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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
ugg ug loathe
uggin   disgusting+ horrible+ annoying
uggit   upset+ annoyed+ disgusted
uggsome   ugly
Uil Yule+ Yuil Christmas
uin une+ oon oven
uisage yissage usage
uise yaise+ eeze+ eese use v.
uised   used
uiss   use n.
uissless yaisless useless
uisst   used (to)
uisual yaiswal usual
ulzie   oil
umberellae umberella umbrella
umwhile umquhile late+ deceased
unbidden   uninvited
unchancy   dangerous
uncle   uncle
unco   very
unco   remarkably
unco   remarkable
unco whacks (sic' unco whacks)   such blows as these
uncolie   very much
uncos   strange or unusual things
Uncos   news
unction   auction
undecent   indecent
unfarrant   unattractive+ unpleasant
unfreend unfreend an enemy+ non-friend
unhonest   dishonest
unkend   unknown
unkent   unknown+ strange+ unfamiliar
unkiver uncuiver+ unkivver uncover
unner   under
unnerstaund unnerstan understand
unraivle   untangle
unrowes   unrolls
unsert unserred unserved
unsiccar   unsteady
unsicker   uncertain
unskaithed   unhurt
unsneck   unlatch
unsnib   unbolt
unsteek unsteik unfasten
unweel unweill ill
unwicelike unwyce unwise+ foolish+ indiscreet
up   up
upbring   bring up+ rear+ upbringing
upby   up there+ heaven+ upstairs
uphaud   uphold
uphauden   upheld
uplift   pick up
upo   upon
upredd   a cleaning+ tidying
upreddin   a scolding
upstaundin   regular (wages)
upsteer upsteir stir up+ turmoil
uptail   leave in a hurry
uptak   intelligence
ure   damp mist+ drizzle+ haze
us uz+ iz us
usquabae   usquebae
utmaist ootmaist utmost
v (vowe) vau v+ the 22nd letter of the alphabet
vacance   holiday
vaig vage wander
vainish   vanish
vanie   cannie
variorium   decoration+ trinket+ ornament
vauntie   proud+ boastful
vause vawse vase
veecious veicious vicious
veenegar veinigar vinegar
veesion veision vision
veesit veisit visit
veet veit vet
veeve vieve+ veive life-like+ bright+ clear
veige veege voyage
vennel   alley
vent   chimney flue
ventur venter venture
vera   very
verra   very
veshel   vessel
vex   fret grieve+ be sorry + trouble
view vyow view
Virls   rings.
virr   force+ strength
vittle   victual
vizzie   study+ examine closely
vogie   vain
vou voo vow
vyce vice voice
Wa'   waw
wa'   wall
waa waw wall
wab   web+ weave
wabbit   exhausted+ weak+ feeble
wabble   wobble
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.