal supporting bar on
rander ranner render+ talk idly+ ramble+
randie   aggressive+ a beggar
randie   lawless
randie   randy
rannoch   farn+ bracken
ranshackle   search+ ransack
rant   romp+ sing a tune+ fuss+ complain
rant   to rollick
ranter   sew+ darn or mend roughly
rants   merry meetings; rows.
rap   rap+ dash+ thump
rape   v. raep
raploch   coarse woollen cloth
raploch   homespun
rappit   rapped
raptur rapture a fit of rage
rash   rush plant+ active+ agile
rash-buss   a clump of rushes
rashy   rushy
rasp   a raspberry
rat (S)   a rut+ groove+ scratch
ratch   damage by rough usage
rattan ratton+ rottan rat
rattan   rattoon
rattle   strike or beat repeatedly
ratton-key   the rat-quay
rauchle   loose untidy heap+ ramshackle
raucle   bold+ rash+ strong+ rough+ crude
raught   reached
rave   tore+ a windbag
ravensheuch   Ravenshaugh
raw ra+ raa row
rax   stretch+ pass+ reach
read rade read (Past t.)
read(en)   read (past perf.)
real   real
ream reim+ reem cream+ foam
reap reip reap
reason raison+ reison reason
reave   to rob
reboond   rebound
rebute   rebuff
receit receet+ recait prescription+ recipe
reck   reckon
Red   advised
Red   rede
red-wat-shod   red-wet-shod
red-wud   stark mad
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.