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Index of Folk Songs in Print

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Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
From: Desert Dancer
Date: 07 Sep 15 - 02:42 PM

The Roud Folk Song Index and Broadside Index can now be found online via the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library: Roud Indexes.

From the site:
Folk Song Index

The Folk Song Index seeks to provide details of English-language traditional songs which have been recorded in any medium - books, journals, newspapers, manuscript collections in public and private hands, published or unpublished sound recordings, videos, websites, and so on.

Entries in the index are made on a one-to-one basis. If a song sung by a particular singer appears on a record, it is given an entry in the index. If the same recording is issued on a different record, it gets another entry. If the song is then transcribed in a book, another entry is created. And so on. Cross references are given when possible, but users should be aware that the number of times a song appears in the index is not an exact indication of how many times it has been collected.

Roud numbers

Roud numbers are assigned to songs to help with both identification and location and to counter the problems of multiple and variant titles. Thus, the song 'Seeds of Love' has been assigned the Roud Number three, and a search on this number will bring up all versions, whatever the title, wherever found.

The classification of folk songs is far from straightforward and a numbering scheme such as this is a blunt instrument designed to be practical rather than academically sound.

[much more about the numbering/classification system here]

Relationship with the Broadside Index

Once a song has been identified as qualifying as a 'folk song', entries for non-traditional versions (eg broadside printings) are copied from the Broadside Index into the Folk Song Index, in order to ensure that the latter remains one-stop-shop for details of traditional songs.

Broadside Index

Originally designed as an adjunct to the Folk Song Index (see above) to aid with historical research in that field, the Broadside Index has now achieved a life, and importance, of its own.


The bulk of the entries in the Broadside Index comprises references to songs published on printed street literature trade (late 16th to late 19th centuries) in the form of broadsides, chapbooks, and cheap songsters. But coverage has been extended to include a much wider range of popular and vernacular songs including, in particular, eighteenth century songbooks and nineteenth century music hall publications. Originally envisaged as covering Britain and Ireland, material from across the English-speaking world is now included. The cut-off date is about 1920.

~ Becky in Long Beach

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Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
Date: 16 Jan 11 - 04:05 PM

CCome tonight come tonight when the moon is shining brightome with me come with me if the fairies you should see

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Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
From: Joe Offer
Date: 27 Nov 10 - 02:49 PM

Thanks for the correction. I corrected the first post and updated the link to the UTK Song Index. The first poster, now deceased, was from Australia; so there's good reason to forgive him his geographical faux pas.

While I'd agree with Jim Carroll that the Roud Index is excellent, I'd contend that it's far from complete when it comes to American sources.

-Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
Date: 27 Nov 10 - 12:24 PM

The University of Kentucky at Knoxville should be: The Univ of Tennessee at Knoxville.

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Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
From: Jim Carroll
Date: 10 Feb 09 - 04:46 AM

Interesting to see how things have moved on since this thread was started.
The Roud index is now on line and provides near comprehensive guide to individual songs - greatest access ever.
Would have been totally lost without it here in the West of Ireland.
Jim Carroll

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Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
From: Mick Pearce (MCP)
Date: 09 Feb 09 - 07:52 PM

guest - it's best if you start a new thread looking for lyrics.

Could the song be "On the Wings of gentle zephyrs"? - The Dance of the Young Girls from Borodin's Polovtsian Dances.


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Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
Date: 09 Feb 09 - 07:41 PM

I am looking for the song that has the following words in it.

On the wings of gentle vespers.....

I know the tune but I dont know the name of the song...

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Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
From: Sandy Paton
Date: 26 Apr 05 - 10:35 PM

refresh for Karen K

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Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
From: Sandy Paton
Date: 26 Apr 05 - 02:30 AM

Thanks, Joe. Karen still has a pile of books turned over on my shelves, waiting to have their indices (is that the plural of index?) photocopied. These are some that she doesn't have in her own library, nor were they indexed by Brunning.
    I have pointed out to Karen some of the difficulties involved in the project. For example, I have a small book of songs from Appalachia that is titled with some nonsense syllables that are included as the title of one of the songs in the book. The song happens to be a variant of "Eggs and Marrowbone" or "The Old Woman from Yorkshire." To see only the nonsense syllables would not lead a "Marrowbones" researcher to this particular version of the song. That kind of information should be included to make such an index really valuable.
    The "Songs of the Rivers of America" that Carl Carmer put together, is really a gem, isn't it? I stumbled on my copy about ten years ago by sheer good fortune -- got it for $35. A bit shabby, but it's all there! Some bookshop owner didn't do his homework before putting it up on ABE. When I first got the book in my hands, it fell open by chance to "The Housatonic" -- my home river!
    See you at the Getaway this year, maybe.

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Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
From: GUEST,Sandy Paton
Date: 26 Apr 05 - 01:18 AM

Karen Kobela, who first alerted me to the existence of the Mudcat Forum, is working on exactly the sort of index decribed at the beginning of this thread. she is expanding upon the Florence Brunning index. Florence published her index quite a few years ago, then became ill and was unable to update it. She died only a couple of years ago, and now Karen is diligently taking up where Florence left off.
    There is a good chance that Karen's index will be published in hard copy, and she is planning to have it also available online. PM her for further information. She's klk on the 'Cat.

    Sandy, Karen is karen k at Mudcat.
    -Joe Offer-

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Subject: INDEX: Songs of the Rivers of America
From: Joe Offer
Date: 26 Apr 05 - 12:54 AM

It's also indexed by the name of the river the song's about:

  • Allegheny
  • Have You Struck Ile?
  • Brandywine
  • Banks of the Brandywine, The
  • Charles
  • Bridge, The
  • Delaware
  • Ben Bolt
  • East
  • Michael Roy
    Strolling o'er the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Flat
  • Flat River Girl
  • Genesee
  • Banks of the Genesee, The
    Vale of Our Own Genesee, The
  • Housatonic
  • Housatonic Valley, The
  • Hudson
  • Ballad of Henry Green, The
    Benny Havens, Oh!
    Hudson Side, The
    Joe Thomas
    Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
    New York, Oh what a Charming City
    Shantyman's Life, The
    Weeping Willow, The
    Where Hudson's Wave
  • Juniata
  • Blue Juniata, The
  • Lehigh
  • Down in the Lehigh Valley
  • Merrimac
  • Jim Brown
    Olban, or the White Captive
  • Mohawk
  • Bonny Eloise
  • Niagara
  • Buffalo Gals
    Niagara Falls
  • Penobscot
  • Logger's Boast, The
  • St. Lawrence
  • Brave Wolfe
    Canadian Boat Song
    My Birchbark Canoe
  • Schuylkill
  • Schuylkill Rowing Song
  • Susquehanna
  • Ballad of Peter Gray, The
    Old But1er's
    Such a Gettin' Upstairs

  • Alabama
  • Rose of Alabama, The
  • Catawba
  • Dearest Mae
  • Cumberland
  • Cumberland Gap
  • Deep
  • Poor Omie
  • James
  • Stonewall Jackson's Requiem
    'Twill Neber Do To Gib It Up So
  • Kentucky
  • Darling Nelly Gray
  • Mississippi
  • Betsy Baker
    Life on the Vicksburg Bluff, A
    Nelly Was a Lady
    My Old Cabin Home
    Roll Out! Heave Dat Cotton
    Way Down in Cairo
  • Pearl
  • Poor Juna
  • Pee Dee
  • Ole Pee Dee
    On the Banks of the Old Pee Dee
    Way Down on the Ole Pee Dee
  • Potomac
  • "All Quiet Along the Potomac"
    Grave of Washington
  • St. Johns
  • Baby, Did You Hear?
    Oh Honey, I'm Going Down the River
  • Sandy
  • Vance Song, The
  • Santee
  • Gentle Nettie Moore
  • Shenandoah
  • "Stonewall Jackson's Way"
  • Stone
  • Stone River
  • Suwannee
  • Old Folks at Home
  • Tar
  • Ole Tare River
    Ole Tar River
  • Tennessee
  • Effie Rhee
    On That Hill by the Tennessee
    Uncle Ned
  • Tom-big-bee
  • Tom-big-bee River

  • Arkansas
  • Bank of the Arkansaw, The
  • Chicago
  • Voyageur's Song
  • Illinois
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Song of the Kansas Emigrants
  • Licking
  • Rebel's Escape, The
  • Missouri
  • To the West
    Wide Missouri, The
  • Ohio
  • De Boatman's Dance
    Down the River
    Eliza's Flight
    Glendy Burke, The
    Gumbo Chaff
    Ida May
    Nancy Till
    On the Banks of the Ohio
    Unconstant Lover, The
    We'll Hunt the Buffalo
  • Pease
  • Buffalo Skinners, The
  • Plover
  • Driving Saw-logs on the Plover
  • Red
  • Red River Shore
    Red River Valley
  • Republican
  • Ogallaly Song, The
  • Rio Grande
  • Rio Grande, The
    Silv'ry Rio Grande, The
  • Sacramento
  • On the Banks of the Sacramento
  • San Antonio
  • Will You Come to the Bow'r?
  • Sandusky
  • Wyandotte's Farewell Song, The
  • Wabash
  • El-a-noy
    Way Down in the Paw-Paw Patch
  • Wisconsin
  • On the Banks of the Little Eau Pleine

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    Subject: INDEX: Songs of the Rivers of America
    From: Joe Offer
    Date: 26 Apr 05 - 12:28 AM

    I found this book in the local library. I may well be the only library patron who has any interest in it, so I'm worried that some day they'll send it off to the book sale. The cheapest copy I can find at Bookfinder is $137.50.
    It's a gem of a book.
    -Joe Offer-

    INDEX: Songs of the Rivers of America
    Edited by Carl Carmer, music arranged by Dr. Albert Sirmay
    New York: Farrar & Rinehart, Inc., 1942
    Part of the Rivers of America Series

    "All Quiet Along the Potomac," 112
    Baby, Did You Hear?, 116
    Ballad of Henry Green, The, 25
    Ballad of Peter Gray, The, 70
    Bank of the Arkansaw, The, 141
    Banks of the Brandywine, The, 5
    Banks of the Genesee, The, 19
    Ben Bolt, 10
    Benny Havens, Oh!, 26
    Betsy Baker, 94
    Blue Juniata, The, 45
    Boatman's Dance, De, 155
    Bonny Eloise, 52
    Brave Wolfe, 61
    Bridge, The, 7
    Buffalo Gals, 54
    Buffalo Skinners, The, 172
    Canadian Boat Song, 63
    Cumberland Gap, 82
    Darling Nelly Gray, 88
    Dearest Mae, 80
    Down in the Lehigh Valley, 46
    Down the River, 157
    Driving Saw-logs on the Plover, 173
    El-a-noy, 189
    Eliza's Flight, 158
    Ellie Rhee, 131
    Flat River Girl, 17
    Gentle Nettie Moore, 120
    Glendy Burke, The, 160
    Grave of Washington, 114
    Gumbo Chaff, 162
    Have You Struck Ile?, 3
    Housatonic Valley, The, 23
    Hudson Side, The, 28
    Hunters of Kentucky, 90
    Ida May, 164
    Illinois, 145
    Jim Brown, 48
    .Joe Thomas, 31
    Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier, 34
    Life on the Vicksburg Bluff, A, 96
    Logger's Boast, The, 59
    Michael Roy, 12
    My Birchbark Canoe, 65
    My Old Cabin Home, 101
    My Old Kentucky Home, 92
    Nancy Till, 166
    Nelly Was a Lady, 99
    New York, Oh what a charming City, 35
    Niagara Falls, 56
    Ogallaly Song, The, J,79
    Oh, Honey, I'm Going Down the River, 117
    Olban, or the White Captive, 50
    Old Butler's, 72
    Old Folks at Home, 126
    Ole Pee Dee, 108
    OleTar River, 129
    O Tare River, 128
    On That Hill by the Tennessee, 132
    On the Banks of the Little Eau Pleine, 192
    On the Banks of the Ohio, 168
    On the Banks of the Old Pee Dee, 109
    On the Banks of the Sacramento, 185
    Poor Juna, 106
    Poor Omie, 84
    Rebel's Escape, The, 149
    Red River Shore, 175
    Red River Valley, 177
    Rio Grande, The, 181
    Roll Out! Heave Dat Cotton, 103
    Rose of Alabama, The, 77
    Schuylkill Rowing Song, 67
    Shantyman's Life, The, 37
    Silv'ry Rio Grande, The, 183
    Song of the Kansas Emigrants, 148
    Stone River, 124
    Stonewall Jackson's Requiem, 85
    "Stonewall Jackson's Way," 122
    Strolling o'er the Brooklyn Bridge, 14
    Such a Gettin' Upstairs, 73
    To the West, 150
    Tom-big-bee River, 137
    'Twill Neber Do To Gib It Up So, 87
    Uncle Ned, 134
    Unconstant Lover, The, 169
    Vale of Our Own Genesee, The, 21
    Vance Song, The, 119
    Voyageur's Song, 143
    Way Down in Cairo, 105
    Way Down in the Paw-Paw Patch, 191
    Way Down on the Ole Pee Dee, 110
    Weeping Willow, The, 39
    We'll Hunt the Buffalo, 170
    Where Hudson's Wave, 41
    White Captive, The, or Olban, 50
    Wide Missouri, The, 153
    Will You Come to the Bow'r?, 186
    Wyandotte's Farewell Song, The, 188

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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: wysiwyg
    Date: 28 Oct 03 - 08:31 PM


    I have a home-made index of spirituals in print that indexes a boatload of songbooks-- everything in the Cleveland index, Allen and Hampton, and more. It's in Excel. PM me an email address if you'd like a copy.


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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: Malcolm Douglas
    Date: 28 Oct 03 - 08:30 PM

    Contact details are at  Traditional Song Forum: Officers

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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: Q (Frank Staplin)
    Date: 28 Oct 03 - 08:27 PM

    Hmmm, sometimes a Guest, sometimes a member. Any reason for the flip-flops?

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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: GUEST,Q
    Date: 28 Oct 03 - 08:18 PM

    Anyone with a current address where I can obtain the Roud Index?

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    Subject: Index: Songs of the Gold Rush (Lingenfelter/Dwyer)
    From: Joe Offer
    Date: 28 Oct 03 - 05:12 PM

    Thread #46751   Message #751793
    Posted By: masato sakurai
    20-Jul-02 - 08:06 PM
    Thread Name: GOLD MINERS' SONGS (American) 2
    Subject: Index: Songs of the Gold Rush (Lingenfelter/Dwyer)

    These songs are included in SONGS OF THE GOLD RUSH, edited by Richard A. Dwyer and Richard E. Lingenfelter (University of California Press, 1965).

    15. JOE BOWERS
    16. POKER JIM
    33. GAMBLER
    36. ROWDY, THE


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    Subject: Index: Jewish Folk Songs in Yiddish and English
    From: Joe Offer
    Date: 16 Oct 01 - 04:56 PM

    Here's the index to another songbook I have to take back to the library.
    -Joe Offer-

    Jewish Folk Songs in Yiddish and English
    Ruth Rubin, Oak Publications, 1965
    Available at the Sacramento Public Library

    Amol Iz Geven A Mayse (The Jews They Had A King)
    Al Di Felder, Grine Felder (Over the Greenwood, on the Plain)
    Ale Vasserlech Flisn Avek (All the Rivers Flow Down to the Sea)
    A Geneyve (The Robbery)
    Aylye Lyulye Lyulye
    Bin Ich Mir A Shnayderl (I Am A Little Tailor)
    Bay Dem Shtetl Shteyt A Shtibl (We Live At The Edge Of Town)
    Oyfn Yam Veyet A Vintele (Over The Sea The Breezes Are Blowing)
    Bayt-zhe Mir Ois a Finf-un--tsvantsiger (Bandsmen, Change My Twenty-fiver Now)
    Bin Ich Mir Gegangen Fishelech Koyfn (I Went To Market To Buy Me Some Fish)
    Biztu Mit Mir Broygez (Why Do You Pout And Frown?)
    Bulbes (Spuds)
    Chatskele, Chatskele (Hey There, Chatskl)
    Dremlen Feygi Oyf Di Tsvaygn (Sleep My Baby, Hungry Baby)
    Du Meydele Du Fayns, flu Meydele Du Sheyns (Pretty Little Girl, Can You Answer Me?)
    Es Iz Gefloygn Di Gilderne Pave (The Golden Peacock Came A-Flying)
    Eyder Ich Leyg Mich Shlofn (No Sooner To Bed)
    Eyn Kol, Eyn Kol, Eyn Kol Vayn (Sparkling, Bubbling, Lovely Wine)
    Gibn Dir Mayn Tochter (Tell Me, Darling Daughter)
    Hob Ich A Por Oksn (Have You Seen My Honey Bears?)
    Hop, Mayne Homentashn! (Hey, Hey, Homentashn!)
    Hot Zich Mir Di Zip Tsezipt (My Old Sieve Was All Worn Out)
    Lomir Zich Iberbetn (Come, Let's Be Friends Again)
    Gey Ich Mir Shpatsirn (I Strolled Out One Spring Morning)
    Mayn Yingele (My Little Son)
    Ot Azoy Neyt A Shnayder (This Is How A Tailor Stitches)
    Oyfn Barg Un Ibern Barg (Up The Hill And Over The Hill)
    Oy, A Nacht A Sheyne (The Moon Was Sailing In The Sky)
    Oy, Dortn, Dortn, Ibern Vasserl (Away Across The Hills)
    Oyfn Pripetshok (On The Little Hearth)
    Papir Iz Doch Vays (One Day As I Was Walking)
    Shlof Mayn Kind, Mayn Treyst, Mayn Sheyner (Sleep My Baby, My Sweet Comfort)
    Shpilt-zhe Mir Dem Nayem Sher (Play That Lovely Tune For Me)
    Shvartse Karshelech Raysn Mir (Red Cherries Are Not For Picking)
    Sheyn Bin Ich, Sheyn (I Am So Pretty)
    Shlof Mayn Kind, Shlof Keseyder (Sleep My Baby, I Will Croon To You)
    Trink Bruder, Trink Oys (Drink Brother, Drink Up)
    Tsvey Taybelech (Two Little Doves)
    Yeder Ruft Mich Ziamele (People Call Me Ziamele)
    Yomi, Yomi
    Yoshke Fort Avek (Yoshke's Going Off To War)
    Zits Ich Mir Oyfn Benkele (On A Stool, One Summer's Day)
    Zog Nit Keynmol (We Survive)
    Zoist Azoy Lebn Un Zayn Gezint (I'll Sing To The Baby And It Won't Cry)
    Vacht Ovf! (Awake!)

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    Subject: Index: I'm A Freeborn Man (MacColl/Seeger)
    From: Joe Offer
    Date: 16 Oct 01 - 03:54 PM

    I figured I'd better copy and post this before I returned it to the library.
    -Joe Offer-

    I'm a Freeborn Man
    (and other original radio ballads and songs of British workingmen, gypsies, prizefighters, teen-agers - and contemporary songs of struggle and conscience)
    by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger - Oak Publications, 1968
    Available at the Sacramento Public Library and Auburn/Placer County Library.

    Affair of State, An, 92
    After the Weekend, 67
    Ballad of Accounting, 98
    Ballad of Ho Chi Minh, 84
    Ballad of Sharpeville, 94
    Banks They Are Rosy, The, 90
    Battle Is Done With, The, 25
    Black and White, 93
    Cambrian Colliery Disaster, 96
    Devil and Ganger McGlynn, The, 48
    Dublin Jack of All Trades, 44
    Farewell to Ireland, 58
    Fields of Vietnam, The, 80
    Friday Night, 65
    Gravedigger's Song, The, 70
    Gypsy Is a Gentleman, The, 36
    Gypsy's Answer, The, 38
    Harold the Bootblack, 76
    I'm a Freeborn Man, 30
    Indeed I Would, 54
    Juliet's Song, 66
    LB.J., 82
    LBJ Looks After Me, 78
    Life Is a Battle, 18
    Man in the Ring, The, 24
    Moving On Song, 28
    New `Rocks of Bawn', The, 40
    Nipper's Song, The, 42
    Oh, Brother, Did You Weep, 88
    Peter Keenan's Song, 20
    Politician's Alphabet, 72
    Rambler from Clare, 50
    Rambling Irishmen, The, 46
    Saturday Morning in Angel Lane, 68
    Sentimental Journey, 74
    Sweet Thames, Flow Softly, 62
    Thirty-Foot Trailer, The, 32
    This Is No' My Am Hoose, 100
    Tunnel Tigers, The, 56
    Van Dieman's Land, 1965, 52
    War Game, The, 102
    When You're A Fighter, 22
    Winds of Change, The, 35
    Winter Song, 34
    Yankee Doodle, 86

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    Subject: Index: A Ballad History of England
    From: GUEST,John in Brisbane
    Date: 03 Oct 00 - 09:54 PM

    A Ballad History of England (from 1588 to 1973) - Roy Palmer 1979

    It is likely that a number of these are already in the Balad Index, but I include this index mainly for the later material.

    In the case of entries with more than one line, the second line provides the song title.

    Regards, John

    1 The Invincible Armada (1588)
    A joyful new Ballad

    2 Fen Tigers (1611)
    The Powtes Complaint

    3 Witchcraft (1618)
    Damnable Practices of three Lincoln-shireWitches

    4 The Poore Man Payesfr All (1630)

    5 In the praise ofSaylors (1635)
    Saylors for My Money

    6 The Downfall of Charing-Cross (1647)

    7 Levellers and Diggers (1649)
    The Diggers' Song

    8 Here is myrth and melody (c. 1650)
    The Bonelace weauers song

    9 Oak Apple Day (1660)
    The Royal Patient Traveller

    10 The Great Fire (1666)
    London mourning in Ashes

    11 Labour against Capital (1680)
    The Clothiers Delight

    12 Monmouth Worsted in the West (1685)

    13 Mutiny (1690)
    The Sea-Martyrs

    14 Fight on, my brave boys (1702)
    The Death of Admiral Benbow

    15 Queen Anne commands (1704)
    Madcaps of England

    16 A Man Formed by Nature to be Generally Loved (1716)
    Lord Derwentwater

    17 The Hubble Bubble (1720)

    18 A Little Political Ditty (1733)
    Britannia Excisa

    19 The Notorious Richard Turpin (1739)
    Turpin's Valour

    20 Culloden (1746)
    The Soldier's Praise of Duke William

    21 The Lure of the New World (1750)
    Nova Scotia

    22 London Traffic (c. 1750)
    The Jolly Chair-Men

    23 The Charnwood Opera (1753)
    The Coney Warren

    24 To Encourage the Rest (1757)
    An Address from the Regions below to A——I B——g

    25 The Capture of Quebec (1759)
    The Death of General Wolfe

    26 Transportation to America (1770?)
    The Lads of Virginia

    27 The Cottager's Complaint (1778)

    28 Farewell to Kingsbridge (1778-80)

    29 An Ill Wind?(1791)
    The Baker's Glory

    30 Song, on obtaining the Birmingham and Worcester Canal Bill (1791)

    31 The Origin of Governments (1792)
    Down with Tom Paine

    32 The Collier's Rant (1793)

    33 A Short Sketch of the Times (1794)

    34 Discontent in the Navy (1797)
    The Death ofParker

    35 The New Coinage (1797)
    A New Song called Seven Shilling Piece

    36 The Income Tax (1799)

    37 The Loss of a Hero (1805)
    Nelson's Death

    38 The Grinders' Hardships (1805)

    39 A Casualty at the Battle of Rolica (1808)
    Young William of the Royal Waggon Train

    40 Grinding the Wind (1817)
    A New Song on the Times

    41 A Meeting will be held (1819)
    With Henry Hunt We'll Go

    42 A Political Christmas Carol (1820)

    43 Greedy Gambling People (1827)
    Bubbles of 1825

    44 The New Police (1829)
    A Song

    45 The Labourers' Revolt (1830)
    The Owslebury Lads

    46 The Anatomy Act (1832)
    The Resurrectionists

    47 The Agony Bill (1833)

    48 The New Poor Law (1834)
    The New Poor Law and the Farmer's Glory

    49 Dreadful and Fatal Affray with Poachers (1837)
    Sudborough Heroes

    50 The Cotton Spinners' Farewell (1838)

    51 Chartists at Newport (1839)
    The Last Farewell to England of Frost, Williams, and Jones

    52 Married At Last (1840)

    53 Oastler Set Free (1844)
    The King of the Factory Children

    54 A Staunch Repealer (1846)
    The Landowners Thrown Overboard

    55 No Followers (1847)
    The Young Man from the Country

    56 This Poor Needlework (1849)
    The Distressed Sempstress

    57 The New Bloomer Costume (c. 1851)

    58 The Old Worse and Worse (1852)
    Pennyworth of Fun

    59 Charles Dickens at Coketown (1853)
    Ten Per Cent

    60 Murder on the High Seas (1857)
    Andrew Rose

    61 The Other Side of Jordan (1857)

    62 The Statute Fair (1858)
    A New Statute Song

    63 Diary of a Lancashire Cotton Weaver(1864)
    Depression of Trade

    64 A Mew Song on the Turn-Out (1866)

    65 Agitating (1873)
    The Agitator

    66 The Tichborne Case (1874)
    Downfall of Poor Old Roger

    67 God Bless Plimsoll (1875)

    68 Trimdon Grange Explosion (1882)

    69 Reported Loss of Over Sixty Lives (1889)
    Three Score and Ten

    70 We'll Turn Things Upside Down (1891)

    71 Break the News to Mother (1897)

    72 Ragtime Suffragette (1906)

    73 Somewhere in France (1915)
    The Old Barbed Wire

    74 A Land fit for Heroes (1922)
    An Appeal by Unemployed Ex-Service Men

    75 A Game? (1926)
    Where the Trouble Lies

    76 Hop-Picking (1931)
    Hopping down in Kent

    77 Rawtenstall Annual Fair (1932)

    78 The Man that Waters the Workers' Beer (i933)

    79 The Blitz (1940)
    Drink Old England Dry

    80 Ban the Bomb (1958)
    The H-Bomb's Thunder

    81 The Great Train Robbery (1963)

    82 The Men Who Make the Steel (1973)

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    From: John in Brisbane
    Date: 27 Sep 00 - 10:23 PM


    Collected by Jim Morse and Nancy Matthews
    Sierra Club 1971

    I've posted a few tunes that were missing from the DT. This collection is interesting even though probably a bit dated for some tastes. I particularly enjoyed From Way Up Here by Malvina Reynolds which I hadn't come across before. Most of the songs aren't in the DT.

    Introduction Pete Seeger
    Tapestry Don McLean
    Garbage Bill Steele
    The Hand of Man Joe McDonald
    The Faucets Are Dripping Malvina Reynolds
    Pollution Tom Lehrer
    Coming of the Roads Billy Edd Wheeler
    Don't Dump It in the River! Mike Kellin
    Cannonsville Dam Grant Rogers
    Children's House Toni Brown
    Johnny's Lullabye Janet Smith
    We'll All Be A-Doubling Peter Seeger
    Don't Nancy Schimmel
    The Emperor's Nightingale Malvina Reynolds
    Manhattan, Manhattan Patrick Sky
    Old Devil Time Peter Seeger
    Little Boxes Malvina Reynolds
    The Pill Matt McGinn
    Let It Be Malvina Reynolds
    Lead Poison on the Wall Jimmy Collier
    Here Come the Beautiful People Suzanne Harris
    The Song of the World's Last Whale Peter Seeger
    Seventy Miles Malvina Reynolds and Peter Seeger
    Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
    Loneliness Ric Masten
    Orphans of Wealth Don McLean
    Coyote, My Little Brother Peter LaFarge
    My Rainbow Race Peter Seeger
    We Will All Go Together When We Go Tom Lehrer
    There'll Come a Time Malvina Reynolds
    Whose Garden Was This? Tom Paxton
    The Cement Octopus Malvina Reynolds
    Simpson Creek Won't Never Run Clean Again Mayf Nutter
    Once There Was Dottie Gittelson
    Amazon Song Mark Spoelstra
    Goodbye to the 30 ft Trailer Ewan MacColl
    My Dirty Stream Peter Seeger
    DDT on My Brain Malvina Reynolds
    The Plodder Seam Ewan MacColl
    Black Waters Jean Ritchie
    We Can't Get There from Here John Edmiston
    Castles in the Air Don McLean
    Love Our River Again Jimmy Collier and Peter Hennessy
    Preserven El Parque Elysian Mike Kellin
    What Have They Done to the Rain? Malvina Reynolds
    The People Are Scratching Ernie Marrs, Harold Martin, Peter Seeger
    Give Me Back My Cool Clear Water Rick Shaw and Dick dark
    The Stream Goes Meandering Mike Kellin
    The Day the Freeway Froze Malvina Reynolds
    Ma Baker's Little Acre John D Loudermilk
    Over the Hills Peter Seeger
    They Can't Put It Back Billy Edd Wheeler
    Lamoille River Song John Nutting
    What Am I Doin' Here? Ric Masten
    Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) Peter Seeger
    From Way Up Here Malvina Reynolds and Pete Seeger
    When You Were Young Len H Chandler, Jr
    We're Using Up the World Suzanne Harris
    My Land Is a Good Land Eric Andersen
    God Bless the Grass Malvina Reynolds

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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: celticblues5
    Date: 15 Aug 00 - 09:38 PM

    Thanks for the great resources, everyone.

    I've really been impressed with the generosity of the people on this list!

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    Subject: Index: The First Book of Irish Ballads
    From: John in Brisbane
    Date: 15 Aug 00 - 08:05 PM

    Copied from another thread:


    Date: 15-Aug-00 - 08:31 AM

    I just found this book in the school library. It's "The First Book of Irish Ballads" by Daniel D. O'Keeffe, published by Mercier Press in 1963. Here's the list of the songs inside"

    The Man of the North Countrie
    The Irish Sailor
    John Macananty's Courtship
    Twenty Men from Dublin Town
    The Star of the Country Down
    The Ploughboy
    The Bold Fenian Men
    The Castle of Dromore
    Donnelly and Cooper
    Brennan on the Moor
    The Spinning Wheel
    Nice Little Jane from Ballinasloe
    Over Here
    MacKenna's Dream
    On the Bromielaw Quay
    The Battle Eve of the Brigade
    The Low-Backed Car
    Song from the Backwoods
    The Mountains of Pomeroy
    The Blackbird and the Thrush
    Mary Le More
    Redmond O'Hanlon
    Master McGrath
    Patrick Sheehan
    The Oul' Plaid Shawl
    Dirge of O'Sullivan Bear
    The Blackbird
    Death Lament of John O'Mahony
    The Airy Bachelor
    She Moved Thro' the Fair
    The Three Flowers
    The Lamentation of Hugh Reynolds
    The Croppy Boy
    Bould Thady Quill
    The Donovans
    Bantry Bay
    The Man From God-Knows-Where
    St. Kevin
    The Boys of Kilkenny
    The Lord of Dunkerron
    Down by the Tanyard Side
    I Know Where I Am Going
    The Ballad of Pat O'Donnell
    The Humours of Donnybrook Fair
    Rossa's Farewell
    The Buck From Bonane
    Moorlough Mary
    The Jackets Green
    The Green Autumn Stubble
    The Agricultural Irish Girl
    Barry of Macroom
    The Girl I Left Behind
    Kevin Barry
    The Fishermen of Wexford
    The Old Bog Road
    If I Was A Blackbird
    Bould Robert Emmet
    The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe
    The Corner
    Fare You Well, Sweet Donegal
    The Fairy Thorn
    The Man From Galway
    I Know My Love
    The Blazing Star or Drim
    The Donkey of Dongourney
    'Cork Is the Eden for You, Love and Me'
    The Carlow Maid

    I know some of these songs are already in the DigiTrad, so I'm just going to post the ones didn't see in there.


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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: Mary in Kentucky
    Date: 27 May 00 - 10:05 PM

    John, your apology is certainly accepted. An easy way to remember our geography is to visualize Kentucky and Tennessee and say out loud, "Kentucky - always on top." ;-) But don't let catspaw49, Cara, Kelida, weststar, GoinDownTheRoadFeelin'Bad or Hollowfox (or anyone from ahia) hear this!

    BTW, I may have some questions for you about punctuation and spelling differences. When I read you MIDI FAQ paragraphs (very nicely done) I had lots of questions.


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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: GUEST,Bruce O.
    Date: 27 May 00 - 01:57 PM

    The trouble with 'raw' lists is that even in songbooks titles are extreemely variable, but first lines are much less so. With folksongs even first lines are quite variable, so for these even titles and first lines are often not good identifiers of songs. And of course spelling is often a problem when hunting by key words, because so many words have many different spellings. A good index needs cross reference numbers, and that is really a lot of work.

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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: John in Brisbane
    Date: 27 May 00 - 01:33 AM

    Some interesting responses! First, my apologies to Mary, my knowledge of USA geography is probably better than many US residents' reciprocal knowledge, but a mistake nonetheless.

    I was hoping that this thread would flush out some exciting on-line indexes. My simple intent was to provide access to a meaningful on-line database for all Mudcatters and visitors - perhaps something akin to The Fiddlers Companion. Let it start small, accumulate some entries and provide a larger home as needs require. If contributors find that an on-line database such as UTK already has the references then clearly addition to the Mudcat storage would be redundant. If they still wish to do it then I don't see it as a big deal - even with 100,000 entries it would still be no larger than a couple of week's threads on other subjects. If it occupied 10 different threads then again what's the difference? Sper Search or Son of Super Search could find disparate references in a flash.

    With regards to format, I have an open mind, but I had a leaning to utter simplicity.

    One of the greatest assets we have in this Forum is the community which inhabits it. Members of this community have an opportunity to make meaningful contributions to a project with endless longevity, and by utilisisng very simple tools - a word processor, maybe a scanner and the deire to add some bricks to what is already an awesome DT database.

    Enough from me, Regards, John

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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: GUEST,Bruce O.
    Date: 26 May 00 - 09:03 PM

    No, Hisarlik Press no longer handles them. You have to order them from Steve Roud himself. His e-mail address is near the top of the broadside ballad index on my website.

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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: Joe Offer
    Date: 26 May 00 - 08:41 PM

    Bruce, tell us more about Roud's index and the others, and how to gain access. I take it this (click) is where to buy the Roud index, eh?
    -Joe Offer-

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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: GUEST,Bruce O.
    Date: 26 May 00 - 06:45 PM

    Why bother? Steve Roud's folksong index is now past 100,000 entries. The Roud # also cross references versions with different titles. You can search by title, alternative title, first line, collector, singer, place collected, date collected, Laws #, Child #, +...

    There is another song index (Butler's) not yet available, which lists songs in old songbooks, and that is of the order of 100,000 titles also. Roud's broadside ballad index also lists songs in many songbooks.

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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: Mary in Kentucky
    Date: 26 May 00 - 01:38 PM

    John, here is a link to over 1000 songs, Public Domain Music ( It has an index to the songs in two books and then a scan of the sheet music. I have the second book, but not the first one.
    (1)Master Pieces of Piano Music
    (2)The Book of a Thousand Songs

    Back to your original seems just too difficult...much like creating another DT! But I like the idea of links to libraries or on-line sources that have various collections. I think there are already several listed in the Mudcat links. Perhaps we could add to those, or reorganize them, or index them, or do something along that line.


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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: Mary in Kentucky
    Date: 26 May 00 - 11:39 AM

    Now John...I really don't want to muck up this thread with extraneous talk...but I just couldn't let this pass! The University of Kentucky is in Lexington, Kentucky (not that place to the south that uses a lot of orange).

    There are some great libraries there, but I'm not sure about online stuff. There is the Appalachian Center, John Jacob Niles Center, the UK press which prints lots of education related stuff and a huge new library with a rare books room. If anyone needs something from there I can travel to Lexington (any excuse to drop in on my two sons there) and possibly find songbooks or documents.

    Mary in Kentucky

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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: Malcolm Douglas
    Date: 26 May 00 - 10:34 AM

    Potentially a mammoth project.  As Abby points out, there would inevitably be some duplication of work done at the Ballad Index; on the other hand, it could be an extremely useful resource in its own right.  There's a case, I think, for putting something like that on a separate site, linked here in the same way as Alan's midi site; it could easily become too big to be accomodated on a thread here.  I've recently begun to index the songs in the books that I have at home, (using a spreadsheet, so that I can display by song or by collection) -at barely a third of the way through, I'm already nearly up to 1000, and I have but few songbooks compared to a lot of people!  I'll be happy to make my lists available to you (in whatever form you decide to use) if that would be helpful.


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    Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: Abby Sale
    Date: 26 May 00 - 09:21 AM

    This is an important idea that may now be possible. But it's not easy. Extend the thinking a bit and you'll quickly see that to be really useful, the index must have other song titles, context, origin, plot or context summary - a few more, perhaps so you can tell which one (eg) is "The Beggar Man" you've been looking for and which only "The Beggar Man."

    Have a look over at The Ballad Index Clicky. It's a joint effort that's been going on for a while to index ballads, anyway. No small deal.

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    Subject: Index of Folk Songs in Print
    From: John in Brisbane
    Date: 26 May 00 - 01:48 AM

    Finding lyrics and tunes to a song can sometimes be really tough. Here's an idea which over time can make this task a little more fruitful. Anyone can help and I'd hope that it is largely self administering.

    Many of us have a printed folk song library of some sort, or we at least visit a lending or reference library ocasionally. The libraries I visit in Australia have some amazing books containing lots of songs that aren't in the database, but do not have the contents listed in the catalogue. Hence if I'm looking for Sacramento Sacred Heart Blues I'b be hard pressed to find it.

    The University of Kentucky Tennessee at Knoxville has a great on-line catalog which does list all the contents of its music collection, UTK Song Index, but I am not aware of any others with a large on line listing. If you know of others please let us know.

    If we start small and simply add the odd contents page to this thread, then in no time we could have quite a significant collection of titles and at the name of at least one anthology of where it might be found. Even if it takes 20 years you have to plant an acorn some time.

    I have some simple suggestions to make about format, but I'll leave that discussion to another time. In the mean time the availability of Max's Super Search will ensure that if 'Sacramento ...' is listed in this index thread that someone can easily find it in the future.

    Here's a small (incomplete) example:


    Edited by Roy Palmer

    John Dory * 1
    Lustily, lustily * 2
    Upon Sir Francis Drake's Return * 3
    In Praise of Seafaring Men * 4
    Another of Seafarers * 6
    A Joyful New Ballad * 7
    Sir Francis Drake * 11
    The .Sailor's Only Delight * 13
    The Winning of Cales * 15
    The Famous Sea Fight * 18
    The Praise of Sailors * 21
    The Honour of Bristol * 24
    Sailors for my Money * 27
    A Song of the Seamen and Land Soldiers * 29
    The Famous Fight at Malaga * 30
    The Seaman's Compass * 33
    A Net for a Night Raven * 36
    The Seamen and Soldiers' Last Farewell * 38
    Captain Mansfield's Fight * 41
    A Song on the Duke's Late Glorious Success * 42
    The Benjamins' Lamentation * 44
    Sir Walter Raleigh Sailing in the Lowlands * 47
    The Caesar's Victory * 50
    The Golden Voyage * 53
    The Boatswain's Call * 56
    The Sea Martyrs * 58
    An Excellent New Song * 62
    England's Great Loss by a Storm of Wind * 64

    Any feedback would be welcomed.

    Regards, John

    If you post a songbook index in this thread or in any other thread, put Index: and the songbook title in the title of the message. The Index: tag is reserved for messages only - please do not use this tag in a thread title.
    -Joe Offer-

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