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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
Wa'   waw
wa'   wall
waa waw wall
wab   web+ weave
wabbit   exhausted+ weak+ feeble
wabble   wobble
wabblie   wishy-washy+ thin
wabster   weaver
wad   would+ wed+ bet+ wager+ wedded
wad   to wed.
wad   would
wad'a   would have
waddin   wedding+ cotton wool
Wadensday   Wednesday
wadge   wedge
wadna   wouldn't
wadset   a mortgage
wae   woe+ woeful+ sorrowful+ vexed
wae   woful
wae   wo; wae's me = wo is to me
wae worth   wo befall
wae's me   woe is me
waerifu   troublesome+ annoying+ sad
waesome   sorrowful+ causing sorrow
waesucks   alas!
waff   wave
wagitie   pied wagtail
wair   v. ware
waird   guard
wairm werm warm
wairn   warn
walcome   welcome
wale   choose+ choice
wale   choice
walie   wawlie
walk wauk+ waak walk
wall   well
wall girse   watercress
wallae wallie+ walla wallow
wallie   porcelain+ china+ pleasant+
walloch   violent heavy movements
wallop   to kick; to dangle; to gallop; to dance.
walth   wealth
walthie   wealthy
waly fa'   ill befall!
wame   womb+ belly
wamefou   bellyful
wan   won
wan   one
wanawnt   unclaimed
wanchancie   unlucky
wanchancie   dangerous
wannd   wand+ stick+ rod
wanndert   lost+ confused+ senile
wanner waunder wander
wanrestfu'   restless
wanshapen   deformed
wansonsie   mischievous
want waant need+ short of
wantin   short of / lacking
wap   wrap+ fold
wappin wapin+ wappen weapon
wappinshaw wapinschaw shooting competition
war wur were
war the   were there
ware   spring (season)
ware   kind of seaweed
ware   spend money
Ware   wair
Ware   worn
wark   work n.
wark-lume   tool
warks   works
warl'   warld
warl'y   warldly
warld   world
warldlike   normal in appearance
warlock   a wizard
warlock   wizard+ male witch
warna warny weren't
warnish   warn
warp+ warpin   weave+ weaving
warran   warrant
warse   worse
warsh   tasteless
warsle warstle wrestle+ struggle+ strive
warslin   struggling
warst   worst
wase   bundle or band of straw
wash waash wash
washt   washed
wast   west
wastart wastert westward
wasteid   website
waster   farther west
wastmaist   westernmost
wastrie   wasteful+ extravagant
wat   wet
wat   wot
wat(en)   wetted
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.