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Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?

mousethief 07 Aug 10 - 12:43 PM
Charley Noble 07 Aug 10 - 12:58 PM
Amos 07 Aug 10 - 01:18 PM
Bernard 07 Aug 10 - 02:45 PM
terrier 07 Aug 10 - 07:43 PM
mousethief 08 Aug 10 - 01:01 AM
The Fooles Troupe 08 Aug 10 - 02:01 AM
open mike 08 Aug 10 - 11:02 AM
open mike 08 Aug 10 - 11:20 AM
Charley Noble 08 Aug 10 - 12:09 PM
McGrath of Harlow 08 Aug 10 - 12:16 PM
Amos 08 Aug 10 - 12:18 PM
katlaughing 08 Aug 10 - 01:16 PM
open mike 08 Aug 10 - 01:20 PM
McGrath of Harlow 08 Aug 10 - 01:22 PM
open mike 08 Aug 10 - 01:23 PM
Amos 08 Aug 10 - 02:21 PM
SINSULL 08 Aug 10 - 02:28 PM
open mike 08 Aug 10 - 10:40 PM
mousethief 09 Aug 10 - 04:37 AM
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Subject: Song Challenge
From: mousethief
Date: 07 Aug 10 - 12:43 PM

Back in the depths of time, Áine hosted a song challenge (started every week and spread out some) where she found one of those "weird news" stories, and invited people to write songs on that topic. (These usually consisted of new lyrics to existing tunes.) She then gave (it must be admitted) silly awards to each of the contestants.

Sadly Áine seems to have moved on to greener pastures.

Would there be interest in restarting this (to me) entirely admirable practice? I could happily play the role of host, finding wacky news stories, and awarding silver B.L.O.B.s and silly awards for the entrants.

Any takers?

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge
From: Charley Noble
Date: 07 Aug 10 - 12:58 PM

I think it's a great idea to revive and that you would make a fine host.

Of course if there is no more weird news printed, whatever will we do?

Charley Noble

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: Amos
Date: 07 Aug 10 - 01:18 PM

Running out of weird news is the least of our problems.

I do have to say that I support the idea, but as an aside, Mousethief's persona has not generated the ebullient feminine promise of the Gaelic Goddess. So who knows whether the jet-propelled ambience of her reign could be restored? I am sure, however, that he would find his own voice and might even discover new ways to inspire and impel the wordsmiths in these parts.

I say go for it, Alex!! Grab that all-caps headline!!!!

Take over that Mudcat Songbook, too!! Max has it all on backup.


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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: Bernard
Date: 07 Aug 10 - 02:45 PM

Oh, there are plenty of weird stories around...!

"I phoned 999 and an hour later a PCSO turned up and said 'I'm sorry I'm late, I had to wait for a bus because there weren't enough cars'." - Stevenage woman left unimpressed by police response to her discovery of a shotgun.

She had been walking in woodland with her two-year-old granddaughter when she found the double-barrel weapon wrapped in a bin bag. Police say the Community Support Officer arrived 33 minutes after her call, having used public transport because officers had been responding to three other emergency calls.

(Here in the UK, a 'Police Community Support Officer' doesn't have the powers of a regular Police Officer)

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: terrier
Date: 07 Aug 10 - 07:43 PM

Dog bites off mans toe!
Is this a shaggy dog tale?

Here's the story

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: mousethief
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 01:01 AM

For those interested in seeing the original song challenge, I have compiled a little list here:

The Original SONG CHALLENGE! threads

Part 1 - 28 Jan 00 - How Many Naked Guys on Pipes Do You Think I'm Talking To?
Part 2 - 29 Jan 00 - Inebriating, Sinful, Hallucinogenic Cookies
Part 3 - 02 Feb 00 - Hors d'Oeuvres With Glass Toothpicks in Them
Part 4 - 04 Feb 00 - Masked Wedding
Part 5 - 08 Feb 00 - Munchkins Hangin' in Dem Trees (a/k/a Strange little Fruit) or The Storkin' Blues or Elementary Feminism (a/k/a Glenda The Good Witch Gets Guilded)
Part 6 - 12 Feb 00 - Online Bovine
Part 7 - 14 Feb 00 - Magically Delicious
Part 8 - 17 Feb 00 - Village Wonders Who Killed Chicken
Part 9 - 21 Feb 00 - A Song About Food
Part 10 - 25 Feb 00 - Prozac With Legs
Part 11 - 28 Feb 00 - We're Pro-Panties -- It's On the Record
Part 12 - 29 Feb 00 - The Norwegian Moose and His Road Rage
Part 13 - 04 Mar 00 - Free Outfits for Nude Shoppers
Part 14 - 08 Mar 00 - On Air Traffic Controller Excuses for Stealing Drinks
Part 15 - 14 Mar 00 - Bob, Corned Beef, and the Devil
Part 16 - 16 Mar 00 - Dull Men of the World Unite
Part 17 - 18 Mar 00 - Hey Mister, Want a Little Off the Sides?
Part 18 - 21 Mar 00 - Beelzebub Bytes!
Part 19 - 28 Mar 00 - I Want My Twinkie And I Want It Now!
Part 20 - 04 Apr 00 - The Woods Would Be Silent Indeed If Only the Best Birds Sang
Part 21 - 08 Apr 00 - The Mother of All Excuses
Part 22 - 13 Apr 00 - That's One Scrappy Rooster!
Part 23 - 17 Apr 00 - Your First Love and/or Crush
Part 24 - 21 Apr 00 - The Great Easter Bunny Brawl
Part 25 - 25 Apr 00 - Mummy, Where Did The Funny Little Man in the Garden Go?
Part 26 - 01 May 00 - Do You Know the Way to San Jose? and Car 54 - Where Are You?
Part 27 - 11 May 00 - Water Contaminated With Wild Turkey
Part 28 - 11 Jun 00 - Hydrogen Beer
Part 29 - 20 Jun 00 - Vaclav the Raccoon - Stowaway to Prague
Part 30 - 27 Jun 00 - Official World Dung Spitting Championships
Part 31 - 01 Jul 00 - Port-a-Potty Peril
Part 32 - 04 Jul 00 - The Topless Mermaid
Part 33 - 11 Jul 00 - Who Left Uncle Harry In The Bushes?
Part 34 - 18 Jul 00 - Sometimes I Feel Like Felon, Sometimes I Don't
Part 35 - 23 Jul 00 - So A Man Walks Into a Bar With a Fox Under His Arm and...
Part 36 - 31 Jul 00 - Reality Intrudes, Let's Hope It Doesn't Bite!
Part 37 - 08 Aug 00 - There Are More Things In Heaven And Earth, Horatio
Part 38 - 19 Aug 00 - A Party for the Passing of Popular Popsicled Pachyderm Poop Picker
Part 39 - 11 Sep 00 - Coffee Bar Sparks Caffeine-Condom Rush
Part 40 - 28 Sep 00 - The Case of the Crazed Cookie Crusher
Part 41 - 03 Oct 00 - But I Want To Get To Know You...
Part 42 - 06 Oct 00 - Chicken-Duck "Troops" Battle Locusts and three other stories
Part 43 - 18 Oct 00 - Drop-Dead Decor
Part 44 - 28 Oct 00 - When Pigs Fly OR Never Say Never Again
Part 45 - 11 Nov 00 - Freaky Frog Gigging
Part 46 - 13 Dec 00 - "If I Gave Myself To You . . ."
Part 47 - 23 Dec 00 - Giving Frosty the Cold Shoulder
Part 48 - 03 Jan 01 - Crocked Conventioneers Canvassing for Can Confront Comrades in Confusion
Part 49 - 22 Feb 01 - Comin' In on a Hoof and a Prayer
Part 50 - 02 Mar 01 - Yes, Virginia, There Really Is a Pot o' Gold!
Part 51 - 19 Mar 01 - Sheep Shoots Sleeping Shepherd
Part 52 - 07 May 01 - What Áine Found Buried Beneath the Red-tipped Photinias, Honeysuckle and Asian Jasmine
Part 53 - 04 Jun 01 - I Wanna Hold Your . . .
Part 54 - 11 Jun 01 - The Case of the Cheerio Highwayman
Part 55 - 17 Jun 01 - He's a Long, Tall Surgeon
Part 56 - 21 Jun 01 - Polly Want a Divorce?
Part 57 - 28 Jun 01 - Let's Have Another Cup of Cat Cra . . . uh, Coffee
Part 58 - 02 Jul 01 - Don't Ya Crawl Too Slow, Move Along Lil' Suckahs
Part 59 - 06 Jul 01 - Chicken Of The Living Dead?
Part 60 - 12 Jul 01 - Don't You Think They'd Get A Stiff Neck?
Part 61 - 19 Jul 01 - Whoa, HOT PANTS! Good Lawd, That's Where It's At!
Part 62 - 02 Aug 01 - Babe on the Block
Part 63 - 06 Aug 01 - First, Boys Who Play With Their Praties and Grow Up to Be Men With Issues
Part 64 - 12 Aug 01 - The Love That Bites the Big One
Part 65 - 04 Sep 01 - 'They're Giving It Up At The Hotel California'
Part 66 - 29 Oct 01 - The Day That Saji's Sari Slipped and Baji's Bobbin Got Buffed
Part 67 - 05 Nov 01 - Is That a Baby Budgie in Your Pants, or are You Just Glad to See Me?
Part 68 - 09 Nov 01 - The Man Who Wanted To Be King . . . Of The Jungle, That Is
Part 69 - 14 Nov 01 - When This Pig Gets Pumped and The Police Get Pissed
Part 70 - 17 Nov 01 - Shoot For the Moon - If You Miss, You'll Still Land Among the Stars
Part 71 - 28 Nov 01 - Thay That Again, You Thwollen Thongue Thevil
Part 72 - 02 Dec 01 - They Sure Know How To Pitch A Party In Pashan Pud!
Part 73 - 05 Dec 01 - What a Fella Will Do For a Good Irish Stew!
Part 74 - 08 Dec 01 - Kiwis Put the Kebash On Santa's Ho
Part 75 - 12 Dec 01 - Gobbler's Gone For Good: Cemetery Turkey Is Laid to Rest - Death Is Not Due to Fowl Play
Part 76 - 14 Dec 01 - E-E-E-E-EEK! The Elves Are Armed and Claus Is Wearing Kevlar!
Part 77 - 19 Dec 01 - No Room On the Xerox For Virgin Berths
Part 78 - 31 Dec 01 - Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, But Rita Got Returned to Wal-Mart
Part 79 - 06 Jan 02 - Naughty Naturalists Nabbed in Night-Vision Nasty
Part 80 - 18 Jan 02 - Brit Flits Nix Nicks!
Part 81 - 22 May 02 - Gadzooks, Batman, It's the G-String Gang! Holy Underwear!
Part 82 - 03 Jun 02 - Pair of Pensioners May Be Punters, But They're Not Prudes!
Part 83 - 09 Jun 02 - Casuarina Club Coach Spells Speed With A 'C'
Part 84 - 14 Jun 02 - This Pony In Panties Ain't No Poser!
Part 85 - 15 Jul 02 - 'I See Your Future Growing Bigger And Bigger'
Part 86 - 20 Jul 02 - Maybe We Otter've Brought Some Brews, Eh?
Part 87 - 22 Aug 02 - He May Be Small, But He Ain't No Two-Bit Hamster!
Part 88 - 30 Aug 02 - What Happens When A Bird Brain . . .
Part 89 - 19 Sep 02 - Punter Shop Pilferer Put In Pokey By Poo On Shoe
Part 90 - 01 Oct 02 - How Big Is That Emu In My Window?
Part 91 - 19 Mar 03 - The Day That Daddy Took My N-n-n-n-nimbus Away
Part 92 - 28 May 03 - Suburban Blues
Part 93 - 30 Jan 04 - Babe Baffled By Bevy of Bifurcated Baa-Baas
Part 94 - 04 Apr 04 - You Can't Touch That . . . Chicken!?!
Part 95 - 05 May 04 - How to Drop Fifty Pounds at a Time With Sweet, Sweet, Style
Part 96 - 13 May 04 - Naughty Gnomes Barred in Barnesley!
Part 97 - 11 Jun 04 - Talk About Gettin' a Hitch In Your Gettyup!
Part 98 - 08 Jul 04 - Pignappers Purloin Porkers; Demand Produce to Produce Pigs

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: The Fooles Troupe
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 02:01 AM

I always enjoyed this - but didn't catch them all - and rarely felt able to contribute.

I'd happily follow any new threads - but it doesn't have to be a regular thing, just when 'Good Ones' surface... :-)

How a bout a SC: prefix? :-) (Joe will groan at this....)

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: open mike
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 11:02 AM

many catters automatically take threads to be a song challenge..I recall something about a couple falling thru a slate roof while "rolling" (rollicking?) naked on top of a building, where a song was born in response to the story.

If you want to do this as a regular feature, go for it!

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: open mike
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 11:20 AM

there have been several other threads on song challenges (not in ALL CAPS)
and this one about a song involving Fred Dyer and Bees
wherein Amos gets a letter from the fellow who the song was about.

(moral: be careful what you post on mudcat if you write a song
about someone in the news...they might find out!)

by the way...did Fred Dyer write back, and how does he feel about
the song?

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: Charley Noble
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 12:09 PM

I remember being sucked into Mudcat by a song challenge headline "Cow Sinks Japanese Trawler." I had already composed the song, titled "Cowardly Act," months before and could not resist posting it.

Charley Noble

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: McGrath of Harlow
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 12:16 PM

Yes - I really miss having Áine around. And her songbook. A lot of pretty good songs on there. Maybe there's a copy of it somewhere...

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: Amos
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 12:18 PM

Fred was quite cheerful about the song. He was worried because the two names I chose for young ladies in the song were the names of actual assistants he had had, and was concerned I might have been trawling his computer for data. He was much assured to learn it was just psychic bleed-through, or just coincidence, that I had named them correctly. Aside from that, it was a lark from his point of view.


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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: katlaughing
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 01:16 PM

Great idea, mousethief and that is an impressive compilation as well as those by open mike. Thanks!

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: open mike
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 01:20 PM

in the quick links section there is a link to Aine's Mudcat Songbook
so it may be posted there....

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: McGrath of Harlow
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 01:22 PM

But the link don't work...

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: open mike
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 01:23 PM

oops--no longer there...
Yahoo says geocities is no more.

was it saved anywhere?

(i hope,i hope, i hope)

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: Amos
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 02:21 PM

Max said he had a backup of it. And Aine told me she would make one.

A grand institution gone by the ways side.


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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 02:28 PM

Someone needs to write the sad ballad of Britol Palin. Has all the makings of a trditional love story gone bad except no one has murdered the father yet.

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: open mike
Date: 08 Aug 10 - 10:40 PM

I remembered the way back machine at and found the index
of Aine's songbook here: (as of aug 31, 2005)

(jump to the end of this post for my comment and a song by Amos)

The Mudcat Songbook
(Original Songs and Music from the Folks at The Mudcat Cafe)

Dedicated to Skarpi in Iceland (whose idea this was in the first place!)

The Mudcat Forum

The Mudcat Resource Pages

The Mudcat Midi Page

The Digital Tradition Folk Song Server

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New Song Category!

The Mudcat Storytellers' Page
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knee-slapper or a five hanky tale, share it with the
Mudcats on this very special page for very special

Songs Of Inspiration and Celebration
(Submissions Wanted!!)

Have you got an original song
of inspiration or celebration you'd like to share?
Is there a special holiday song you've written?
Now's your chance!

Anyone is welcome to perform these songs in public without royalties; however, if any of them are recorded or published for profit, the writers/composers expect the usual royalties.

Song Categories

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Thread Songs

Song Challenge Winners

Folk Songs

001 by Amos
1066 by Amos
1603-March 25th by MMario
(1606) Virginia Dare by Lonesome EJ
1743 (The Ballad of Farquhar Shaw) by Willie-O
1AD and 1BC by McGrath of Harlow
The '65 Newport Ragtop Blues by reggie miles
A Conversation In Bed by Amergin
Across the Miles and Over the Years by Amos
A Different Kind by Mrs. Shambles
A Dilly Of A Tale by reggie miles
A Dram For Yarrow by InOBU
A Good Line by Spider Tom
A Grown-ups' Lullaby by CapriUni
A Late Night Walk by Amergin
A Little Titian by The Shambles
A Mere Man by The Shambles
A Mother's Kiss by Don Meixner
A Non-scents Song! by Bradypus
A Prayer For The Madness Of Leap Year by Praise
A Run For Home by Metchosin (a work in progress)
A Seafarer's Lament by Amergin
A Sleepless Night by Amergin
A Soldier's Lament by Irish sergeant
A Song for Mudcatters by The Shambles
Ahukahuba How 'Bout You? by Reggie Miles
Ain't Dreams Wonderful Things? by The Shambles
All Hail Flag Day by mousethief
All Horses Go To Heaven by Amergin
Alba by Troll
An Bhean Chaointe by Áine
An Emigrant's Daughter by Barry Taylor
The Anna Grace by Willie-O
Another Journey By Train by The Shambles
Ar Bhóthar i gCósovó by Áine
The Art Of Conversation by The Shambles
As We Keep The Old Music Alive by McGrath of Harlow
At The Edge Of Town by Amergin
Autumn Gold by The Shambles
Back To Basics by The Shambles
The Ballad of Karla Faye Tucker by Ivan
Ballad of A Would-Be Mudcatter by ScottyG
Ballade of Moderate Compassion by McGrath of Harlow
Before We Knew His Name by Dharmabum
Being Vulgar by Spider Tom
Bert's Song Pages by Bert
Bess Is Our King by MMario
Better To Fail by The Shambles
The Bigot's Song by The Shambles
Bitter Words by The Shambles
Black Is The Colour (Of My True Love's Eye) by Amergin
Black Nylon Thread by Amergin
The Black Velvet Band by Mbo
The Blackboard Singer by Shimbo Darktree
Bloody Edward by Mbo
Blue Collar Blues by reggie miles
Bodie by Mudjack
Born On The Run by The Shambles
Bouncing on the Bed by Trapper
The Braunston Belle And The Number One by The Shambles
Brigade by Mbo
Bring The Peace Home by Kara
Brittany's Lullaby by Amergin
The Broken 'Okie' by The Shambles
Cambrian Colliery Disaster by bill\sables
Candles In The Snow by Amergin
Captain O' My Heart by markf
Céad Míle Fáilte by Pinetop Slim
The Chestnut Ward by McGrath of Harlow
Chicago Blues by mousethief
Children Of Erin by Amos
Cloud Cuckoo Land by Schantieman
Come Ye Back, My Love by Amergin
Country Boy by NamFrank
Crayon-Colored World by JL in Ozland
CRAZYBIRD! by The Crazy Bird
The Cuckoo Fleadh by Pinetop Slim
The Cull by Spider Tom
The Culling Fields by Willa
The Dark And The Light by Mbo
Darkest Central Savannah River Taliaferro by MichaelAnthony
Dead Man Walking Blues by The Shambles
Death Row Caddy I by MichaelAnthony and Dirty
Death Row Caddy II by MichaelAnthony and Dirty
The Dinosaurs . . . by McGrath of Harlow
Donning The Red by Amergin
Down On Barky's Farm by Bert
Down On the Border by The Shambles
The Downieville Nugget by harpgirl
The Drunkard King by Amergin
Duct and Cover by reggie miles
The Endless Roads by McGrath of Harlow
Existential Sheep by mousethief
The Fire At Slane by markf
Firefall by Mbo
The First Time by Amergin
The Flag With A Thousand Stars by bert
The Flamers Game by Gareth
Floating by Amergin
For Caroline by Bradypus
For What It's Worth by Mbo
F-R-E-E by reggie miles
"Friends" by MMario
Friends Like You by nutty
The Game by Amergin
Ghosts Of Our Nation by InOBU
Going Up The 'Ace' by The Shambles
Good For the Heart by Jacob Bloom
The Green Autumn Stubble by Mbo
The Great Music Show by McGrath of Harlow
Greet Me In The Morning by Kathleen Logan (contact Kendall)
Grieving by Spider Tom
Grossosity! by reggie miles
Half Written Letter by JudeL
Hell No To The WTO by reggie miles
Hello, Michael, It's Me by Amergin
He's Gonna Go to War by Amos
Hiders In Holes by The Shambles
Hilary's Piggies by The Singing Referee
His Only Consolation by Amergin
Homeless, Broke and Hungry by reggie miles
How Did I Get Here? by Amergin
Hummingbird Song by harpgirl
I Can't Reach My Beer by Frankee
I Wish I Was Back Home by Amergin
Ice Damming by Barry Finn
Ida Lewis by Barry Finn
I'd Rather Smell by SINSULL
I Got Your Love by khandu
I'll Tell You 'Bout Life In The Country by McGrath of Harlow
I'm As Irish As A Texas Girl Can Be! by Áine
I'm Respectable Now by The Shambles
In Hiding by Amergin
In Praise Of Barky by Mbo
Into My Thoughts by Amergin
Ireland To Me by The Shambles
Islands and Oasis by The Shambles
It Sure As Hell Ain't Country by Kendall
It's A Funny Ol' World by tradsteve
I Want To Get My Picture On The BBC by Bradypus
Jack Lewin's Gold by Jack Lewin (a/k/a kevin gilfoy)
Jason's Song by The Shambles
Jesus Is Coming -- Look Busy! by Praise
Just Another Love Song by Amergin
Justice En Lieu by Charley Noble
Lady Of Substance by The Shambles
Lady of the Darkness by Micca
Lament Of Captain McVay by Amergin
The Last Roar by The Shambles
The Last Time by Amergin
Like The Sea by The Shambles
The Lilt Of A Grandmother's Song by bert
Little Cat by McGrath of Harlow
Listen to Me by The Shambles
Listen To Your Heart by McGrath of Harlow
The Little Family by McGrath of Harlow
Liverpool Bay by Matthew Edwards
Llanfair by Liz the Squeak
Lord Bartock, Lady Clare and Locklan (The Locksmith) by Spider Tom
Lough Neagh by InOBU
Louisiana Bound by harpgirl
Lullaby for A Borrowed Child or The Uncle's Lament by MMario
Marching with King by InOBU
Margaret's Song by Amos
Marilee by MMario
Mary Ann's Walla Walla Woman Blues by Amos
Mary's Knocking Shop by KingBrilliant
Master Of The Stars by Mbo
Memories of Heaven by Amergin
The Memories Stay by Amergin
Men Get The Blues, Women See Red by The Shambles
Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels) Additional Verses by Sarah2
Mona Lisa Never Really Smile by MichaelAnthony
The Monkey Parade? by The Shambles
Mood Swings by Amergin
Moon On The HIll by Amos
Morning Has Broken by Mbo
Move on Down the Line by The Shambles
Mudcat Cafe Number 61 by Amos
Mustang Ranch Blues by harpgirl
My Cookie Is Corrupt! by The Crazy Bird
My Grandfather Hated The Germans by Micca
My Mother's Garden by Jeri
Naturally Sweet by reggie miles
Never by Kelida
Never Too Far From My Heart by Amergin
The Night Before Mudcat Christmas by Mbo, Caitrin, MMario, and InOBU (Larry)
The Night That Young Barky Got Busted by Amos, Áine and Mbo
No Bullshit From You by Amos
No Tomorrow For The Poor by Barry Finn
Now Comes The Time by Allan C.
Now Honor Him by MMario
Now You're Not There by The Shambles
O Elian by Praise
Off To The Sugarbush Again by Bill Cameron ("Willie-O") & Gary Glover
Oh, Damn It All by Morticia aka TerriM
Old Glory Sails by Barry Finn
Old Wives Tales by The Shambles
The Once and Future Ken by McGrath of Harlow
Only In America? by McGrath of Harlow
Only The Shannon Knows by Mbo
The Only Time That Matters Is Now by The Shambles
Over the Edge of the World by McGrath of Harlow
Quicksilver by The Shambles
Pitman's Redundancy Pay by bill\sables
The Planets Seven by Joseph Mary Plunkett, Tune by McGrath of Harlow
Pleasures Of A Backdoor Man by Amergin
Porcelain Angels by Dharmabum
Portaferry Mudcats by Micca
The Price To Pay (The Party, Party Song) by The Shambles
The Pride of Llanfair by Matthew Edwards
The Princess of Wester Sion by DaveP
Protest Neurosis! by Amos
The Provo's Song by Lonesome EJ
Rachel Corrie by InOBU
Rachel Corrie by McGrath of Harlow
Radio Song by Spider Tom
The Rainbow Promise by MMario
Rains Of April Mourning Song by MichaelAnthony
Ranzo, Benbow by Schantieman
Red Pine's Yellow Blues by Willie-O
Reply To Lilac Acres by MMario
Rise Up Screaming by Barry Finn
The Road by skarpi
The Road Goes Ever On by Mbo
Roll Down To It by Praise
Rosa, Oh, Rosa by Bev and Jerry
Rosie Again by KingBrilliant
Rough Diamond by The Shambles
Run With Me by Amergin
Running Waters by Amos
Saviour Of The Land by Mrs. Shambles
Say A Prayer For Dirty submitted by MichaelAnthony
Say Goodbye by Mbo
The Schmielzo Polka by Praise
Seeds of More by The Shambles
Shades Of Memory by Amergin
Shopping Cart Wrangler by Reggie Miles
Silence!! by Amergin
Silently, Silently by MMario
Silent Voices by Amergin
Singing Auld Lang Syne by Amergin
Singing Voices by Matthew Edwards
The Sinking by Micca and Dave (the ancient mariner)
Sir James' Reply by MMario
Sir Tristam by Barry Finn
The Smell Of Mother Nature by McGrath of Harlow
Soave, Soave by Schantieman
The Softest Touch by Spider Tom
Solace by Amergin
Song for Caroline by Bradypus
Song Of The Third World by InOBU
Songs from the Harlow Riding by McGrath of Harlow
Spring On The Mississippi by Willie-O
Standing At The Altar by The Shambles
Stoneground by The Shambles and Mrs. Shambles
The Streets by Dharmabum
The Strength To Leave by mousethief
Such Is The God by The Shambles
Summertime At Fall Creek by Amergin
Summertime In Tennessee by Kim C
Sweet Columbine by Dharmabum
Talking Bill Gates Blues or Curtains for Bill Gates by P.J. Skinner
Talking Maple Syrup Blues by Willie-O
Tears And Winter Rain (A Song For Kayla) by The Shambles
That Mirror Image by The Shambles
That's Not My Colorado by katlaughing
That Wrong Road Again by BSeed
They Were Only Children by The Shambles
Thiepval by Micca
Thirty Pieces Of Silver by The Shambles
This Is Our House by Amergin
Time Zones by Micca
To A Child by mousethief
To Be With You by Amergin
The Token Reversed by McGrath of Harlow
To Write The Uni-Verse by The Shambles, Amos, Praise, katlaughing, Mbo, Troll, MMario, mcmoo, Molly Malone, and Lonesome EJ
Too Many Roosters by Pinetop Slim
Train Ride To Heaven by Mbo
Traweller's by Skarpi
Twenty Years Experience by Trapper
Union Worker, Union Boss by Barry Finn
Untitled by MMario
Valley Of The Towering Shadows by Genie
Vhere Da Rippling Vaters Flow by Lloyd62
The Virus Song by Mbo
We Can't Take Any More by Mary G
We Need More Administrators by BSeed
We Will Meet Again by Amergin
We're Alright Jack by The Shambles
What Did I Do? by Mbo
Where My Heart Softly Roams by Amergin
Where The Lilies Used To Spring by Mbo
Whistlebinkie by Mbo
Whitby Coming Home by McGrath of Harlow
Whitby Fisherman by bill\sables
Why Barky's Not At Work Today by Mbo
Wild and Free by mousethief
The Wild Rover (reformed) by The Shambles
The Wilderness Trail by Amos
Without The Song (There's No Show) by The Shambles
Would You Like To Dance? by jeffp
Ye Brave Troubadour by Mbo
You Can Be A Street Musician! by reggie miles
You May Think I'm Lost by Amos
You Wouldn't Know It To Look At Me by Barry Finn
Young Love Old Love by The Shambles
Youth Is Wasted On The Young by The Shambles

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Songs of Inspiration and Celebration

Bright Red Rose by The Crazy Bird
Bring Down the Walls by Amos
Cool Cup Of Water by khandu
Down to the River by Kim C
Flesh Of My Flesh by khandu
Harmony (One Out Of Many) by Genie
Hearts of Glory by The Crazy Bird
If There's A God by Jerry Rasmussen
In Bethlem Town by Haruo
Just Because You Like To Do It, That Don't Make It Right by Jerry Rasmussen
Raise All Your Voices by CapriUni
Raise Your Voices In The Song by Genie
Shelter From The Rain by reggie miles
Shepherd Of My Soul by khandu
Singin' With The Big Choir by Genie
Wasn't That A Mighty Storm? by Jerry Rasmussen

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1999 Was The Date Of The Year by Dan Milner
A Bumbling Englishman by The Shambles
All Around My Fat by Penny Ward
Banks Of The Ohio (Revisited) by Sonja
The Birthday Song by Irish sergeant
Comin' Through The Rye by Alice
The Day They Slowed Ol' Mudcat Down by mousethief
The Devil Went Down to Dingle by Rich (Stupidbodhranplayerwhodoesn'tknowanybetter)
Do You Know The Way To Macramé by reggie miles
Don't Think Once by mousethief
Enron-ron-ron by mousethief
Fleece Mom and Dad! by Genie
The Hash My Father Scored by Micca
I'll Have Guinness Free by Sonja
Message to JennyO & Daylia by Nigel Parsons
Missing the Mudcat on the Banks of the Ohio by BSeed
Oh Boy, Danny by Peter Benson and Jeff Porterfield (jeffp)
Ripple (Flowed Like Water) by Sonja
The Road to Mudrock-O by Alice
Roll On Columbia by Alice
Roundup, Montana by Alice Flynn
Times Changing by Micca
Untitled (Tune-Auld Lang Syne) by Alice
You Can't Keep Me From Singing! by Gordon MacDonald

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Thread Songs

A Better Way by Amos
A Mothers' Day by Spider Tom
A New Song for The Gathering by Matthew Edwards
A Scouting Song by InOBU, Morticia, Áine, Liz the Squeak, ivy b*
A Song for the Gathering by Matthew Edwards
All The Fighting, Lord by Amergin
Anonymous, Unreal and Phony by mousethief
Away Upon The Mudcat! by Amos
Ballade Of The Brave New World by McGrath of Harlow
Better Than You by Amos
Bigfoot by EBarnacle
Bowling With Rutabagas by Amos
By Your Fruits by MMario, Amos and Willa
Caitrin and the Geeks by Amos
California Steamin' by Anonymous
The Cat Farts Serenade by Áine, Liz the Squeak, and Paddymac
The Chromosomes Genomical by Bradypus
Come All You Loyal Mudcats by Alice
The Crash of the Mudcat Server by Amos
Dance In The Mudcat Tavern by Amergin
Deadbird by mousethief
Empty Nester's Blues by Amos
Explicit Lyrics by Bradypus
The Famous Yacht Alinghi by Schantieman
Farewell by Amergin
Fred Dyer's Bees by Amos
Gastronomic Passions :<)) by Amos
Golden Colorado by tradsteve
How Many Folkies Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb? by Amos
I Think We're Not Alone Now by mousethief
I Wanna Go Down by Amergin
Is It Only In The Stories Miracles Happen by GreatGoo
Lament Of A Guardsman by Amergin
Love Bytes by Bradypus
The Lovely Ship The Mudcat by Kelida
The Manchester Mudcat Ramble by Matthew Edwards
May Your Sword Never Grow Rusty by Malveka
The Mbo Bop by Amos, Áine, and Metchosin
The Memory Banks of Mudcat by Catspaw49
Missin' The Mudcat Blues by BSeed
Modern Magic by MMario
The Mudcat Tavern Anthem by Susan A-R, Bert, Áine, Mían, and Alice
Mudcat's Y2K For What It's Worth by Dave (the ancient mariner)
My Bodhrán Is Too Tight by Troll
My First Love by Amergin
Ode To The Captain's Hearts by Kelida and Mbo
Ode To Thread Creep by Harry
Paean To Cleigh by Micca
The Panda Hall/Tait by Calach
Post-Apocalyptic Frenzy Letdown by Jeri
Reload! by Author Unknown (submitted by Patrish)
The Sex Life of Chinchillas by mousethief
The Ship from Old Russky (Mir) by mousethief
Sing It Elsewhere by The Shambles
Slug Songs (2) by Metchosin
The Submarine Kursk by IanC
Sugar Dog Man by Praise
Take Me Ol' Galoshes (English Version) by katlaughing, Metchosin and Mbo
Tak Me Ol' Galoshes (Highland Scots Version) by katlaughing, Metchosin and Mbo
That Dirty Little Coward! by Rick Fielding, Jeri, Sinsull, and Áine
There Once Was A Panda by Praise
Turing Testing Time by Bradypus
To Old Friend 'What-His-Name' by Kevin McGrath
The Towersey Ballad by Matthew Edwards
When A Packet Hits A Pocket by Author Unknown (submitted by Patrish)
The While Drover by The Shambles, Wolfgang, Alice, steve t., and Barbara
Whispers In The Breeze by Amergin
Will That Be Broadcast Or Cable, Sir? by Praise
The Woes Of The Gentlemen's Club by Amos and Lonesome EJ

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Andrea's Waltz by Mbo
Boo's Reel by Mbo
The First Thing by Mbo
Grandfather's Sporran by Mbo
The Green Autumn Stubble by Mbo
Israeli Reel by Mbo (ABC and Midi format)
Rebel's Fancy by jeffp
The Road Goes Ever On by Mbo
Sixer's Reel by Mbo (ABC and Midi format)
Skyehigh by Mbo (ABC and Midi format)
Slow Drag Rag Reel by Mbo (ABC and Midi format)
Tak' Me Ol' Galoshes/The Wellie Waught by Mbo
(That's) Not My Colorado by katlaughing
Tidewash (The Jig From Hell) by Jeri
Where Lilies Used To Spring by Mbo
Whistlebinkie by Mbo


and the very first song on the list was one by Amos..
in reply to a challenge by Willie-O


Willie-O's Song Challenge: The way the contents of Áine's Mudcat Songbook are ordered, the first song listed is my ballad "1743", because the index puts numbered titles in sequence first, then alphabetizes the rest. So here's my challenge: write a song about a year or event which preceded 1743 AD, (as far back as 1742 BC actually), entitle it accordingly, and knock me out of the top spot! I dare ya!

001 by Amos

In the year of zero-one
Harsh cruelty its work had done
The Romans had their little fun
On the hill of Calvary

But they had not considered Saul
And Mark, and Matthew, John and Paul
And the messages they carried all
The Empire's end would see

Long after the barbaric knell
Dispersed the legions half to hell
Their stories still the monks would tell
Across the Northern seas

(Left for others to continue as they wish)

i suppose it is possible to open each hyperlinksong it links to
but that would be quite a chore...does anyone have another way
to save this songbook?
and save the

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Subject: RE: Song Challenge-shall we restart this practice?
From: mousethief
Date: 09 Aug 10 - 04:37 AM

Take over that Mudcat Songbook, too!! Max has it all on backup.

Zat troo, Max?

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