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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
tack   a lease+ period of time
tack   possession
tacket   small nail
tadger   penis
tae   in comparison with
tae   toe+ to
tae   to+ until
tae'd   toed
tae-brig   draw bridge
tae-come   profit
tae-draucht   attractive force
tae-faw   lean-to building
tae-flicht   refuge+ asylum
tae-nam   nick name
taed   toad
taein   taking
taen   taken
taet   small quantity
taiblet   tablet
taid   toad
taidspue   toad spawn
taigelt   hindered
taigle   harass+ delay+ detain+ hinder
taiken   token
tailyie   cut or slice of meat
tainant   tenant
tairge targe+ terge beat+ scold+ cross-examine
tairge   to target
tairible tairrible terrible
tairt   tart
taissle   entangle
tait tate a small quantity
taiver   wander
taivers   rags+ tatters+ shreds
taivert   muddled+ bewildered
tak   take
taks   takes
tald   told
tallae talla+ tallie tallow
tane   one in contrast to other
tangs   tongs
tansie tansy ragwort
tap   top
tap-pickle   the grain at the top of the stalk
tapetless   senseless
tapmost   topmost
tappet-hen   a crested hen-shaped bottle holding three quarts of claret
tappietourie tappietoorie tassel+ pom-pom
tappit   topped
taps   tops
tapsalteirie tapsalteerie upside down+ muddled
targe   to examine.
tarragat   question closely+ pester
tarrock   a turn (bird)
tarrow   linger
tarrow   to tarry; to be reluctant
tash   damage+ stain
tashie   tattered
tassie   cup
tassie   a goblet
tattie tawtie potato
tattie-boggle   scarecrow
tattrel   rag
taucht   taught
tauk   talk
tauld   told
taupie   foolish+ awkward+ giddy+ idle
taur   tar
taut   tangled tuft of hair or wool
taw taa knead+ twist+ tug
tawie   tractable.
tawpie   a foolish woman
taws   leather strap
tawted   matted
tea   tea+ evening meal
teach teich teach
teacht   taught
teats   small quantities
teckle   tackle
tedisome   tedious+ tiresome
teel teil till land
teem teim pour rain
teen   vexation
teend teen+ tein rage+ provoke
teepical teipical typical
teerant teirant tyrant
teet teit peep+ peer+ glance+ squeak
teeth   teeth
teetle teitle title
teind teend+ teen+ tein a tenth part
teir teer+ terr tear+ wild vetch
televeesion telveesion television
tell   tell
tell'd   told
tellt   told
telt tellt told
temper-pin   a fiddle-peg; the regulating pin of the spinning-wheel
ten   ten
tend   attend to+ look after+ see to
tender tenner sickly+ in poor health
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.