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Songs About Thatcher

LadyJean 12 Apr 13 - 01:38 AM
2581 12 Apr 13 - 02:04 AM
Johnny J 12 Apr 13 - 08:13 AM
GUEST,JTT 13 Apr 13 - 02:24 AM
Brakn 13 Apr 13 - 08:00 AM
GUEST 13 Apr 13 - 10:43 AM
Jim Dixon 26 Apr 13 - 09:28 AM
Snuffy 26 Apr 13 - 11:37 AM
Jim Dixon 26 Apr 13 - 12:16 PM
GUEST,Fred McCormick 26 Apr 13 - 12:48 PM
Jim Dixon 26 Apr 13 - 03:32 PM
GUEST,Gio 26 Apr 13 - 03:56 PM
Jim Dixon 26 Apr 13 - 04:25 PM
GUEST,Cookieless at work 27 Apr 13 - 11:09 AM
GUEST,Don Wise 27 Apr 13 - 01:06 PM
Jim Dixon 29 Apr 13 - 07:53 AM
Jim Dixon 29 Apr 13 - 08:52 AM
Jim Dixon 29 Apr 13 - 12:02 PM
Jim Dixon 29 Apr 13 - 01:25 PM
Jim Dixon 29 Apr 13 - 08:19 PM
GUEST,Cllr 30 Apr 13 - 03:08 PM
GUEST,Larry Saidman 30 Apr 13 - 03:54 PM
GUEST,Fred McCormick 01 May 13 - 06:30 AM
GUEST,Elfcall 01 May 13 - 08:09 AM
GUEST,Don Wise 01 May 13 - 10:42 AM
Jim Dixon 03 May 13 - 08:23 AM
GUEST,Dr Jack 05 Jun 13 - 10:53 AM
GUEST,Jim McCullough 05 Jun 13 - 06:15 PM
GUEST 06 Jun 13 - 03:38 AM
GUEST,Chris B (Born Again Scouser) 06 Jun 13 - 04:37 AM
GUEST,Dr Jack 06 Jun 13 - 01:22 PM
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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: LadyJean
Date: 12 Apr 13 - 01:38 AM

I'm not sure if it was the Corries or the MacCallmans, who recorded a song that went;

Wha'll take the ba frae Maggie Thatcher?
Kick it through another goal.
Ye'll have plenty of time tae play at footba,
While ye're livin on th' dole.

I fear that's all I remember.

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: 2581
Date: 12 Apr 13 - 02:04 AM

Let's not forget John McCullagh's powerful "I'll Dance On Your Grave, Mrs. Thatcher"...

"I'll Dance On Your Grave, Mrs. Thatcher" - John McCullagh

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: Johnny J
Date: 12 Apr 13 - 08:13 AM

Margaret Thatcher, as a political force, effectively "died" when she was ousted from power in 1990. At the time of her actual "physical" death, she was a frail old woman who was incapable of inflicting harm on anyone.

By all means, have a debate and don't lets forget all the negative aspects(there are many) of her career. I don't believe in glossing over things either.
I also disagree with the expense etc of this funeral. It is certainly provocative and the present Tory leadership are using her death for their own propoganda purposes.
However, to be fair to the woman, it is on record that she said she didn't want all of this herself and had said it would have been a waste of money.

I'm afraid that I'm not the sort of person who can find satisfaction and pleasure in gloating over the death of another human being. So, I feel a little uncomfortable about those who are celebrating her demise.

I hated Margaret Thatcher's policies and most of what she represented(In many ways, she was just a figurehead and puppet) and was delighted when she was kicked out of office. Mind you, those who have followed in her footsteps, including even Labour Prime Ministers, have done nothing to reverse her actions and have even "tightened the screws", in many respects. The time to speak out against her was when she was in power. Of course, I detested what she stood for but when she left office, we all had the opportunity to "get over it".

We've had 23 years when we could have done something to reverse her policies and over 40 years to re-introduce school milk. I don't remember the 74-79 Labour Government offering to to do anything about that either.

As Billy Bragg says "Don't celebrate - organise!"

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
Date: 13 Apr 13 - 02:24 AM

The Proclaimers' Letter from America, with its bitter chorus listing all the Scottish industrial centres closed down and ruined by Thatcher:

Methil no more
Irvine no more.
Bathgate no more
Linwood no more

Methil no more
Lochaber no more

and its opening verses, so angry and sad:

Broke off from my work the other day

I spent the evening thinking
About all the blood that flowed away.
Across the ocean to the second chance
I wonder how it got on when it reached the promised land.
When you go will send back a letter from America?

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: Brakn
Date: 13 Apr 13 - 08:00 AM

This used to be on a few juke boxes in Manchester in the 80s.

Sean Brady - The Thatcher Song.

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
Date: 13 Apr 13 - 10:43 AM

Music inspired by Thatcher? There's a campaign for a national two minutes of "rough music" under the name of "Ran Tan Maggie" on Wednesday at 10:58 am, the two minutes before the start of the state funeral.

Revive a noble British tradition. A national "rough music" for Thatcher on the day of her funeral. Two minutes of non-violent non-silence. Just imagine if, all over the country, people came out of their houses, offices and whatever factories are left and banged saucepans, blew horns or played banjos. Then went quietly back to work. What could be more appropriate?

From Wikipedia: Rough music, also known as ran-tan or ran-tanning, is an English folk custom, a practice in which a raucous punishment is dramatically enacted to humiliate one or more people who have violated, in a domestic or public context, standards commonly upheld within the community.

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Subject: Lyr Add: ECONOMIC MIRACLE (MacColl/Seeger)
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 26 Apr 13 - 09:28 AM

This is my transcription from the recording that I heard on Spotify. As an American, a few terms seem strange to me and may need to be corrected. Also, I was often uncertain when to capitalize?that is, how to distinguish the names of specific corporations from generic terms. And I'm not sure I can trust my spell-checker when it's set to "English (UK)."

As sung by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger on "Naming of Names" (1990)

1. You'd never guess, but once upon a time, this land of ours
Was sick, infirm, and doddering, robbed of all its powers.
People lay in bed all day,
Only arose to collect their pay.
Life for them was just a bowl of flowers.

2. They bred like rabbits, coupling day and night,
Claimed the child allowance as their right,
Fell sick of diseases of all descriptions
Just to collect the free prescriptions,
Often broke a limb just out of spite.

3. Eye and dental treatment they were free,
Part of the welfare-state conspiracy.
Cheap housing and cheap transport,
They were tricks to lead us all astray
And see life as an endless holiday.

4. The poor were disaffected, with ideas above their station,
Like jobs for all, and free school meals, a decent education.
The writing it was on the wall,
Then was heard the clarion call,
And Finchley's queen rode over the horizon.

5. "I hope to God," she cried, "I'm not too late
To perform a miracle and set things straight,
To fight the good fight and raise the flag
For a new society of grab(?)
And fashion the modern cost-effective state."

6. She'd need(?) the unions in the crutch(?) with scorn,
Saying, "I mean to do what I have sworn,"
Shatter the night with fractured vowels,
Gripped and twisted the nation's bowels,
And the economic miracle was born.

7. And then the January bumper-sale was organised,
And patriotic spears(?) and multinationals were advised
That the country was up for grabs and so
Whoever turned up with a pile of dough
Would get a chunk of Britain as the prize.

8. She stood behind the counter full of zeal,
Sold telephones, Rolls-Royce, and British Steel.
She sold what wasn't hers to sell,
Like British Airways, gas as well,
And threw in north sea oil to clinch the deal.

9. When she talks of future plans, she waxes lyrical,
While some of the rest of us become hysterical.
Water, DHSS, and coal mines
Are in the privatisation pipeline
Along with railways, the army, prisons, Royal Ordnance, the electricity system, education, et cet'ra, et cet'ra, and even perhaps the air we breathe?
And this is the lady's economic miracle.

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: Snuffy
Date: 26 Apr 13 - 11:37 AM

"She'd knee'd the unions in the crutch with scorn"

crutch = crotch; the area of body where the legs fork from the trunk.

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Subject: Lyr Add: JUST THE TAX FOR ME (Seeger/MacColl?)
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 26 Apr 13 - 12:16 PM

Snuffy: I know what a crotch is; I didn't know anybody pronounced it "crutch." Thanks for the clarification.

Here's another one:

As sung by Peggy Seeger & ?? on "Naming of Names" (1990)

I'm going to pay the poll tax.
I want to pay the poll tax.
I'd love to pay the poll tax.
It's just the tax for me.

My gran will pay the poll tax.
My kids will pay the poll tax.
My cat will pay the poll tax,
And so will you and me.

MPs will pay the poll tax.
VIPs will pay the poll tax.
Mrs T will pay the poll tax,
So it's the tax for me.

Hand, or foot, or thumb tax,
Elbow, knee, or bum tax,
It ain't insane or dumb tax.
It's any tax for me.

I would pay a rain tax,
A train, a grain, a drain tax,
But if they make a brain tax,
It won't apply to me,
Or Mrs T.

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Subject: Lyr Add: THE LEGACY
From: GUEST,Fred McCormick
Date: 26 Apr 13 - 12:48 PM

Here's one I knocked up earlier. Well, shortly after she left office in fact. I called it The Legacy and I set it to an Irish slow air called An Chaora Ghlas, which means The Grey Sheep. It seemed kinda fitting since there are 600+ of them in parliament and hardly any of them with the guts to stand up and tell the world what they really thought about Thatcher. Thank God for Glenda Jackson.

To the ones who tasted victory,
And boasted of the noble fight,
With cruel hearts you turn your gaze,
And shield your eyes and dim the light.
So you won't see the hopelessness,
And the anger of your fellow men,
Who hang suspended by the rope
Of your cruel economic plan.

I will show you the boarded windows
Of the shops that sank in the angry swell.
I will show you the stifled factories
With no work to share and no goods to sell.
I will show you the drifting homeless
And the mortgagees that couldn't pay.
God help the weak and insecure.
God help the ones stood in your way.

In this wasteland you call Britain
You will see the jobless millions pass.
And on their faces written,
The desperate plight and the hopeless quest.
Like needles through the haystack,
They search for jobs from pole to pole.
How I long to see the sun arise
On the day when you too draw the dole.

You sold what was not yours to sell,
The things that we'd sustained through life.
To the very root and branch you took
The butcher's blade and the surgeon's knife.
And the jackals and hyenas,
Who sold their souls for greed and gain,
Would steal our very rights to life
And sell them back to us again.

I've heard described in words of praise,
The way we've been brought to our knees.
Dark was the hour and black the shroud,
When the reins of power by your hands were seized.
Your followers feast on the corpse,
Like carnivores besmirched with blood.
Did you really think that we'd believe,
That this was for our country's good?

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Subject: Lyr Add: MAGGIE WENT GREEN (MacColl/Seeger?)
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 26 Apr 13 - 03:32 PM

As sung by Peggy Seeger & ?? on "Naming of Names" (1990)

Maggie went green, green, green,
But that was what she had to do.
Maggie went green, green, green.
Saatchi & Saatchi told her to.
Built a wind machine on every hill and dale,
Built up stock for a future sale.
Maggie went green.
It's the way the wind blew.

If Maggie is green, green, green,
It's the green of the slime on the stagnant pool.
To learn the meaning of green,
She'd have to go back to school
And learn that green is a natural hue.
It'll mix with the red if the red is true.
Maggie's not green; she's a royal navy blue,
And she'll tread on you
In her blue-suede shoes.

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: GUEST,Gio
Date: 26 Apr 13 - 03:56 PM

The british band Blow Monkeys, did various song about Thatcher.

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 26 Apr 13 - 04:25 PM

DRACUMAG, as sung by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, was posted in another thread.

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: GUEST,Cookieless at work
Date: 27 Apr 13 - 11:09 AM

A friend was being bedeviled by an urge to sing a snarky song she heard from Frank Harte years ago at Augusta with the astonishing line "how does Dennis do it, does she tie him to the bed?" and couldn't remember the rest. I immediately pegged it as something Robbie O'Connell recorded on his Humorous Songs album & passed it off to her to be able to solve that earworm problem, so without the liner notes I can't swear the Robbie O'Connell wrote it or not.


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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: GUEST,Don Wise
Date: 27 Apr 13 - 01:06 PM

I once wrote a song about Maggie T and the rise of 'Cardboard City'. Since I'd already left the UK I never got around to letting it loose on the public. Then, a few years ago, I decided That I ought to do something about archiving my compositions. In the course of this I looked at "Thatcher Towns" again and decided that it had passed its 'sing-by' date. Then I picked up on what the Cameron-Clegg coaloition was up to and decided that all I needed to do would be to change Thatcher to CleggCameron........So just for the hell of it,here it is in the original:

Thrown out of work, the factory closed down
No future, no hope in some old northern town
But the Jobcentre says there is work to go 'round
'Though it means moving south, moving to London town.
There are jobs there in plenty, in that they don't lie
Butthe cost of living there is so very high.
When a cupboard sized room is beyond your weeks pay
Where do you go at the end of the day?
CH: Favellas, shantytowns, Hoovervilles
    They're all just the same, call 'em what you will.
    And when they start springing up on Britain's ground
    The only name for them? Thatcher Towns!

Someone tips you the wink, the Embankments alright
Where the homeless, the outcasts all meet for the night.
Sally-Ann soup makes the night seem less raw
But you don't get much peace, you're moved on by The Law.
It's the same in the stations, the parks, down the tube
You've scarce shut your eyes when it's "Get up and move!"
With your clothes in a carrier, your box in your hand
You see the new face of a caring England.....

Weeks come, months go, and scarce a nights sleep
Will this down and outs' life in a box ever cease?
You're forever moved on, be it snow hail or rain
Roaming like a vagrant 'til the dawn comes again.
And the future you dreamed of is nothing but dust
In a cold, heartless world your dignity's crushed
In the Third World a shanty has walls and a roof
And that's more than a First World Britain gives you.......

And the Britain you live in is not the Britain you knew
The clock's being turned back just to favour a few.
Tip your cap to the toffs as they go blindly by
Your place is the gutter, don't get out of line!
In the districts that once housed the workers, the poor
'Nouveau Riche' have moved in, set you all 'fore the door
Docklands, the East End, gentrified, cold
For a new style apartheid, the apartheid of gold........

I know, it's a bit polemic but that's the 'Milk Snatcher Effect' for you.

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Subject: Lyr Add: HOW DOES DENNIS DO IT? (Robbie O'Connell)
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 29 Apr 13 - 07:53 AM

As sung by Robbie O'Connell on "Humorous Songs ? Live"

1. Now the world is full of wonders going back through history,
But there's one thing above all else that's a mystery to me:
When Margaret goes to bed at night and removes her armoured plate,
And demands that her poor husband do his service for the state?

CHORUS: Oh, how does Dennis do it? Does she tie him to the bed?
Or does she try to fool him with a bag upon her head?
Or maybe she arouses him with leather whips and chains?
Or invites some kinky friends around to have some fun and games?
Perhaps those lurid details should be left to history.
That he can do the job at all is what bewilders me.

2. When Cleopatra ruled the Nile, her charms were known worldwide,
And no man in his right mind would have shunned her as a bride,
But when it comes to Margaret, there could be no buts or ifs.
The men would run stampeding just like lemmings off a cliff.

3. Now if Margaret got frustrated, she could take a sudden fit
And push the deadly button that would blow us all to bits,
But Dennis never lets us down; he keeps her satisfied.
You could very nearly say that we all owe that man our lives.

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Subject: Lyr Add: BEAT THE DIRT DOWN (Elvis Costello)
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 29 Apr 13 - 08:52 AM

As sung by Elvis Costello on "Spike" (1989)

I saw a newspaper picture from that political campaign.
A woman was kissing a child, who was obviously in pain.
She spills with compassion, as that young child's face in her hands she grips.
Can you imagine all that greed and avarice coming down on that child's lips?

Well, I hope I don't die too soon; I pray the Lord my soul to save.
Yes, I'll be a good boy; I'm trying so hard to behave,
Because there's one thing I know I'd like to live long enough to savour:
That's when they finally put you in the ground,
I'll stand on your grave and tramp the dirt down.

When England was the whore of the world, Margaret was her madam,
And the future looked as bright and as clear as the black tar macadam.
Well, I hope that she sleeps well at night, isn't haunted by every tiny detail,
When she held that lovely face in her hands all she thought of was betrayal.

And now the cynical ones say that it all ends the same in the long run.
Try telling that to the desperate father who just squeezed the life from his only son.
And how it's only voices in your head and dreams you've never dreamt.
Try telling him the subtle difference between justice and contempt.
Try telling me she isn't angry with this pitiful discontent
When they flaunt it in your face as you line up for punishment,
And then expect you to say "thank you," straighten up, look proud and pleased
Because you've only got the symptoms; you haven't got the whole disease.
Just like a schoolboy, whose head's like a tin can filled up with dreams, then poured down the drain,
Try telling that to the boys on both sides, being blown to bits or beaten and maimed,
Who takes all the glory and none of the shame.

Well, I hope you live long now; I pray the Lord your soul to keep.
I think I'll be going before we fold our arms and start to weep.
I never thought for a moment that human life could be so cheap.
But when they finally put you in the ground,
They'll stand there laughing and tramp the dirt down.

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From: Jim Dixon
Date: 29 Apr 13 - 12:02 PM

I must say I stand in awe of British political invective. If something like this had been written about Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush, it would never get on American TV or radio. The idea that such a thing can be written by a well-known and loved pop star, and appear in a mainstream musical play of West-End/Broadway stature?that's completely mind-boggling to an American. When the Dixie Chicks said something much milder than this (and didn't even sing it) about GWB in 2003, it nearly destroyed their careers, and they ended up making a grovelling apology. Although the 1950s blacklist doesn't officially exist any more, I conclude that's partly because many American performers self-censor.

Written by Elton John
As sung by the original cast of "Billy Elliott" (2005)

1. Can you hear it in the distance? Can you sense it far away?
Is it old Rudolph, the reindeer? Is it Santa on his sleigh?
It's heading up to Easington; it's coming down the Tyne.
Oh, it's bloody Maggie Thatcher and Michael Heseltine.

CHORUS: So merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher; may God's love be with you.
We all sing together in one breath.
Merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher; we all celebrate today
'Cause it's one day closer to your death.

2. They've come to raid your stockings and to steal your Christmas pud,
But don't be too downhearted; it's all for your own good.
The economic infrastructure must be swept away
To make way for business parks and lower rates of pay. CHORUS

3. And they've brought their fascist boot boys, and they've brought the boys in blue,
And the whole Trade Union Congress will be at the party too,
And they'll all hold hands together, all standing in a line,
'Cause they're privatising Santa this merry Christmas time. CHORUS TWICE

TAG: Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling, Heseltine,
You're a tosser, you're a wanker, and you're just a Tory swine.

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Subject: Lyr Add: MORE TEA, MARGARET (Robb Johnson)
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 29 Apr 13 - 01:25 PM

As I was transcribing this, I had a hard time figuring out where to put the line breaks. Ordinarily I would like to make every verse have the same number of lines, every line end with a rhyming word, and corresponding lines in different verses have the same number of syllables (or at least beats), etc., but sometimes you can't impose that kind of regularity on a song because it doesn't exist. Good luck to anyone who tries to figure out where to put the chord changes.

As sung by Robb Johnson on "Margaret Thatcher: My Part in Her Downfall" (a 4-CD set, 2009)

More tea, Margaret?
And would you like one lump or six?
With your conviction politics,
You'd prob'ly want the whole bowl
And all the milk too.
My, my! Now don't we look the part?
Shameless in red like some old?aunt,
Dead bodies buried in your handbag.

More tea, Margaret?
Won't you tell us once again
About your time at Number Ten
You and all those famous men.
Kiss and tell!
There was Ronnie Reagan, Margaret.
Yes, but you also gave your hand to
Botha, Augusto, and Saddam, too,
Men now who no one understands,
Like you did.

More tea, Margaret?
Tell us those tales that make us gasp
Of how you broke the working class
Upon ten thousand picket lines
With all your laws, Margaret,
You and your boot boys dressed in blue.
Oh, those wicked things you used to do,
Margaret, you broke this nation's heart in two,
Didn't you?

More tea, Margaret?

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From: Jim Dixon
Date: 29 Apr 13 - 08:19 PM

As sung by John McCullagh on "I'll Dance on Your Grave, Mrs Thatcher" (2009)

1. Just a lad of sixteen summers
When the mining gates locked,
I stood there with my brothers,
Some with their rifles cocked.
"Just hold onto your shirts, my boys.
This is going the whole way."
"Don't you worry," was the answer back.
"We're with you, Arthur, all the way."

CHORUS: So we'll dance; yes, we'll dance.
We'll dance on your grave, Mrs Thatcher.
We'll dance; yes, we'll dance.
We'll dance on your grave, Mrs Thatcher.

2. She had come well prepared
With the coal that she'd amassed.
Every day she'd try to break us down,
Take the flag down from the mast,
But we stood there all united,
Except the scabs down from the south,
With their cries for a ballot,
Taking food from our kids' mouths. CHORUS

3. For twenty years now since it came and went
"But what for?" I hear you say.
'Cause for our right to earn a living wage
In this country it's the only way.
You talk to me about your union jack.
You ask me why I'm not proud.
That's because it killed my father,
And can't you see that that's not allowed? CHORUS

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: GUEST,Cllr
Date: 30 Apr 13 - 03:08 PM

Rise again Rise Again
that her name not be lost to the knowledge of men
and those that loved her best
and who were with her to the end
will see that Margaret Hilda Thatcher Rise again

This was given to me in the early nineties by an Economics Professor from Exeter University
but i cant find the rest of the words anybody got them?


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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: GUEST,Larry Saidman
Date: 30 Apr 13 - 03:54 PM

Some could argue that London Calling by The Clash.....which came out shortly after Thatcher was elected and was recorded just before, was about Margaret Thatcher.

Even their choice to re-do The Rulers "Wrong Em Boyo"....and it's focus on a society that doesn't care about others........may have been related to Thatcher's influence.

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: GUEST,Fred McCormick
Date: 01 May 13 - 06:30 AM

" i cant find the rest of the words anybody got them?"

No, thank God.

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: GUEST,Elfcall
Date: 01 May 13 - 08:09 AM

For something a little more continental - Renaud's Miss Maggie

Moi je me changerai en chien
Si je peux rester sur la Terre
Et comme réverbère quotidien
Je m'offrirai Madame Thatcher

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: GUEST,Don Wise
Date: 01 May 13 - 10:42 AM

I seem to recall that when "Milk Snatcher" resigned, there was a feeling that John Major was merely a marionette and that MT would be running the show from the background. With this in mind I rehashed Lennon & McCartneys "Baby, you can drive my car" as "Major, you can drive my car". Luckily (for you?) the sheet of paper with the scribbled text eventually found it's way to the recycling bin. However, I can remember the chorus/bridge/middle 8........:-

Major, you can drive my car
But don't forget that I'm the star.
Major, you can drive my car
But drive it just as I tell you.....

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From: Jim Dixon
Date: 03 May 13 - 08:23 AM

The singer sounds American.

As sung by Deborah Holland on "The Book of Survival" (1999)

Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher having tea,
Pinochet says, "Margaret, thanks for having me."
Margaret says, "If only I had followed your advice,
I would still rule Britannia."

Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher eating scones.
Margaret says, "With you I never feel alone."
Pinochet sighs, "Margaret, you're an angel more than twice
Over Princess Diana."

Pinochet is wiping something off his hands.
Why it won't come off, Margaret can't understand.
If karma really happened quickly, wouldn't it be nice?
Someone would rock in España.

Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher,
Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher,
Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher sitting down to tea.

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: GUEST,Dr Jack
Date: 05 Jun 13 - 10:53 AM

Just composed a song to the tune of Dr Freud, which I heard by Pete Seeger in 1959. Always thought it had a touch of Tom Lehrer

DING DONG                                                
©Jack Warshaw 2013
Tune: Dr Freud (D Lazar)

It was back in 79, not so very long ago
When bankers weren't getting quite so rich
That a Tory politician came to better her position
And become the British nation's leading bitch


Ding dong, Lady Blue
You're gone for good, let's give a rousing boo   
You'll fly around no more on that broomstick by the door
And we'll never see another witch like you

The little war she soon selected, well it got her re-elected
Sold off every public service in a flash
She freely swung the chopper till the poll tax came a cropper
And vowed trade union rights would soon be smashed

She snatched school milk away, supported Pinochet
Doubled VAT and unemployment overnight
Immigrants with darker skin were the enemy within
While she handbagged every minister in sight   

Now the old witch has departed but not so the plan she started
It's still gospel to her followers today
Her ghost will be to thank for "screw the workers, up the bankers."
And it's once again the poor who have to pay.

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: GUEST,Jim McCullough
Date: 05 Jun 13 - 06:15 PM

+2 for Renaud's " Miss Maggie". That song does not pull any punches. There's also a version in English, also called " Miss Maggie".

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
Date: 06 Jun 13 - 03:38 AM

Has anyone written songs about Scargill he caused as much heartache and pain as anyone

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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: GUEST,Chris B (Born Again Scouser)
Date: 06 Jun 13 - 04:37 AM

'If the TUC had come out for the miners and supported a General Strike in 84 her evil crew would have been brought down and this country would be very different'.


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Subject: RE: Songs About Thatcher
From: GUEST,Dr Jack
Date: 06 Jun 13 - 01:22 PM

"Has anyone written songs about Scargill he caused as much heartache and pain as anyone"

Scargill's blunt but truthful abrasiveness or Thatcher's silky, murderous Wicked Queen? I know which I prefer.

Loads of songs in support of the miners, led by Scargill. Here's one to the tune of "Hold the Line Again" (the Grunwick Strike song)
penned by Jack Warshaw and Sandra Kerr for the miners benefit.

HOLD THE LINE AGAIN ? Miners version

                                ©music by Jack Warshaw
                                Lyrics by Sandra Kerr and Jack Warshaw

It was in the spring of '84 the news was goin' round
That Thatcher told MacGregor to run the coal mines down
But in every mining village miners knew their cause was right
With the NUM behind us this time we're gonna fight

        Brothers hold the line again, sisters hold the line again
        We'll be a little stronger if we hold the line again
        We held it once at Pentonville, at Saltley we did reign
        So let's all stand together and hold the line again

Of all the hard times we have had the miner's had his share
All through our labour history the miner's always there
Now with their wives they've organised to show what can be done
For a fight that's fought together is a fight that can be won
The Tolpuddle martyrs back in 1834
Fought for the right to organise and we must fight once more
We carry that tradition we can reap what they have sown
When you're standing with the union, you never stand alone
A job, a home, a decent wage, for all an equal share
To each according to their need is only right and fair
And you and I need unions like a flower needs the sun
To stop the bastards taking back the things that we have won
So now the strike is over but the struggle will go on
Till there's justice for the miners don't let them stand alone
We'll raise the union banner and like those who fought before
We may not win every battle but we're sure to win the war

Final chorus

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