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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
yaff   bark+ yelp+ chatter
yair   fish-trap
yaird   yard
yairn   story+ yarn
yall   yell+ howl
yallae yalla+ yella yellow
yallae lintie   goldhammer
yallochie   yellowish
yammer   lament+ harp on
yard   a garden; a stackyard
yatter   chatter
yaud   an old mare
yauld yaul active+ alert+ vigorous
yaup   bawl
ye   you
ye'se   ye shall.
Yealings   coevals
yeld   barren
Yell   dry (milkless).
yelloch   yell
yer yur your
yerd   earth
yerds   yards (shipyards)
yerk   jerk
yerkit   jerked
yerl   earl
Yermooth   Yarmouth
yerp   grumble+ fret
yers   yours
yersel   yourself
yersels   yourselves
yese yeeze you pl.
yestreen   last evening+ yesterday
yett   gate
Yettum   Yetholm
yeuk   itch
yill   ale
yill-caup   ale-stoup.
YIN   one
yird   earth+ bury
yirdit   buried
yit   yet
yoke   grip+ deal with
yokin   yoking; a spell; a day's work.
yon   yonder
yon time   that time
yonder   yonder
yont   along+ through
yonwey   yonder way
yorlin   yellow hammer
you   you
your   your
your lane   alone
yours   yours
yoursel   yourself (emphatic)
yoursels   yourselves (emphatic)
youse youz you pl.
youthheid   youth+ adolescence
yowdendrift   snow driven by the wind
yowe   sheep+ ewe
yowie   dim. of ewe; a pet ewe
yowl   howl
yowt   howl+ yell+ cry
yule   Christmas
yung   young
yungker younker youngster
yunk   a stake marble
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.