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Tech: Doubleclick threat?

Ian Hendrie 05 Apr 09 - 08:00 AM
The Villan 05 Apr 09 - 08:23 AM
Jeri 05 Apr 09 - 08:33 AM
GUEST,.gargoyle 05 Apr 09 - 08:25 PM
The Villan 06 Apr 09 - 02:12 AM
The Villan 06 Apr 09 - 02:25 AM
Joe Offer 06 Apr 09 - 02:37 AM
GUEST,Mr Red 06 Apr 09 - 03:40 AM
nutty 06 Apr 09 - 03:53 AM
JohnInKansas 06 Apr 09 - 04:27 AM
Sandra in Sydney 06 Apr 09 - 04:44 AM
GUEST,Ian Hendrie 08 Apr 09 - 04:16 PM
GUEST,PeterC 08 Apr 09 - 05:38 PM
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Subject: Tech: Doubleclick threat?
From: Ian Hendrie
Date: 05 Apr 09 - 08:00 AM

It appears that the Mudcat site introduces something called 'Doubleclick' into my computer (according to Firefox Ghost). Everytime I doubleclick a mouse button after visiting this site I get unwanted adverts. I am taking steps to remove this but if they doesn't work I will have to avoid the Mudcat forum, which I am obviously a little reluctant to do.

I hope that I am not making an erroneous assertion here and that someone can put me right and tell me how to avoid this incredibly irritating advertising ploy.

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Subject: RE: Tech: Doubleclick threat?
From: The Villan
Date: 05 Apr 09 - 08:23 AM

I doubt if its Mudcat causing that.
Have a look at this link

You have more than likely picked it up from another site.

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Subject: RE: Tech: Doubleclick threat?
From: Jeri
Date: 05 Apr 09 - 08:33 AM

Wiki on DoubleClick

This has been around for ages. It looks like it probably comes from the Google ads, but you have to accept the cookie for it to cause problems. It also has nothing to do with double clicking. (I can't think of anything on Mudcat one needs to double click for anyway.)

You can go to Firefox-Tools-Options-Privacy-Cookies-Exceptions and block the cookies.

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Subject: RE: Tech: Doubleclick threat?
From: GUEST,.gargoyle
Date: 05 Apr 09 - 08:25 PM

Ian - it IS Mudcat.

I am using two different browsers - with everything OPT-OUT including double-click(it takes nearly 10 minutes to just go through the google maze once to remove it all)- I use this browser 99%.

It is much more than the old "cookies of old" they can be crumbled after every log-off...that Mr. Villi believes.

Check Your Log - leave - clear it - return and you will be astounded.
It is Google - and it is on Mudcat - and it continues to consume bandwidth and cache and even more insideous why does send a beacon from Mudcat up to once a minute (sending about 800 bytes and receiving 300)? - can get it blocked - log out - and it is back again.

The other browser - is fully functional for all the crapiteria - on the rare occasions it is needed - such as using maps or G-Mail or business transactions.

Using "Zone Alarm" you can cut the internet connection and allow newspapers etc to load the data without all the get "the good stuff" TEXT without the wait.

You can use the Opt-Out-Tool at for almost all advertisers but the Google one is a real "Easter Egg Hunt" and they keep changing the terrain. If you want the permanent will need to have two browsers since they have intwined their tentacles into every corner of the net...and sometimes they have things you need.


Much like the frog that will jump out of the beaker of hot water but slowly cook to death if it is gradual.

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Subject: RE: Tech: Doubleclick threat?
From: The Villan
Date: 06 Apr 09 - 02:12 AM

Well I use Vista and I don't have the problems.

I use AVG and Spybot and occasionally I use PC Cillin House Doctor.

Gargoyle, I am not underestimating the damage of Doubleclick and my link above explains how ro renove it, step by step or get a virus program that will remove it. However I don't thinkyou can just blame Mudcat. Did you click on the link I provided.

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Subject: RE: Tech: Doubleclick threat?
From: The Villan
Date: 06 Apr 09 - 02:25 AM

DoubleClick Description
DoubleClick is a tracking cookie that monitors your Internet activity as you surf the web. This information may be retrieved by its parent company, and used to generate emailed and pop-up advertisements while you surf the web. DoubleClick is related to Abacus Alliances, which owns databases of personally identifiable information about consumers and their spending habits.

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Subject: RE: Tech: Doubleclick threat?
From: Joe Offer
Date: 06 Apr 09 - 02:37 AM

Well, there's advertising all over the Web. That's how it's supported. I haven't seen anything horrible about doubleclick, although it can be an annoyance.
It seems to be a legitimate advertising concern, not really a "threat." You really can't do much on the Internet without getting into some advertising.
Mudcat gets some of its funding from Amazon and Google ads. It's possible that manages some of the ads for Amazon and Google. Annoying, but it does pay the bills.


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Subject: RE: Tech: Doubleclick threat?
From: GUEST,Mr Red
Date: 06 Apr 09 - 03:40 AM

Doesn't clearing browser history work?

I use a public library PC often and there is nothing you can do about history there. It may log it but you can't see it, or use it. The government can, it is all about terrorism surveilance. They don't know who I am and only need the audit trail - in case.

Which is what double click want. The audit trail, so Google can target ads. Free is worth every penny. Free lunch refers.

When a million people can read your (not inconsiderable) thoughts - you worry about ads you can ignore?

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Subject: RE: Tech: Doubleclick threat?
From: nutty
Date: 06 Apr 09 - 03:53 AM

I use Firefox and have no problems with adverts on any site, so Mudcat can't be the problem or we would all be affected.

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Subject: RE: Tech: Doubleclick threat?
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 06 Apr 09 - 04:27 AM

There seems to be mass confusion here, which is quite understandable given the "secretive" nature of the issues.

DoubleClick is a company that collects advertising statistics and sells the information to people who pay them for it.

DoubleClick is owned by Google.

When you visit any site that participates, you get a cookie that assigns an identity to your computer. That cookie, or an associated separate one, also contains a unique identifier for the site you visited.

As you move around the web, the "identity" is tracked and other sites that you visit are "associated" with it, so that statistics on where persons interested in one site also go among other sites.

Since (according to what they admit) the only "identity" for your computer is the "identity" of the cookie dropped by the first site, at least in theory no personal information about you or your computer is tracked.

Some secrecy about the details of how the DoubleClick cookie actually works is understandable, since it's used to collect "valuable information" that can be sold - only as long as nobody else is as successful at collecting competing information.

A couple of websites - including ones linked above - give instructions for how to remove "double-click" (using several variant names) and include registry edits and mass file deletions.

The ONLY thing that the publicly known "DoubleClick" does is give you a cookie, which is a small plain-text file, and modify the cookie to track where the cookie travels on the web. There is NO REASON why this "business cookie" needs to install anything or make any registry entries. I have confirmed on the four machines I have running currently that THERE ARE NO DOUBLECLICK ENTRIES any any of the registries except for those associated with mouse settings, and no "DoubleClick files" anywhere except in cookies.(I included multiple "name variants" on a couple of the machines.)

These machines are full of DoubleClick cookies, but that is the only evidence of the company's "tracking."

Some additional information is accessible by any website you visit, so a site that identifies itself via a DoubleClick cookie could collect additional information such as your ISP, browser version, and such; but cookies have a limited "length" so it's unlikely that much could be forwarded with the cookie. Any site that decides to record that information doesn't need a cookie to do it.

Unfotunately, the company name is rather generic, and "DoubleClick," "Double-Click," "DublKlik," DblClick" and multiple other variants have been used elsewhere by others.

Double-Click is the name used for at least one (and possibly more than one) Firefox add-in(s), that (so far as I found in a brief look) allows Firefox to "open in same window" if you single-click but "open in new tab" if you double-click. This add-in quite probably makes registry entries.

There have also been at least one or two "phishing" or "toolbar" or other malware exploits that have traded on the "DoubleClick" name, since it's "familiar sounding" and gullible persons might be persuaded to "click," permitting a malware infection. So far as I've heard recently there are none of these currently active at visible levels; but if you're having real problems with getting rid of a behavior that annoys you it might be suspected that you've picked one up.

Most search toolbars, AV suites, popup blockers and the like will block "tracking cookies" automatically; but each tool has it's own ideas about what's a "tracking cookie." Nearly all will block cookies known to identify you personally or collect personal information about you. Most will block any cookies known to incorporate anything that resists deletion. Many, especially recently, will permit cookies that collect only "anonymous user" information - i.e. that only identify you by a cookie they put there, and only track where the cookie goes.

DoubleClick (as used by the company) is considered an "anonymous tracker" by most blocking programs now, and is not generally blocked. AdAware is one "cleaner" that removes DoubleClick, and almost everything else. SpyBot S&D ignores many that AdAware removes, but is arguably better at finding some of the more subtle "real dangers." There are far too many such blocker/cleaner programs to attempt a more complete listing here.

DoubleClick is just one of many nearly identical "anonymous tracker" cookies, but especially since Google adopted them (for $3Billion+, US) it's probably the most frequently seen/noticed. Another couple I've seen fairly frequently go by the names "IndianNation" and "Casino8," (neither of which has anything to do with Indian Casinos) although there are dozens of them out there - and probably on your computer if you haven't "deleted cookies" quite recently.

The DoubleClick cookie that everyone thinks they're discussing here does not "install" anything and "delete cookies" will get rid of it. If there's something else using a "similar name" that's causing you a problem, you probably put it there, and will have to figure out how to remove it. It might be something that you want, or just something you thought you did at one time. It's unlikely, but not impossible, that it's malware "disguised using a familiar sounding name."

I'm personally not paranoid enough to worry that someone noted that "guy in brown jacket turned left at Fourth avenue" since I'm certainly not the only one in town with a puce jacket. I'll trust my filters/cleaners to protect me from anything that "gets personal" - beyond the normally public nature of everything on the web. I consider DoubleClick (the cookie) annoying, but not anything to worry about.


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Subject: RE: Tech: Doubleclick threat?
From: Sandra in Sydney
Date: 06 Apr 09 - 04:44 AM

I automatically check my cookies after every session on the webs & delete all the new cookies unless they are for a site I'll be visiting a lot.

I just loooove the names of some cookies - marketing or tracking names get the flick!


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Subject: RE: Tech: Doubleclick threat?
From: GUEST,Ian Hendrie
Date: 08 Apr 09 - 04:16 PM

Firefox Ghostery clearly indicates that I am exposed to this Doubleclick annoyance when I am on the Mudcat site. I appreciate that the site has to raise revenue by allowing this but I don't want to be bombarded with pop-up adds and will be avoiding this site from now on.
Thanks for the help mudcatters have given me in the past.

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Subject: RE: Tech: Doubleclick threat?
From: GUEST,PeterC
Date: 08 Apr 09 - 05:38 PM

Google now requires all publishers to display a privacy policy that covers the fact that tracking cookies are used.

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