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ROSH HASHANA (to the tune of Oklahoma)

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katlaughing 10 Dec 01 - 11:02 AM
Joe Offer 10 Dec 01 - 11:18 AM
Jeanie 10 Dec 01 - 11:45 AM
Jeanie 10 Dec 01 - 11:49 AM
Joe Offer 10 Dec 01 - 12:21 PM
The Walrus at work 10 Dec 01 - 12:47 PM
Rick Fielding 10 Dec 01 - 12:52 PM
Jeanie 10 Dec 01 - 01:09 PM
Cappuccino 10 Dec 01 - 02:13 PM
artbrooks 10 Dec 01 - 03:54 PM
Jack The Lad 10 Dec 01 - 05:16 PM
Penny S. 10 Dec 01 - 05:26 PM
Stewart 10 Dec 01 - 07:20 PM
Joe Offer 11 Dec 01 - 04:09 AM
GUEST,uncookied Genie 07 Dec 04 - 08:35 PM
Fred Maslan 07 Dec 04 - 09:34 PM
Jack The Lad 08 Dec 04 - 05:29 PM
Genie 08 Dec 04 - 08:02 PM
Zany Mouse 08 Dec 04 - 08:06 PM
GerryM 16 Dec 20 - 11:41 PM
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From: katlaughing
Date: 10 Dec 01 - 11:02 AM

For all of our friends who celebrate Hanukkah, I found a few children's pieces:

I light my own menorah.
I wattch the candles blaze.
I say the Hanukkah blessings.
I celebrate eight miracle days.

I sing the hymns of freedom.
I eat latke for a treat.
I spin the dreidel and try to win
Nuts or raisins so sweet.

I exchange presents with my relatives.
Little gifts that say we care--
our smiles shine like the candles,
And our happiness we share.

I light my own menorah.
I watch the candles blaze.
I'm celebrating Hanukkah
In lots of loving ways!

Hanukkah Time

Candles kindling,
Children singing.
Hanukkah is
Just beginning.

Dreidels spinning,
Apples simmering,
Latke sizzling,
Pennies shimmering.

Families gathering,
Voices ringing,
Hugging, kissing,
Children grinning.

Gift unwrapping,
Clapping this rhyme.
Hanukkah is
A miracle time!

The Hanukkah Invitation
Hanukkah is so exciting!
Ten friends I'll be delighting
As they watch the candle lighting,
And hear the blessings said.

Hanukkah is so exciting!
Twenty I ended up inviting.
They played dreidel without fighting,
And had a lot of fun.
But my pennies and nuts they won!

And they much too much biting
Into foods that looked inviting.
All Mom's honey treats they ate,
And they said her latke tasted great.
Then they gained a lot of weight
Eating doughnuts off my plate!

Next Hanukkah will be less exciting,
Only three friends I'm inviting.
But the beautiful miracle that we'll see
Is some food that's left for me!

Let's light the menorah
For the Festival of Lights.
One candle every evening
For eight great, joyous nights.
latkes, games, and sharing,
Happiness and cheer.
Let's light the menorah
For Hanukkah is here.

Eight Little Candles
(Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
Eight little candles in a row,
Waiting to join the holiday glow.
We will light them one by one,
until all eight have joined the fun.
Eight little candles burning bright.
Filling the world with holiday light.

Happy Hanukkah!!


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Subject: Latke Carols?
From: Joe Offer
Date: 10 Dec 01 - 11:18 AM

Hmmm. Somewhere, I came across a collection of parodies that I think were called "The Latke Carols." I think I may have heard them from Faith Petric. Can anybody post them?
-Joe Offer-

See also: Jewish Holiday Songs

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From: Jeanie
Date: 10 Dec 01 - 11:45 AM

I don't know about "The Latke Carols", but hidden here on Mudcat, and inexplicably entered under "A" in the DigiTrad Lyrics is: "The 8 Days of Chanukkah" - a kosher version of "The 12 Days of Christmas". First line: "On the first day of Chanukkah my bube gave to me a bagel mit a schtik lox" and so on.

Happy Channukah !

"Baruch atah adonai eloheynu melech ha-olam sheh-hechianu v'ki'manu v'higianu lazman hazeh

Blessed art thou, O Lord our God, who has given us life, lifted us up, and brought us to this season."

With Love and every good wish,


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From: Jeanie
Date: 10 Dec 01 - 11:49 AM

Sorry God, I missed out the bit in the blessing which says you are "King of the Universe" !!!

- Jeannie

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Subject: ADD: Light One Candle (PP&M)
From: Joe Offer
Date: 10 Dec 01 - 12:21 PM

Here's a song I like to sing at this time of year. You'll find it in the Rise Up Singing songbook, or at

Peter Yarrow- ©1983 Silver Dawn Music ASCAP

Light one candle for the Maccabee children
With thanks that their light didn't die
Light one candle for the pain they endured
When their right to exist was denied
Light one candle for the terrible sacrifice
Justice and freedom demand
But light one candle for the wisdom to know
When the peacemaker's time is at hand

Don't let the light go out!
It's lasted for so many years!
Don't let the light go out!
Let it shine through our love and our tears.

Light one candle for the strength that we need
To never become our own foe
And light one candle for those who are suffering
Pain we learned so long ago
Light one candle for all we believe in
That anger not tear us apart
And light one candle to find us together
With peace as the song in our hearts


What is the memory that's valued so highly
That we keep it alive in that flame?
What's the commitment to those who have died
That we cry out they've not died in vain?
We have come this far always believing
That justice would somehow prevail
This is the burden, this is the promise
This is why we will not fail!


Don't let the light go out!
Don't let the light go out!
Don't let the light go out!

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From: The Walrus at work
Date: 10 Dec 01 - 12:47 PM

The thread title says it all

Happy Hanuckkah/Chanukkah folks


While I'm at it; To any Muslims out there, may your Ramadan be blessed (what's left of it) and to any Hindus and Sikhs a retrospective Happy Diwali W

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From: Rick Fielding
Date: 10 Dec 01 - 12:52 PM

Ditto what the Walrus said.


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Subject: ADD: The Dreydl Song
From: Jeanie
Date: 10 Dec 01 - 01:09 PM

Here's a really lovely postscript to my earlier post ! I was feeling rather sad after reading the Chanukkah posts and putting in my own. It's already dark over here in England. My daughter and I love Chanukkah and I was missing her: I'm divorced and she is spending this week with her dad. I was just sitting here thinking we'd only have two nights together lighting the candles and singing the songs. THEN there was a knock on the door .. it was my daughter. Her dad is caught in traffic and she'd come here to wait and have her tea. So, we've had the first night of Chanukkah together after all !! That old "King of the Universe" is very, very kind.

The first night of Chanukkah is always so special because it's the only night when we say the blessing that God has given us life, lifted us up and brought us to this season. Saying that always means so much to me - and this year He has shown just how He is always there, and always lifting us up.

We've just been singing THIS song (and spinning around!)

    I have a little dreydl, I made it out of clay / And when it's dry and ready, then dreydl I will play./ O dreydl, dreydl, dreydl, I made it out of clay / O dreydl, dreydl, dreydl, now dreydl I shall play.

    It has a lovely body with leg so short and thin / And when it is all tired, it drops and then I win ...

    My dreydl's always playful, it loves to dance and spin / A happy game of dreydl, come play, let's now begin !

Thank you, King of the Universe, for looking after us.

L'Chaim !

With Love, Jeannie

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From: Cappuccino
Date: 10 Dec 01 - 02:13 PM


- IanB

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From: artbrooks
Date: 10 Dec 01 - 03:54 PM

Lit candles last night. First year both girls were elsewhere. Baruch ha Shem. Sniff.

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From: Jack The Lad
Date: 10 Dec 01 - 05:16 PM

Happy Chanukkah to one and all! Jack The Lad who refuses to eat doughnuts.

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From: Penny S.
Date: 10 Dec 01 - 05:26 PM

And a Happy Hanukkah from me, too, and shalom. I have some short stories for this season by Isaac Bashevis Singer I try to read at the appropriate time in school.

When I first came to this site, I was looking for meanings for "Green Grow the Rushes", a cumulative number song like 12 Days of Christmas. At some times in my search, I would come across references to an old Jewish song of the same sort, for Hanukkah. Does anyone know it? (I don't think the one with the link above can be it, somehow.) And the tune?


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Subject: ADD: Eight Candles (Malvina Reynolds)^^^
From: Stewart
Date: 10 Dec 01 - 07:20 PM

EIGHT CANDLES — Malvina Reynolds
Click Here

(chorus before each verse)
Eight candles shine for the Maccabees.
Eight candles shine for the Maccabees.

Down from the mountains with Liberty's sword,
They came like the flame of the Lord.

The tyrant was routed with all of his men,
And the temple made holy again.

Hanukah's children will never forget
The glory that shines for us yet.

(chorus after each verse)
Dance the horah, light the menorah,
This is the time of joy,
The road to freedom we take today,
With the Maccabees leading the way.

Happy Hanukkah, S. in Seattle

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Subject: The Latke Carols (Shelley Posen)
From: Joe Offer
Date: 11 Dec 01 - 04:09 AM

Aha! I found them. They're by Shelley Posen, the "Songfinder" of Sing Out! Magazine and a very important member of the Finest Kind.
-Joe Offer-

By Shelley Posen

First Carol
Tune: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

We eat potato latkes on Channuka each year
With apple sauce or sour cream they quickly disappear
So have another helping as the dish goes round, and cheer,

CHORUS Oh, latkes to eat and enjoy, to enjoy
Oh, latkes to eat and enjoy,

Come light the festive candles, the party to being
Eat latkes by the dozen while the merry dreydls spin
The snow shines bright and cold outside white we are warm within.

I have a little dreydl, I made it out of clay
And when it's dry and ready my dreydl I shall play
These words are from another song, let's sing them anyway.

Second Carol
Tune: Sans Day Carol (Oh, the holly bears a berry..~~~)

Oh, my mother fries her latkes in Crisco or shmaltz
They are always a hit both with kids and adults

CHORUS: And the Jews they fought for freedom with Judah Macabe
And the best food of Channuka it is the latke, latke, latke
And the best food of Channuka it is the latke.

Oh, my mother grates potatoes with one onion small
Flour, salt, and baking powder, then eggs bind them all

Oh, my mother eats her latkes with applesauce fine
But I prefer sour cream and sugar on mine.

Oh, my mother makes latkes that we all do praise
And the small cruse of oil lit the Temple eight days.

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From: GUEST,uncookied Genie
Date: 07 Dec 04 - 08:35 PM

Chappy Chanukah, chaverim!

Genie §:-D

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From: Fred Maslan
Date: 07 Dec 04 - 09:34 PM

Happy Hanukah all, I believe the words of the bracha translate as "who has given us life, and sustained us and brought us to this time."
(quible, quible.)enjoy

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From: Jack The Lad
Date: 08 Dec 04 - 05:29 PM

Here's something I wrote for the kids in my school to perform at Channukka.
Happy Channuka everybody, whicheverway you spell it.

Hannukka Rap

Long ago in the land of Judah lived a man who had four bruddah,
His daddies name was Matathious, Boy Oh Boy he sure was pious,
His name was Judah ,called The Hammer ,he was big and strong a real hard slammer.
Said "I'm a Jew , don't eat no pork, I just wanna pray and with God talk.
I got me a farm, raise corn and sheep, don't mess with me if ya don't wanna weep.
In Modi'in I make my home , don't mess with me- just leave me alone.
My brother El he sure is strong, wherever I go, he goes along.
Yonni, Jonny & Shim they always jive, we stick together and stay alive.
My daddie's Matti, a fine old bloke, won't bend the knee, won't wear no yoke.
We do our thing, don't want no stress, no cops, no pigs- don't want no mess."
Till one fine day there comes this geek- says "Antiochus says you'll all be Greek"
Who me? Be Greek? What's that you speak? I'm one fine Jew I'm strong not weak.
I won't bow down ! Wont pay no tax, won't eat no pork for midday snacks.
Won't play no games won't worship Helen, I ain't no Greek so don't be yellin'.
Get out of my hair, get out of my face- just quit my land don't leave no trace!
Well the Greeks saw red, got sore and mad- sent GI troopers after Judah and his dad.
"We'll hunt you down, like mad wild dogs- till you bend the knee and eat our hogs."
We grabbed our swords and gave a yell- "We got our Lord- you go to hell!"
Folks all joined in – we got a gang, we vowed Antiochus was gonna hang.
We kicked their butt, we whupped their ass, them Greeks didn't know what came to pass .
We got up to Jerusalem, the Holy City, what we saw there sure was a pity.
The House of God was all defiled- our blood sure boiled, we sure were riled.
We needed oil, not just one jar, that's all there was- it wouldn't go far.
We scraped and scrubbed that Temple clean- You'd never know those Greeks had been.
And that one jar –That Holy Light , it burned and burned, all day all night.
For eight whole days just like a miracle, you'd better believe it- Don't be cynacle.
So me and my brothers we went back home- Then for many years they left us alone.
Now all us Jews get fat at Hannukka, eat jelly doughnuts,
( even Monica).
Fry them latkes, spin that dreidle, eat all the levivot you are able.
We showed those Greeks we don't take no crap- and now we're singing this
Hannukka Rap!

copyright               Menachem Vinegrad November 2003.

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Subject: Hanukkah song: "Mi Y'Malel"
From: Genie
Date: 08 Dec 04 - 08:02 PM

Here's another popular Hanukkah song:
Lyrics & MIDI for "Mi Y'Malel"

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From: Zany Mouse
Date: 08 Dec 04 - 08:06 PM

Way back in the 70s I had a joke/cartoon book all about Christmas from a Jewish point of view. It was hysterical, very dry, evil humour. Sadly I can't even remember the name of it but I would REALLY like another copy. Does it ring a bell with anyone?


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Subject: ADD: Hanerot Halalu
From: GerryM
Date: 16 Dec 20 - 11:41 PM

I think Hanerot Halalu hasn't been posted to Mudcat. It's a prayer recited after lighting the Hanukah candles. The following lyrics use only the first four words of the prayer:


Hanerot, hanerot, hanerot halalu (x2)
Anu madlikin (x2)
Hanerot halalu anu madlikin

Hanukah, Hanukah, by these lights remember (x2)
When we lived in peace (x2)
By these lights remember when we lived in peace.

Repeat first verse.

The English verse is not a translation of the Hebrew. All the Hebrew says is, "We kindle these lights."

There are some very nice recordings online.
This is Mare Winningham.
This one was not identified by the person who posted it, but a commenter correctly identified it as (Priscilla) Herdman, (Anne) Hills & (Cindy) Mangsen, from the Voices of Winter album.

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