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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
sab   sob
sae   so
sael   bind cattle+ cattle bind
saft   soft
saicrament   sacrament
said sayed+ sayd said
saidle   saddle
saidler   saddler
saikless sakeless innocent+ feeble
saim same fat+ grease+ lard
sain sane bless+ protect
sain sayen+ sayn said
sain   fond
saip sape soap
sair sare sore+ very
sair   to serve
sair   sairly
sairie sairry sorry
saithe saith full grown coalfish
saitin   satin
saitisfee   satisfy
sall sal shall
samin   same
Sandy   Sannack
sang   song+ sang
sang   song
sanna   shan't
sanshach   wily+ shrewd
sant   disappear+ vanish
sap   a sop
sappie   juicy meat+ plump+ soggy
sapple   soak with water
sapples   soapy lathers
saps   pieces of brad soaked in milk
sapsie   soft+ sloppy+ effeminate
sark serk shirt
sarkin   roof boarding
Sassenach   English (Saxon)
sassenger   sausage
sat   sat
sattle   settle
sauch saugh sallow+ willow
saucht   ease+ quiet
saud   to scald
sauf   safe+ save
saugh   the willow
saughs   willows
saul sawl soul (religious)
saumon   salmon
saumont   sawmont
saunt   saint
sauntlie   saintly
saur   taste+ smell+ slight breeze
saurless   tasteless+ lacking in wit
saut   salt
saut-backets   v. backets
savendie   strong+ secure+ trustworthy
saw   saw (wood)
saw   to sow
Sawbath   Sunday
sawd   sawed
sawe saw sow
sawed   sowed
sawn   sawed
sawney   v. sandy
sax   six
saxpence   sixpence
saxt   sixth
saxteen   sixteen
saxteent   sixteenth
saxtie   sixty
say   say
scabbit skabbit scabbed+ bare infertile land
scaff skaff scrounge+ gather what is
scaffenger skaffenger scavenger
scaffie skaffie street sweeper+ refuse collector
scallion skallion a spring onion
scam skam burn+ singe
scance skance scan+ analyse+ glance
scant skant lack+ scarcity
scantlins skantlins scarcely
scar   to scare
scar   v. scaur
scart skart scratch
scathe   scaith
scaud skaud scold
scaul   scold
scauld   to scold
scaum skaum scorch+ singe
scaup skaup scalp+ this soil+ stony ground
scaur skaur scar+ steep rock+ precipee
scaur   afraid; apt to be scared
scaw skaw scaly skin disease+ barnacles
scawt skawt having a skin disease
scent   scent+ small quantity
scheme skeme plan+ housing estate
scho   she
schuil skuil+ scuil+ scule+ schule school
scissor   pair of scissors
sclaff sklaff strike with open hand
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.