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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
v (vowe) vau v+ the 22nd letter of the alphabet
vacance   holiday
vaig vage wander
vainish   vanish
vanie   cannie
variorium   decoration+ trinket+ ornament
vauntie   proud+ boastful
vause vawse vase
veecious veicious vicious
veenegar veinigar vinegar
veesion veision vision
veesit veisit visit
veet veit vet
veeve vieve+ veive life-like+ bright+ clear
veige veege voyage
vennel   alley
vent   chimney flue
ventur venter venture
vera   very
verra   very
veshel   vessel
vex   fret grieve+ be sorry + trouble
view vyow view
Virls   rings.
virr   force+ strength
vittle   victual
vizzie   study+ examine closely
vogie   vain
vou voo vow
vyce vice voice
Wa'   waw
wa'   wall
waa waw wall
wab   web+ weave
wabbit   exhausted+ weak+ feeble
wabble   wobble
wabblie   wishy-washy+ thin
wabster   weaver
wad   would+ wed+ bet+ wager+ wedded
wad   to wed.
wad   would
wad'a   would have
waddin   wedding+ cotton wool
Wadensday   Wednesday
wadge   wedge
wadna   wouldn't
wadset   a mortgage
wae   woe+ woeful+ sorrowful+ vexed
wae   woful
wae   wo; wae's me = wo is to me
wae worth   wo befall
wae's me   woe is me
waerifu   troublesome+ annoying+ sad
waesome   sorrowful+ causing sorrow
waesucks   alas!
waff   wave
wagitie   pied wagtail
wair   v. ware
waird   guard
wairm werm warm
wairn   warn
walcome   welcome
wale   choose+ choice
wale   choice
walie   wawlie
walk wauk+ waak walk
wall   well
wall girse   watercress
wallae wallie+ walla wallow
wallie   porcelain+ china+ pleasant+
walloch   violent heavy movements
wallop   to kick; to dangle; to gallop; to dance.
walth   wealth
walthie   wealthy
waly fa'   ill befall!
wame   womb+ belly
wamefou   bellyful
wan   won
wan   one
wanawnt   unclaimed
wanchancie   unlucky
wanchancie   dangerous
wannd   wand+ stick+ rod
wanndert   lost+ confused+ senile
wanner waunder wander
wanrestfu'   restless
wanshapen   deformed
wansonsie   mischievous
want waant need+ short of
wantin   short of / lacking
wap   wrap+ fold
wappin wapin+ wappen weapon
wappinshaw wapinschaw shooting competition
war wur were
war the   were there
ware   spring (season)
ware   kind of seaweed
ware   spend money
Ware   wair
Ware   worn
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.