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John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops


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Subject: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Jeri
Date: 16 Feb 02 - 08:47 PM

We recently had a thread on the song "Susanna Martin." I have a Folkways record I bought used, with no cover, several years ago and the song is on it. Other songs are:

Side A
1. Lookie There!
2. Death of Goodie Nurse
3. Lowell's Indian Fight
5. The Gloucester Witch
Side B
1. Giles Corey
2. Bloody Brook
3. Old Mammy Redd
4. Flud Ireson
5. Robin Goodfellowe

The record says they are "early New England ballads, collected and sung by John Allison." I'm curious about who John Allison is/was. I live in New England, and this album is my first contact with him or his work. Anything you could tell me about him would be appreciated.

Also, did he ever publish the songs he collected?


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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Malcolm Douglas
Date: 16 Feb 02 - 09:39 PM

Basic information about the record can be seen at Smithsonian/Folkways:  Witches and War Whoops

I don't recognise any of the song titles, though some appear to refer to historical events or people belonging to New England.  I suspect that they were not traditional, but written by Allison himself; I'd be interested in hearing more about it.

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Jeri
Date: 16 Feb 02 - 09:58 PM

Malcolm, I do think it's possible he wrote the songs. I hadn't heard of Allison except for this album, but I also haven't heard any of the songs elswhere that haven't traced back to him. The songs do sound traditional to me, but it's not hard to write traditional-sounding songs.

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: dick greenhaus
Date: 16 Feb 02 - 11:07 PM

John took for-real broadsides and wrote music for them, generally appropriate ones. He sang in the 40s, originally with his wife Lucy; later by himself. Recorings were, by most of today's standards, over-arranged.

John lived in Old Lyme, CT. Probably his best-known songs are Rifleman's Song at Bennington; Tarrytown (Wild Goose Grasses); Bowery Grenadiers. A good scholar.

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Jeri
Date: 16 Feb 02 - 11:28 PM

Thanks Dick. I'm not overly fond of the tunes or the arrangements, but that just comes down to my personal preferences. As I recall (and I really should listen to the album again), there's just one guitar, although it seems a bit showier than many people like these days.

This record says ©1962, but I suppose it was a re-release.

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Malcolm Douglas
Date: 17 Feb 02 - 01:11 AM

That's interesting.  Susanna Martin certainly seems to be a modern composition, though, and the only useful reference I can find at the moment to what might be any of the other titles is this:

The Lamentable Ballad of the Bloody Brook by Edward Everett Hale.

Robin Goodfellowe could be anything, of course. There was a ballad of that name printed by Henry Gosson in the first half of the 17th century, set to an older tune, Dulcina, and other songs were later printed with Robin Goodfellow prescribed as tune; for example, at  Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads:

The downfall of dancing; or, The overthrow of three fidlers, and three bagg-pipe-players  Printed between 1671 and 1704 for J. Deacon, at the Angel in Guilt-spur-street, without Newgate [London].

Is there any information available about any of Allison's textual sources?

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Jeri
Date: 17 Feb 02 - 09:49 AM

Malcolm, all I have is the record in a sleeve. There was no jacket with it. Maybe Dick or someone else has more information. I wrote down the words to a couple of songs years ago, but I'm not sure what I did with them. I intend to listen to the album today. (Have to move things off the turntable first!)

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Sandy Paton
Date: 17 Feb 02 - 01:03 PM

I think John Allison also wrote "Hudson River Steamboat" and I know he wrote "Nantucket Lullaby." K.C. King leads the Hudson River song on The Boarding Party's first Folk-Legacy recording: 'Tis Our Sailing Time (CD-97). Good song!


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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: georgeward
Date: 18 Feb 02 - 02:09 AM

Sandy's right about "Hudson River Steamboat." If memory serves, John (sometimes called "Jack" by friends) was from a family of Hudson river folk who worked on the river. He lived in Pound Ridge, NY in his later years. A grad student of mine (who can declare herself, if she sees this) spent some time with him. This would have been around 1980 - give or take a couple years. I believe he was over 80 then, and more inrerested in painting than in singing.

Somewhere, I have ( or had) a 78 from the 1940s of John and Lucy doing "The Riflemens' Song at Bennington". Very uptempo. Not to my taste either, Jeri. Although I did get a kick out of the accordian. Different time, different aesthetic.


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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: GUEST,Bob Coltman
Date: 25 Feb 06 - 01:00 PM

Four years later, not a bad time to revive this thread.

By the way, the Folkways link has bitten the dust, and I cannot find any copy of Witches and War Whoops for sale.

John Allison is underrated, I think. Somebody in Old Lyme or Pound Ridge should root around, see what's available. It would be nice to know more of his biography, performing history, friendships (how did Pete Seeger get "Wild Goose Grasses," did they know each other? You might get good data from Pete, who despite his recent admission to ailment, does faithfully answer his mail), and list of composed and/or arranged songs.

A websearch turns up next to nothing. Beware, there is a more modern John Allison out there, in fact several, but one who is a noted musician and thus gets lots of Google hits.

I should think there might be an Allison archive somewhere, a deposit in a local museum, files, data, something...?

Maybe "In Tarrytown / Wild Goose Grasses" is his most widely sung song, but there is much more to him, and while his and his wife Lucy's musical aesthetic runs closer to the Frank Luther and Zora Layman / Marais & Miranda mold than to what we think of nowadays as folk style, he had a nice way with a tune, and a great love for the musical history of the Northeast.

Yes, he did adapt older stuff, and the contents of the FW album suggest that.
He and Lucy also did an earlier album, 78s, during the 1940s, "Songs of the American Revolution and the War of 1812." Not sure if it was an RCA VIctor original?? All I know is the custom dubbed version sold by Stinson in the 1950s.

Apparently this was a 12-inch 78 album, and the songs are largely arranged as medleys. I add my guesses at attribution. "Trad" stands in for any song that preceded Allison, including such well-known composed numbers as "Free America." "Broadside/Allison" indicates songs he found as broadsides, put tunes to, and arranged.

LP contents:

1. Johnny Has Gone For a Soldier (trad) / Bennington Riflemen (trad/Allison, see DT thread)
2. Major Andre (broadside/Allison?)
3. Nathan Hale (broadside/Allison?) / Cornwallis' Country Dance (trad to tune of Pop Goes the Weasel)
4. Constitution and the Guerriere (trad) / Betty Martin (trad)
5. The Hunters of Kentucky (trad) / Ye Parliaments of England (trad)

1. Free America (trad) / Unhappy Boston (??uncertain) / White Cockade (a song, not the same as either of the two traditional fiddle pieces, and thus probably not traditional, but by Allison)
2. Yankee Doodle (trad) / Boston Tea Tax (broadside/Allison)
3. The Chieftain's Bride (trad...very interesting. One of the great early American broadsides, one of a very small group dealing with Americans and Native Americans living side by side and often hurting each other. Parallel texts in Belden and other sources. Tune perhaps Allison, thus "broadside/Allison")
4. Bombardment of Bristol, R.I. (unknown, perhaps Allison)
5. The Ballad of Bunker Hill (trad/Allison), Death of Warren (uncertain)

The album is tuneful and fun, though thoroughly pop, in the sort of style later familiar from, say, John Langstaff - - - tolerable if not at all authentic.

But the man had a way with a song.

I would be interested in postings from anyone who can add details of John and Lucy Allison's life as performers and people. They had a unique feel for the archaic New England, if nothing else, and deserve to be better known.

Sounds like a good historical task for DTers to tackle. Anyone have a copy of Wtiches and War Whoops they'd like to copy the notes booklet from? Lyrics to the songs, and the usual good Folkways biographical information, would be a fine and worthy addition to this thread.


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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Janet Elizabeth
Date: 01 Mar 10 - 11:30 AM

Thanks for the thread, everybody ... :-)

The Witches and War Whoops album is now available for download from iTunes.
It's subtitled Early New England Ballads. 10 tracks. Sadly no sleeve notes.

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Thomas Stern
Date: 01 Mar 10 - 09:26 PM

I also would like to know something of JOHN & LUCY ALLISON's background. Anyone have birth/death dates for them??
Below is a list of the recordings I am aware of.
Thanks for any information.
Best wishes, Thomas.

John & Lucy Allison

radio: The Jubileers'
Sawyer's Minute Men
The American Folk Singers
The Allisons
The Connecticut Folk Singers

RCA Victor Set P-11 Ballads of the American Revolution and the War of 1812
                      Folk Song Series Vol.1
A program of Early American Songs taken from the Collection of John Allison

John and Lucy Allison and Sawyer's Minute Men
(Dick Sawyer, John Mitchell and Bill Mitchell)

Victor (black label, gold print) 26458-26462 5-10" 78rpm
insert booklet of notes by John Allison, texts

P 11-1 26458-A
1.Free America
2.Unhappy Boston
3.The White Cockade
John and Lucy Allison
with Sawyer's Minutemen
Singing with accordion, bass and guitar

P 11-2 26458-B
1.Yankee Doodle
2.The Boston Tea Tax
John and Lucy Allison
with Sawyer's Minutemen
Singing and whistling with drums, accordion, bass and guitar

P 11-3 26459-A
The Chieftain's Bride
John and Lucy Allison
with Sawyer's Minutemen
Singing with accordion, bass and guitar

P 11-4 26459-B
The Bombardment of Bristol, R.I.
John Allison
with Sawyer's Minutemen
Singing with oboe, accordion, bass and guitar

P 11-5 26460-A
1.Ballad of Bunker Hill
2.The Death of Warren
John and Lucy Allison
with Sawyer's Minutemen
Singing with accordion, bass and guitar

P 11-6 26460-B
1.Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
2.Riflemen's Song at Bennington
John and Lucy Allison
with Sawyer's Minutemen
Singing with drum, accordion, bass and guitar

P 11-8 26461-A
1.The Capture of Major Andre
John Allison
with Sawyer's Minutemen
Singing with accordion, bass and guitar

P 11-8 26461-B
1.Nathan Hale
2.Cornwallis's Country Dance
John and Lucy Allison
with Sawyer's Minutemen
Singing with piano, accordion, bass and guitar

P 11-9 26462-A
1.The Constitution and the Guerriere
2.Hey Betty Martin
John and Lucy Allison
with Sawyer's Minutemen
Singing with drum, fife, accordion, bass and guitar.

P 11-10 26462-B
1.Hunters of Kentucky
2.Ye Parliament of England
John and Lucy Allison
with Sawyer's Minutemen
Singing with accordion, bass and guitar.

BLUEBIRD RECORDS Made by RCA VICTOR BC-44 3-10" 78rpm            1941
SONGS OF THE ZOO (John Allison)
Sung by John and Lucy Allison with instrumental acc.
BC 44-1 B-618-A Songs of the Zoo-Part 1 The Elephant
      2       B                  -Part 2 1.The Buffalo 2.The Chamois
      3 B-619-A                  -Part 3 1.Mrs.Tall Giraffe 2.The Panda
      4       B                  -Part 4 1.The Camel 2.The Tiger
      5 B-620-A                  -Part 5 1.Little Mrs.Penguin 2.The Peacock
      6       B                  -Part 6 1.The Hippopotamus 2.Monkey Shines

From the VICTOR library of Children's Records
Songs of the Zoo Sung by John and Lucy Allison
color gatefold sleeve
deep blue label with silver printing
record is Bluebird with dog & horn His Masters Voice logo,
RCA Victor division of Radio Corporation of America Camden, N.J.

RCA Victor Y-309
(39-3029 A B 618 A)
Side 1 39-3029-A Y 309 SONGS OF THE ZOO-Part 1 The Elephant
(39-3029 B B 620 B)
Side 2 39-3029-B Y 309                  -Part 2 1.The Hippopotamus 2.Monkey Shines

RCA Victor Y-337 Picture Sleeve....                               1947

KEYNOTE K102 Early American Ballads    3-10" 78rpm
by John and Lucy Allison

K 102-1 533 A PATRIOTIC DIGGERS       (1103)
K 102-2 533-B THE GREENLAND FISHERY   (1110)
                NANTUCKET LULLABY

         534    Sir Peter Parker
                Ballad of Saratoga

         535    Unfortunate Miss Bailey
                Ballad Of The Tea Party & Escape Of Old John Webb

BILLBOARD MARCH 24 1958 lists Ficker Records as new label

FICKER (Old Greenwich, Conn) C100001
(XTV 26838/26839)
Heroes, Heroines & Mishaps
John Allison with the Connecticut Folk Singers

A1 Gypsy Davy
A2 The Riverman's Daughter
A3 The Titanic
A4 Peggy
A5 The Golden Vanity
A6 Slow Mule

B1 Wreck on the C&O Road
B2 The Wild Goose Grasses
B3 The Bowery Grenadiers
B5 Betsy From Pike
B5 The Cow Chase
B6 Waily, Waily

FICKER C 10008 Spaceway Ballads Folksongs of the Rocketmen (circa 2075 A.D.)
(XTV 27542/27543)
John Allison and the Connecticut Folk Singers

A1 Life On A Rocket
A2 Rocket Away
A3 The Heritage of Men
A4 The Pup That Rides The Sky
A6 The Maiden of Venus
A7 The Worlds of Space

B1 Der Yodel Von't Kom Oudt!
B2 Song To Venus
B3 The Crazy Dane
B4 The Missile That Missed
B5 Ol' Earth A-Rollin'
B6 Rookie Take-off Song
B7 The Ruddy Red Regions

Early New England Ballads Collected and Sung by John Allison
insert notes by John Allison, texts.
songs credited to Allison, except A2 Cooke-Allison, B4 Whittier-Allison

A1 Lookie There!
A2 Death of Goody Nurse
A3 Lovewell's Indian Fight
A4 Susanna Martin
A5 The Gloucester Witch

B1 Giles Corey
B2 Bloody Brook
B3 Old Mammy Redd
B4 Flud Ireson
B5 Robin Goodfellowe

June 4, 1941, Town Hall, NYC
Burl Ives, Tony Kraber, Earl Robinson, The Almanac Singers, Pete Bowers,
John and Lucy Allison, Aunt Molly Jackson, Starlite quartette, Joshua White, Leadbelly, Harold Ambeyen, Elsie Houston, The American People's Chorus, directed by Herbert Haufrecht with Arthur Alkins as soloist.

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: GUEST,Doug Bennett
Date: 17 Jul 10 - 02:45 PM

If your interested in biographical backgtound on John Allison, he was my great uncle and son of William Otis Allison, who was my great-great grandfather. John Allison was an accomplished painter and singer. There is considerable information on W.O.A. that can be found through a google search "William Otis Allison" he was a very successful publisher, hotel owner and realestate investor who was also the first mayor of Englewood Cliffs NJ. His roots go back to about 1640 with allison relatives coming to America on one of the boats that accompanied the second trip of the Mayflower. Other family relatives included American Revolution vets, successful furniture makers in mid 1800s New York City.

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Crow Sister (off with the fairies)
Date: 18 Jul 10 - 09:42 AM

Anyone interested in the background info on and lyrics to these ballads about the Salem trials, can download a (free) PDF of the liner notes from Smithsonian Folkways:

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Thomas Stern
Date: 18 Jul 10 - 11:06 AM

Hello Doug Bennett,
Thanks for the information about John Allison.   I wonder if
you have any more detail about John Allison's life, marriage,
birth/death dates. He seemed to "disappear" from the 'folk' scene,
wondered if he did concerts or other public performances (there seem
to be a number of radio appearances).
Also, details of the geneology.
Dick Greenhaus provided the information that his papers
are a special collection at the NYPL R&H collection - I'd like to go through that if/when I have time, and if it can be arranged - particularly to document the extant recordings (not included in my listing previously posted).
The only concert reference I found was the 1941 Cavalcade of Songs
at Town Hall - would be quite interesting if it was recorded.
If you wish to PM me, I'll send my e-mail address.
Thanks again!
Best wishes, Thomas.

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
Date: 19 Jul 10 - 08:53 PM

Thomas- he was born on Jan 13, 1893. his full name was John Blauvelt Allison. He was the youngest of I believe five children. My grandmother was the oldest, born July 13, 1885. John was known by me as uncle Jack. I remember him from the 1960s. Friendly, and I recall he always had a guitar and liked singing when visiting. The famous ancester was his father. There is a lot on the web, do a google search on "william o allison" he was born poor at the base of the palasades and became wealthy and left a trust for his children. This allowed them to follow their artistic interests. My grandmother was a poet, well published but not a lot of info on the web. Uncle Jack pursued music and painting. He was an archiver of the family history. Family rumor is that Burl Ives once approached him to partner. Another rumor was that he was asked to invest in a salad dressing by a guy whose name was Helman. Uncle Jack did neither. I have no facts to substantiate either- but quite possible. Uncle Jack lived in New York State. I remeber a white hose with a unused well in the backyard.

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: GUEST,William Allison McGee
Date: 30 Jan 11 - 11:29 AM

Grandpa Jack is how we knew him but we lived on the west coast he on the east and he did not like to fly, did it once to see us and never again after that. I have fond memories of him sending a big package every Christmas season wrapped with brown paper and a white twine tied as well. I have original copies of Witches & War-Whoops and Spaceway Ballads. His works are archived at the Smithsonian and I'm told in Montclair at the NJ Art Museum but have not confirmed that. I still live on the west side of the country but some day will take up the challange of going east and doing lots of research.

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
Date: 25 Jun 11 - 10:10 AM



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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Joe_F
Date: 25 Jun 11 - 06:46 PM

I have the Folkways LP, including the jacket, which however has no information on it, and an insert, which explains a good deal. According to it, Allison did not write any of the songs, and only two are of known authorship. However, he "had recourse to expansion or contraction wherever it seemed necessary".

In particular, the one called "Flud Ireson" is an abridgement of John Greenleaf Whittier's poem "Skipper Ireson's Ride", which (as noted there and elsewhere) is widely held to be inaccurate & unfair not only to Mr Ireson, but to the women of Marblehead.

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Joe Offer
Date: 27 Mar 18 - 05:39 PM

Folkways now has the album and notes at this URL:

Anybody have new information about Allison and his recordings?


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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Joe Offer
Date: 27 Mar 18 - 05:48 PM

for the record, here's Tarrytown:

Thread #131049   Message #2953535
Posted By: Bill D
27-Jul-10 - 08:16 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Why is a low apron desirable?
Subject: RE: Origins: Why is a low apron desirable?

♫"*In Tarrytown* (John Allison)

This is a Hudson Valley version of the old English/Irish/Scots ballad "The Butcher Boy". From the singing of John Allison, this song dates back to the U.S. colonial era.

In Tarrytown, there did dwell
A lovely youth I knew him well
He courted me my life away
And now with me he will no longer stay

Oh, wide and deep, my grave will be
With the wild goose grasses growing over me

When I wore, my apron low
He courted me, through ice and snow
Now that I wear, my apron high
He walks right down the street and passes by

Oh, wide and deep, my grave will be
With the wild goose grasses growing over me

There is an inn, in Tarrrytown
There my love goes and sits him down
He takes another, girl on his knee
And she has gold and riches more than me

Oh, wide and deep, my grave will be
With the wild goose grasses growing over me
Oh, wide and deep, my grave will be
With the wild goose grasses growing over me."♫

and Jean Redpath sang: (from memory)
"When my apron did hang low,
He'd follow after thru wind & snow,
But now that my apron's to my chin,
He passes my gate...but he won't come in."

"I wish, I wish, though I wish in vain,
I wish I was a maid again.
But a maid again I can never be
Till apples grow on an orange tree"

I wish, I wish that my babe were born
And sitting on my mother's knee
And I, poor girl, were dead & gone;
Green grass growing over me"

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: GUEST,DrewG
Date: 08 Apr 18 - 11:17 AM

Hello, I have just started researching John Allison. I got interested in him and his paintings when I came across the March 25, 2018 offerings through the Butterscotch Auction Gallery.   I believe you can still access the link online.   They offered approximately 30 lots, including artwork, a collection of his albums as well as his personal victor gramophone, and some personal items. I did manage to win a few lots including a file of writing and photos, which I hope to receive in the coming weeks. It is curious they use Williams as his middle name, but my research indicates Blauvelt is/was his middle name as indicated in an earlier post.   I found an article entitled "John Allison- The Collector as Folk Artist". Published by New York Folklore Vol 9 Issue 3 (1983) pages 27-36. It is copyright protected and as such I cannot post it here. It can be purchased for $3 and I found it very informative, well worth reading.   You can access the link and see a preview for free.   

I am still searching for other information but to date have not found much...either in the way of obituary or other documents. It appears John died October 1, 1981.. I did find through the 1920 and 1930 census he had two children, John D born 1934 and Joan born 1927. I hope to have more to post after I do a bit more research. I welcome any other information that might com to light.

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: DrewG
Date: 01 May 18 - 05:13 PM

Following references in several earlier posts, I have obtained some information from both the Montclair Art Museum and the New York Public Library. NYPL. The Museum file on John Allison is quite small, comprised of copies of two oil paintings, two short newspaper clippings about his art work and a program of 24 paintings exhibited at the Feragil Galleries.   The articles are from 1940 and 1941.   The paintings and program are undated, but I believe they were from the 1930s.   Please let me know if you would like additional information.

The NYPL has some of his recordings in one file. In the other file there are 22 boxes of material. Nothing is digital, but in my next post, I will provide some detail about what is in each box. Looks like it covers his entire lifespan which will answer many of the questions raised, and shed a lot of light on this very talented artist.

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: DrewG
Date: 02 May 18 - 06:49 PM

Here is a list of information from John Allison in the 24 boxes at the New York Public Library (not 22 as I originally believed).

John Allison – files in New York Public Library


(Nos. 1-11)

Folksong texts Rough cuts and work sheets Original wrappers for rough cuts and work sheets


I. Fan mail, re: Broadcasts Victor Albums, etc. II. American folk singers letters III. Singing commercials IV. Songs & lyrics in work V. Radio scripts: WBMS WNEW WRNY WODO WQXR WOR SING AMERICA Action scripts WNYC VI. Material used for Spratt book (incomplete) VII. Folksey songs for little folks


VIII. Copyrightable [songs]

1. Strawberry Hill 2. In the pimer 3. Look away over Yandro 4. The Yankee Peddler 5. Old Mommy Redd 6. The Philosophic Flea 7. The riverman's daughter 8. The little old woman

VIII. Copyrightable [songs]

9. Mister Santa Claus 10. The Mary Powell 11. Oh Fred, tell them to stop! 12. Wind in the sycamore 13. The little cat angel 14. The salem witch 15. Has anybody seen our cat? 16. Peter Parker's song 17. Wings of the morning 18. Charlottine or the frozen girl 19. Roger Williams' hymn 20. Walk, jaw bone 21. My old black cat 22. The Cape Cod sailor 23. Away down in Main 24. Nantucket Lullaby 25. Goodbye little Bonnie 26. Flud ireson 27. Sad is my heart 28. The philosophic flea 29. Night herder 30. The dreary black hills 31. Johnny has gone for a soldier 32. Little sparrow 33. Where the elm grows green 34. The bowery lass 35. Bundling song 36. Cajun lullaby 37. The mill 38. Under the broom 39. Johnny Randall 40. What would grandma say 41. Home came the old man 42. Mush, mush 43. The jilted cavalier 44. Silver trumpets 45. Dur Yodel von't kom out! 46. Ninna-nonna 47. Michael Roy 48. 2 cats of killbenny 49. Green mountain maid 50. Squine bill BOX 3 (continued)

VIII. Copyrightable [songs]

51. Jonah's family 52. It couldn't. be done 53. The Titanic 54. The Boston tea tax 55. Riflemen's song at Bennington 56. Sourwood mountain Original wrappers and notes




IX. Clippings, press releases; resumes;

X. song texts; extra copies songs -- some rewritten...

XI. 1. When they march 2. Lonesome locomotive Joe 3. Wiki wiki malahoni 4. Wind in the sycamore tree 5. Riflemen of Bennington 6. Lasca 7. Cape Cod sailor 8. My heart goes Zoom 9. It'll be far away 10. Sad is my heart 11. Squire Bill (new tune 6/12/63) 12. The Yankee Peddler 13. Oh Fred 14. Trumpets in the sky 15. Jonah's Family 16. Little Sparrow 17. The jilted cavalier 18. Gal with the honey-colored hair 19. Salt wind blows 20. Cajun lullaby 21. Sad is my heart 22. Goodbye little Bonnie 23. Bobbety Blue 24. That oompa tune 25. Behind these bars 26. Abner Vanae 27. That old piano dust 28. The chipmonk 29. Original wrappers



1. The Janitor's Boy by Nathalia Crane 2. Songs of Independence by Irwin Silber 3. Folk-Songs and other songs for children edited by Jane Byrd Radcliffe 4. Songs of Happy Life compiled by Sarah J. Eddy Whitehead 5. Hello From Pooh Tuck


Katonah Collection - A musical play

music, words, sketches

1. Hymn (sung by villager) and Look up 2. Miranda (new version) 3. Crokinole 4. While there's time 5. Don't ask me why (Clarke show) 6. New (3/4) Katonah Theme 11/9/63 7. Minstrel Katonah Song 8. Money Song


Katonah - .A musical legend

lyrics, words, & music

1. A small country town 2. Children's chart (follow the leader) 3. There s going to be a wedding 4. Some fine day 5. Experience 6. Something borrowed, Something blue 7. What is this feeling? 8. Hymn sung by villagers 9. How do you make ‘em know you're a girl 10. The Dream Waltz (Dance) 10A. Experience Reprise Act I 11. We're goin' to move a town 12. On the move (Dance theme) 13. Can you keep a secret? 14. Money secret 15. What is this feeling 16. Don't ask me why 17. Storm Ballet (Dance) 17A. Some Fine Day (Reprise by Stephen) 18. While there's time 19. A Girl named “You” 20. Hey ! We did it again

--extra copies of pieces --cue cards


Katonah - A musical legend (continued)

Music scores (#1-9)

1. 3 copies of lyrics herewith of Ballads sung by the Guitar - strumming minstrel 2. 3 copies of all lyrics herewith, 3. Many moons ago (underhill and Indians) 4. Night sky 5. It s scand’lous 6. Crokinole 7. Some Fine day 8. Some extra lyrics 9. Demo script no. 1 play 10. a proposed treatment “Berkeley Square” by John Balderston

BOX 10

KATONAH - A Musical Legend

Lists in the order of the number that is on the original folder.

Katonah, It's for us (with counter melody)

2. A small country town 4. Dear House (6010- Leona) Revision 9/23/67 5. Now that I have time for love (solo - J.J. Carpenter) 6. Some Fine Day (solo - Stephen) 7. Children's Chant (Follow the leader) 8. Miranda's Verandah (Miranda & villagers) 9. There's going to be a Wedding (underhill & villagers) 11. Experience (J.J. and yes-men) 15. The Dream Waltz (instrumental) 16. Reprise - experience 17. We re going to move a town (Stephen & workers) End of Act I 18. On the move - Dance themes 19. Work-the-wobbly (Leona with children) 20. Can you keep a secret? (solo - Collin) 21. Money song (J.J. Carpenter & yes-men) 23. What is this feeling? Reprise - Act II (Stephen & Leona) 24. Don’t ask me why (solo - Leona) 25. We are going to move a town (Reprise) 26. While there’s time 27. A Girl named “you” (Stephen & Collin) 28. Hey We did it again

Work Sheet: Chief Katonah (Indian Song) Pattern for “small country town” Extras & substitutes - Ballet ideas Chief Katonah (also verse for Finale song) Pattern for “small country town” Katonah extras and substitutes -- storm ballet ideas willow tree for ballad singer Ballet - Katonah It s Scand’lous Night sky Minstrel - willow tree Katonah song No.2 - Minstrel

BOX 11


1. Minstrel Sequences (music score, lyrics) 2. Some fine day (lyric, worksheets) 3. A Girl named you (music with words, worksheets) 4. On the move (Dance) (music with words, worksheets) 5. A small country town/waltz song (work sheets, lyrics) 6. Dream waltz (music only) 7. Something borrowed (lyric, work sheets) 8. How do you make them know? (score, worksheets) 9. Wedding song (lyric, music with words, worksheets) 10. My secret (lyrics, worksheets, music/words) 11. Experience (lyrics, music/words, worksheets) 12. Follow the leader (lyrics, worksheet) 13. We are going to move a town (lyrics, worksheets, music/words) 14. How do you make ‘em know? (score) 15. Mirror melodies background for scrim scenes 16. Something borrowed, something blue (duet) score 17. What is this feeling? (music and words) 18. Shake hand with Hetty Green (score, newspaper clipping, worksheets, etc.) 19. Katonah (it’s for us) (lyrics, worksheets, music/words)

BOX 12

1. Leona Rocking Horse 2. Hey! We did it again 3. Dear House 4. Clarke Show (general info.) 5. Clarke-love song What is this feeling? and reprise

Katonah (onion skin originals - also copies for xerox)

1. Now that I have time for love 2. It s scand’lous 3. Katonah, It's for us 4. Dear house 5. Look up 6. Crokinole 7. Many moons ago or (Chief Katonah) 8. Miranda's verandah 9. Wock the Wobbly 10. A Small Country Town 11. Final list of songs in proper order/character description and voice range of the four principals. 12. Lyrics for reproduction (masters) 13. Lyrics for reproduction (minstrel) 14. Sheets describing principals and voice range 15. Minstrel 16. A Small Country Town 17. Children's Chart 18. There's going to be a wedding 19. Some Fine Day 20. Experience 21. Something Borrowed 22. What's this feeling? with new lyrics 23. How do you make ‘em know? 24. The Dream Waltz - Dance 25. Experience - reprise 26. We re going to move a town 27. On the move 28. Can you keep a secret? 29. Money song amended 9/5/63 30. What’s this feeling? reprise - Act I 31. Don t ask me why 32. Move a town reprise 33. Some Fine Day reprise 34. While There's time 35. A girl named “You” 36. Hey we did it again!

BOX 13 (words only)

A. Old Minstrels and Standard Popular

1. Come Josephine in my Flying Machine (Alfred Bryan-Fred Fisher) 2. Bell Bottom Trousers (old Navy song) 3. Massa's in de cold, cold ground (Foster) 4. Mocking Bird 5. Daisy Bell (Harry Darcre - 1892 - Harms) 6. Frankie and Johnny (cut version) 7. My Gal Sal (Paul Dresser - Edwin B. Marks, pub.) 8. A Man and His Song (Sidney King Russell - ASCAP) 9. IDA Sweet as Apple Cider (Eddie Leonard) 10. The Pretty Girl that Winked at Me BOX 13 (continued)

11. The Band Played on (Palmer - Ward -Harms, Inc.) 12. Just a Melody (Carson Robinson) 13. Waltzing Matilda 14. St. Louis Blue 15. The Moth and the Flame (Taggart - Wizz/Edwin Marks, pub.) 16. Na Lei 0 HAWAII 17. I wish I was single again

B. New England and the East

1. Bowery Grenadiers 2. Escape of Thomas Macy (Whitter) 3. The Cow Chace (Satire on Ballad of Chevy Chace by John Andre) 4. Early Ballad (Jonny Randal) 5. Lord Lovel and Nancy Bell 6. Early American Ballad on Bundling 7. Poor old Jack 8. Bureaucratic Blues 9. The Soldier's poor little Boy 10. Caesar Rodney's Ride 11. The Skipper's Taste 12. Hoggie's Song 13. Capture of General Prescott 14. Ballad of the two little boys 15. Kitzel Mich NET (German song) 16. The Hog Thorny Bear 17. Lovely Peggy 18. Fiddling Soldier 19. The Old Black Cat 20. The Frozen Girl or Fair Charlotte 21. Cherry Tree Carol 22. Cockles and Mussels 23. The Mary Powell 24. Careless Love 25. Michael Roy 26. Unfortunate Miss Baily 27. Tarrytown (from the ancient “James Douglas” Ballad) 28. Jonny Has Gone (sung during Revolutionary Times) 29. Grandma's Advice (traditional) 30. The Engineer's child 40. Tom's Gone to Hilo (an Halliard Shanty) 41. Drill, Ye Tarriers (Thos. F. Casey - 1880) 42. Courtship of the Birds (Old English :Ballad) 43. The Erie Canal (sung by “The Jubileers”) BOX 13 (continued)

44. Hoggie Song (Helen Bagley) 45. Willie the Weeper 46. Pierre De Bon Bon (De Paris - 1870) 47. Ben Bolt (words, Nelson Kneass) 48. The Skip that Never Returned 49. A Valentine 50. Jonny Get Your Gun 51. Grandmother's Chair 52. Old MacDonald had a Farm 53. Aura Lea 54. The Mulligan Guards (David Braham - 1873)

BOX 14 (words only)

C. Old Ballads and Mountain Songs

1. The Little Mohea 2. Hand me down my Walking Cane 3. Billy Boy 4. Putting on the Style 5. Wayfaring Stranger 6. Kitzel Mich Net 7. Blue-Tail Fly 8. Big Rock Candy Mountain 9. Hoosen Jonny 10. Frankie and Jonny 11. Whistle, Mary Whistle (play party song) 12. The Ranger Fox (traditional American) 13. Cotton-eyed Joe 14. Ho-Dee-ing-Dong Doodle-Ally-Day 15. Where, oh Where is Old Elijah? (Southwest Pioneer Song) 16. The Broken Engagement (Southern Mountain Ballad) 17. Ballad of the Boll Weevil 18. Greenland Fishery and Nantucket Lullaby 19. Sweet Willy 20. The Butcher's Boy 21. Long Green Valley (Jealous Lover) 22. Springfield Mountain (traditional) 23. I am sad and I’m Lonely (Carl Sandburg version) 24. The Freight Wreck at Altoona 25. Driving Steel 26. The False-Hearted Lover (traditional) 27. The House Carpenter (Tavern Ballad from Colony Days) 28. The Devil’s Bargain (New England Ballad) 29. Ballad of Sydney Allen (Maggie Andrews) 30. The Quaker’s Wooing 31. Zeb Turney’s Girl (a Tennessee Clan Song) 32. Erie Canal (music and words) 33. The Vance Song 34. Ballad of John Hardy

D. Plantation and Negro Melodies (words only)

1. Tom Bigbee River or the Gum Tree Canoe (music/words) 2. Melindy May 3. Kingdom Coming (Henry C. Work) 4. Babylon is Fallen (Henry C. Work/ Civil War) 5. Clare De Kitchen 6. Morning by the Bright Light 7. Nancy Till 8. In the Lowlands Low parts of music 9. Hear Dem Bells (MC Cosh) 10. In the morning by the Bright Light (Cue card I) 11. Sing Song Kitty / Can't you KI-ME-O 12. Go1den Slipper 13. Nelly Bly (Foster) 14. Walk Jaw Bone 15. Old Folks at Home / Swanee River 16. Darling Nelly Gray (B.R. Handy) 17. Roll-out / Heave Dat Cotton 18. Dese Bones Gwine To Rise 19. Oh, Mr. Rabbit (collected by Dwight Franklin)

BOX 15 (words only)

E. West and Southeast (and Novelty Songs)

1. Kansas Boys 2. Nellie Dare and Charlie Brooks 3. The Valley so Low or Down in the Valley (Frances Adams version) (words and music) 4. Billy the Kid 5. The Little Old Sod Shanty 6. Twenty-one Years 7. The Ballad of Jesse James 8. The Dreary Black Hills 9. Cowboy Jack (word and melody from Henry McKinley) 10. Kitty Wells 11. The Strawberry Roan 12. The Cowboy's Dream 13. Oh Susanna 14. Git Along Little Dogies 15. Otto Wood 16. I Ride an Old Paint 17. A Home on the Range 18. Red River Valley 19. No Sir (Mexican Border Ballad) 20. The Pibald-Dun 21. The Long Star Trail 22. Sing Ti-Yi-Yi-Yip with the Cowboys / The Government Claim 23. Yodelin Jim (A Cowboy Song) 24. The Strawberry Roan (words and music by Fred Howard, Nat Vincent, Curley Fletcher) (music score) 25. Hallelujah! I'm a Baum 26. Remember the Red River Valley (music and words) 27. To California, Ho! 28. Oh Susanna (music score)

F: From the Brown Folder: Early American Songs

1. Hunters of Kentucky (Lomax version) (words) 2. Miss Baily (music and words) 3. Jonny has gone for a soldier (music and words) 4. Rifleman’s Song at Bennington – 1777 (words) 5. Bombardment of Bristol, R.I. (music and words) 6. No title - First sentence “Ye pirates of the rolling wave…” (music and words) 7. Free America (all parts) (music and words) 8. Constitution and Guerriere (2 copies) (music and words) 9. Hunters of Kentucky (complete booklet material of Rev. Song) program notes 10. Hunters music 11. Bunker Hill (music for bass) music 12. Mary (music for violin) music and words 13. The Chieftain’s Bride (music) 14. Ballad of the Capture of Major Andre (music and words) 15. Nathan Hale and Cornwallis's Country Dance (words and music) Nathan Hale (music for guitar and voice) (music) Nathan Hale (music for bass) (music) Nathan Hale (music for piano) (music) 16. Yankees Return (all parts) (words and music) 17. Adams and Liberty (Robert Treat Paine - 1798) (words) 18. Lincoln and Liberty (music and words) 19. Song by Sir Peter Parker (words) 20. Ballad of Saratoga (words) 21. Escape of Old John Webb (words) 22. Patriotic Diggers and The Nation’s Builders (Carpenter's Song) 23. No title “The soldiers from town to the…” (music and words)

G: Manuscripts and Music

1. My favorite Mountain Ballads and Old Time Songs (song book, words only) 2. Mary’s Lamb (Mary had a little lamb) 5 p./paraphrasing into plain English/words only 3. No title: “When the herds were watching in the midnight chill...” (music/words) 4. Song about Johnnie (lullaby) (words only) 5. The Bold Prisoner (words only) 6. Rodger Young (Pfc. Frank Loesser) (music/words) 7. Mr. Hawley Bursts into Song (words only) 8. The Curtains of Night (arr. JBA) (2 pages, words only) 9. Joe Hill (words by Alfred Hayes, music by Earl Robinson) 10. If you have a Rose for me (Moritz E. Schwartz) 11. The False Lover (New England version) (words only) 12. Careless Love (words only) 13. Little Country Kid (words and music, John Allison) 2 pages 14. The Blue Juniata (words only) 15. Ship the Same Old Crew (words only, 2 pages) 16. Patriotic Songs (a booklet of 65 old songs) pioneer community song sheet/words only 17. Slow Dogies, Slow (American Folk tune) (words only, 2 pages) 18. All Alone on the Mountain (words only) 19. No title “Gather round me all you people...” (duet/words only, 2 pages) 20. Song Hits of Yesterday since 1890 (a Book of all the favorites from 1890) (song book and words only) 21. Away Down in Maine (old song from Mrs. Swift, 1924) (words only) 22. A Booklet of Songs “pioneer community,” song sheet, 75 Favorite songs (words only) 23. Pick up Oakum (words only) 24. The Orphan Girl (words only) 25. Abdul Abulbul amir (words only) 26. The Crying Family (from Elaine Lambert Lewis) (words only, 2 pages) 27 Famous Old Cowboy Songs (a booklet of cowboy songs) (words only) 28. Coes-plenty-coos (music by John Allison, words by Theodore Dibble) (music and words, 2 pages) 29. No title “My dad was a famous two-gunman...” (words only, 2 pages) 30. No title “So long Nancy gal, I'll meet you by and by” (words only) 31. No title “I lived in New Hampshire, a mason by trade...” (words only) 32. No title “The Bible will tell you the story...” (words only) 33. New York Evening Journal (Simon Wheeler) (words only)

BOX 16 (words only)

H: Novelties

1. It's the Syme the Whole World Over 2. The Oompah Tune 3. Lay-dee-oh-lay-dee 4. Der Yodel Won't come Out 5. Early Ballad on Bundling 6. That Bored Expression (from Walt Smith, 1942) 7. The West Ain’t What it Used to Be (composed by Carson J. Robinson) 8. Song of the Prince (Crumit – De Costa) 9. The Jilted Cavalier 10. The Cuckoo Bird (words and music by John Allison) 11. The Katydid and the Bumble-Bee 12. The Philosophical Flea (from Walton Smith) 13. The Little German Band 14. Return of Abdul Abulbul Amir (Cramit-Curtis) 15. Travel, Little Star (Bryan-Pryor) 16. My Last Cigar 17. Down by de Winegar Woiks (Bestor-Lewis-Donovan; Schapiro-Bernstein) 18. The Punkin’ Center Band (specialty with Dick Sawyer) 19. Der Fuehrer's Face (Oliver Wallace) 20. The Williams Man (from Barbara Benner - 1940) 21. Over the River to Jersey (Fred Fisher - J.A.) 22. The Dutchess threw HWR CRUTCHES Away (Fisher-Jentes) 23. No title “Frankie and Jonny were lovers...” 24. Balls Picinics Parties 25. Go to a Passport Photographer (Ray Perkins) 26. Oh, My Operation (Rose McDonald - Jesse Greer) 27. She Came Rolling Down the Mountain (Lippman - Sherwin - Richman) 28. Petunias (SK Russell...John Allison)

I: American Revolution and Colonial (words only)

1. Singing Country No. 1 “Singing Soldiers” 1776-1860 (play, words only) 2. Unfortunate Miss Bailey (folk song) 3. No title “Hey, Betty Martin, tip-toe, tip-toe…” 4. SARATOGA (words and music) 5. Jonny Has Gone for a Soldier (bass part, words and music) 6. Civil War Medley/Tramp Tramp Tramp 7. Ye Parliament of England and Hunters of Kentucky 8. You Gentlemen of England 9. Yankee Doodle (Lomax) (The Yankee's Return from Camp) 10. Free Amerikay 11. The Chieftain’s Bride 12. Ballad of Bunker Hill and The Death of Warren 13. We're Bound Against the Rebels in North America (words and music) 14. Constitution and Guerrier (with Chanty melody for the trio)

BOX 17

J: New Set - Early Ballads

1. Unfortunate Miss Baily (words only) 2. Escape of Old John Webb (music and words) 3. The Greenland Fishery/The Nantucket Lullaby 4. Song by Sir Peter Parker (music and words) 5. Ballad of Saratoga (chorus lines only) (music and words)

K: Songs and Ballads of Transportation

1. Automobiling and Come Josephine in my Flying Machine (words only) 2. To California Ho! And As Through the Park I go (words only) 3. The Frozen Girl or the Fatal Sleigh ride (words only)

L: Children's Stuff for Live Shows (words only)

1. Song of the Christmas Presents 2. The One-Horse Open Sleigh (Jingle Bells) 3. Camptown Races 4. Here Fido 5. 5 Songs No titles (words only) 6. A Folder containing materials for children's show for television (includes song words, scripts)

M: Around our House in Song (words only - idea outline and samples)

1. Wheat cakes 2. Ice Cream Sodas 3. Mr. Duyster 4. Rainy Day Fun 5. The Lady on the Little Brown House 6. Scaring Grandpa 7. The Cuckoo Clock 8. The Wings 9. The Fairy Garden 10. The Nyack Flyer 11. The Big Parade 12. The Gray Kitten 13. More songs of the Zoo (suggested titles) (sheet of paper with 11 song titles) 14. Titles for “ Around Our House:” An envelope with cards with titles of “Around Our House.”

N: Transportation Songs

1. The Clipper Ship Dreadnaught and The Ship that Never Returned and The Black Ball Ship (1. music and words, 2. words only, 3. Words only) 2. To California Ho and Michael Roy (words only) 3. The Flying Velocipede and Daisy :Bell (words only) 4. Casey Jones (words only) 5. Whoa, Mule, Whoa... (Erie Canal Song) 6. Dolly, A Song of the Trolley and Take a Car (l. music and words, 2. Words only) 7. As Through the Park I Go (song by Lingard - 1880) (words only) 8. In My Merry Oldsmobile (Bryan-Edwards, 1904, words only) 9. The Little Caboose (words only) 10. Shine On (words only) 11. The Wreck of the Old Ninety-Seven (words only) 12. Monah (Oh Monah you Shall be Free) (words only)

O: Original and Exclusive

1. Hide your Light Sandy Hook (music and words) 2. Coos-Plenty-Coos (music and words) 3. Heinie Waltzed Round on his Hickory Limb (Ingraham-Cragg) (words only) 4. Sparkles on My Eyes (music and words) 5. Shaggy Haired Mongrel of Mine (words only) 6. Carol (William Canton/John Allison) (words only) 7. Lullaby (words by Julia Lieb, music by J. Allison) 8. Lather and Shave Them (words only) 9. Yodelin' Jim (J. Allison) (words only) 10. He is a Texas Cowboy (words only) 11. The. Little Red Petticoat (from Aunt Molly) (words only) 12. Memory Inn (words only) 13. The Riverman's daughter (words only) 14. Ribbons and Laces (words only) 15. Vilikins and his Ornah (words only) 16. Rickenbacker Ballad (Rescue of Capt. Rickenbacker) (words only) 17. Night Herding Song (Harry Stephens - John Allison), (words only) 18. Songs of the Christmas presents (words only) 19. Jonah and the Whale (words only) 20. The Little fish (words only) 21. In the Carolina Mountains (words only) 22. The Work We Do is Nothing to the Job They Do Out There (words only) 23. Sweet Prairie Violets (melody and lyrics fragments from Neal Taylor) (music and words) 24. Pick up Oakum (River Jingle – W.O.A.- 1856) (words only) 25. Uncle Sam's Mad (words only) 26. Hudson River Steamboats (words only) 27. Clan Song (Pound Ridge) (words only) 28. The Old Man's Mad (by John Allison) (words and music) 29. Country Kids (words only) 30. Shaggy Haired Mongrel of Mine (words only) 31. Ballad of the Rescue of Eddie Ricken Backer (words only) 32. Comrade Hague (H.I. Phillips and John Allison) (words only) 33. Give ‘em a Broadside from Broadway (words and music by J. Allison and Ted Dibble) 34. Hudson River Steamboats (words only) 35. Lasca (by J. Allison) (words only) 36. In the Penitentiary or Doing the Best I Can (words only) 37. These Prison Bars (by John Blauvelt, B.M.I.) (words only) 38. About a Black Lamb (words and music)

BOX 18

P: Songs of Zoo Publicity A folder containing press releases of Animal Songs

Q: Brochures and Publicity for Projects, Records and Program Ideas.

R: Children

1. The Varmint's Jubilee (music and words) 2. Folk Songs for Young Folk (words only) 3. Cricket Song (music score and words) 4. Oh, Mister Rabbit (music score and words) 5. Keemo-Kimo (traditional, music score and words)

6. Wait for the Wagon (words only) 7. Dolly-Wolly-Doodle (words only) 8. Lucy Long (words only) 9. Song about old-fashioned steam engines and trains (words only) for kids' show) 10. Jenny Wrew (words only) 11. The Tin-Maker’s Man (words only) 12. A list of all the song titles arranged by places. 13. Cut-out cards about folk songs for little folks from children's set. 14. Extra song titles for children's show (cards)

S: Old Manuscripts/Lucy' s songs/Early “ART” Songs

1. Choice of Luncheon (music score and words) 2. April (music score and words) Sydney R. Russell 3. Breakfast Time (James Stephens) (music score and words) 4. An Old Song (Poem by Katharine Allison MacLean) (music by J.B. Allison; music score and words. 5) Dream, Dream, Dream (Eugene Field, music by Lucy Newton Dodsworth. (words only) 6. Longing for Spring (R.A. MacLean, John B. Allison) 7. The Travellers (Amelia Josephine Burr, J.B. Allison) 8. I don't like Beetles (Rose Fylman, J .B. Allison) 9. The Piper (Rachel Lyman Field, J.B. Allison) 10. The Janitor's Boy (Nathalia Crane, J.B. Allison) 11. Suffering (Nathalia Carne; J.B. Allison) 12. Oh, Roger Jones 13. Love (Nathalia Crane, J.B. Allison) 14. The First Snowstorm (Nathalia Crane, J.B. Allison) 15. Major Diatonic and Chromatic Scale (Made by Mr. Newcombe)

T: The Face on the Barroom Floor and other famous old-time recitations (words only)

1. The Face on the Barroom Floor 2. Asleep at the Switch 3. Jim Bludso (A tale of the Mississippi) 4. Town in the Lehigh Valley 5. Whispering Bill (A Tale of the Civil War) 6. The Volunteer Organist 7. The Kid's Last Fight 8. Lips that Touch Liquor Must Never Touch Mine (also includes writing and clippings, pictures, articles)

BOX 19

U: Heroes, Heroines and Mishaps

1. The Riverman's Daughter (music, scores, words) 2. Wreck on the Cando Road 3. Gipsy Davy 4. Sweet Betsy From Pike 5. Wild Goose Grasses 6. The :Bowery Grenadiers 7. The Cow Chase (composed by Major John Andre - 1780) 8. Slow Mule 9. Lovely Peggy (words only) 10. Waille, Waille (music, score, words) 11. Golden Vanity (music, score words) 12. Titanic (music, score, words)

V: Allison Programs Songs/melody lines and chords

1. Boll Weevil (melody only) 2. Puttin' on the Style (melody with words) 3. Bowery Grenadiers (melody only) 4. No sir, No (melody and. words) 5. Engineer's Child (melody and words) 6. Signature (melody only) 7. Erie Canal (melody only) 8. Daisy Bell (melody and words)

W: Complete set of leadsheets and program notes Space Way Ballads/Ficker Record Job/Script Cards and music/ all copyright certificates and notice of use

1. Complete set of leadsheets and program notes - also .Space way ballads, suggestions for album cover, program notes concerning each section 2. Song to Venus (words and music) 3. Life on a Rocket 4. Rocket Away 5. Johnny's off for Ganymede 6. The Heritages of Men 7. The Pup that Rides the Sky 8. The Maiden of Venus 9. The Worlds of Space 10. Der Yodel Won't Kom Out 11. The Crazy Dane 12. The Missile that Missed 13. Ol’ Earth A-Rolling 14. Rookie Take off Song 15. The Ruddy Red Regions of Mars 16. A folder with program notes concerning each selection and all the words to each song. 17. A folder containing the ideas in general for the space song, “The Formula.” 18. Articles about Mr. Allison on his work pertaining to American Folk Songs 19. Feature articles in Life on Science Fiction, Rocket travel, etc. 20. List of Space terms 21. Cool Green Hills of Earth (music and words) 22. The Earthlight is Calling (words only) 23. Der Yodel Won't Come Out (words and music) 24. Life on a Rocket (words and music) 25. Ol’ Earth A-Rolling (words and music) 26. The Missile that Missed (words and music) 27. The Crazy Dane (words and music) 28. The World of Space (words and music) 29. The Pup that hides the Sky (words and music) 30. The Maiden of Venus (words and music) 31. Rookie Take Off Song (words and music) 32. The Ruddy Red Regions of Mars (words and music) 33. Songs To Venus (words and music) 34. Johnny's off for Ganymede (words and music) 35. Rocket Away (words and music) 36. The Heritage of Mars (words and music)

New Allison Collection (5) - (copy)

1. When They March (music and words) 2. Lonesome Locomotive Joe 3. Wiki Wiki Malahini 4. Wind in the Sycamore Tree 5. Riflemen of Bennington 6. Lasa 7. Cape Cod Sailor 8. My Heart Goes Zoom 9. It’ll be Far Away 10. How Well I remember 11. The Yankee Peddler 12. Oh Fred 13. Trumpets in the Sky 14. Jonah's Family 15. Little Sparrow 16. The Jilted Cavalier 17. Gal with the Honey-Colored Hair 18. The Salt Wind Blows 19. Cajun Lullaby 20. Sad in My Heart 21. Goodbye Little Bonnie 22. Bobbety Blues 23. That Oompa Tune 24. Behind These Bars 25. Abner Vance (2 copies) 26. That Old Piano Duet 27. The Chipmunk 28. Clippings, Resume lists of John Allison's songs 29. Song texts: 1. The Bowery Lass 2. Mush Mush 3. Beer 4. The Little Cat Angel 5. Life on a Rocket (space song) 6. At the Baker's 7. Cobbler's song 8. Huckle-Gee Bread 9. The Funny Old Man in the Moon 10. Hiawatha's Mittens 11. Rye Cove School House Disaster

BOX 20

X: Old Lettered Song Cards (duplicates of song lyrics)

Words only

1. Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-Der-E! BOX 20 (continued)

2. Sing on Brother Sing 3. The Cuckoo Bird 4. She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain 5. The Devil's Bargain (Old New England Ballad) 6. Honey-Colored Hair 7. Oh Fred, Tell Them to Stop (George Meen 1869) 8. Sad is My Heart (music and words) 9. Come Home Father (music and words) 10. Keemo Kimo (words only)

Words only

11. Rye Cove Disaster 12. Who's a Gonna Shoe Your Foot? (Brewster Version - great Smokys) 13. The Day of Independence (Will Carleton in Farm Ballads) 14. Dat's just What De Good Book Say (River song) 15. Daisy Bell (Harry Dacre -1892-Harms) 16. Keep on Ringin' Dem Bells 17. The Butcher's Boy 18. The Little Black Moustache 19. The First or Broken Hearted Willy 20. Maggie or When You and I were Young, Maggie 21. Hat River Girl (From Lumber Camps - Wisconsin and Michigan) 22. The Man on the Flying Trapeze (property of The Jubileers) 23. Jim Along Josey 24. Hum-A-Dum-A-Dum (A lively lullaby from the South) 25. The German Fifth 26. Ballad of the Two Little Boys 27. The Boll Weevil 28. King of the Bangaloos 29. Captain Jinks 30. The Spanish Cavalier 31. The Streets of Laredo 32. Hoggie Song 33. Caboose 34. The Williams Man 35. Hoggie on the Towpath 36. The Cherry Tree Carol 37. The Erie Canal 38. Little Brown Jug 39. Gypsy Davy 40. The Bowery Grenadiers (property of The Jubileers) 41. Whiskey Johnnie (Halliard Shanty) 42. Lili Marlene 43. Yaller Gal 44. The Tatooed Lady (untitled) 45. “There are Sunny Summer Islands in the Ocean”

Y: Children's Songs / Songs of the Zoo (Lyric, music and words)

1. The Kangaroos and the Polar Bear 2. The Camel/The Tiger/The Little Fawn 3. The Polar Bear /Tropic Bird 4. The Camel/The Vain Peacock? Sleepy Shake 5. The Elephant 6. The Keepers 7. Monkey Shines 8. The Buffalo 9. Little Mr. Penguin 10. Mrs. Tall Giraffe 11. The Hippopotamus 12. Animal Song 13. Rig-A-Jig-Jig (Away we Go) 14. Raccoon Song 15. Polly ! Wo11y Doodle 16. Oh, Mister Rabbit 17. The Fairy Dancer 18. Cricket Song 19. Varmint's Jubilee 20. The Chipmunk 21. Hudson River Steamboats 22. Soda Song 23. Charlie Kell's Hunting Song

Box 21 (oversize)

Z: “New England Homespun” (for an L.P. album)

(words only)

1. Untitled: “Oh, the Captain and all the ship's officers...” 2. The Colorado Trail 3. Winsome Johnnie or I know where I'm going 4. Three Old Ladies 5. Untitled: “My sweetheart's the man on the moon...” 6. Untitled: “When I was young my Grandma Sue. . .” 7. Keep your eyes on the Hands 8. Nonsense 9 Lili Marlene 10. The Bad Wife 11. The Women (Rudyard Kipling) 12. Maui Girl 13. Isle of Capri Parody 14. Cajun Lullaby 15. The .Foggy, Foggy Dew 16. American Folk Ballad, “Who Will Shoe your Little Foot” 17. Wild Goose Grasses or Tarrytown 18. Little Sparrow 19. Girl with the Golden Hair 20. Heine Waltzed Round on his Hickory Limb 21. I wonder as I wander 22. The Little Mohea (solo version-1952) 23. There's a Bridle Hangin’ on the Wall (Carson Robison) 24. Greet the Sunny Day (March song) (music and words) 25. Carol (music and words) 26. The Skipper's Taste (music and words) 27. Roger William' Song (music and words) 28. Bennington (rifleman's song) (words only) 29. Roger William's Song (words only) 30. The Cape Cod Sailor (words and music) 31. I Dream of My Love (words only) 32. “New England Homespun” (words and all music for the album) 33. Away down in Maine (words and music) 34. Home Came the Old Man (folk song series) 35. The Yankee Peddler (words only) 36. Where the Elm Grows Green (words and music) 37. The Comely Lass (music and words) 38. The Ranger Fox (words and music) 39. Little Sparrow (words and music) 40. The Frozen Girl (words and music) 41. The crazy Dane (words and music) 42. Ficker Folk Song series (heroes, heroines and mishaps) 43. Bowery Grennadiers, Tarrytown printed copy 44. Carol (2 copies) 45. A Notebook on Personalities (metal spiral to be removed) 46. 2 notebooks 1) on S. Russels 2) Articleon Sidney Web and his wife 47. Article: “Folk Music is From the Heart” 48. “Witches and War-Whoops:” Envelope, drawing, and words to “Lovewell's Indian Flight”

BOX 22 (oversize)

“The World's Best Music” song anthology (5 volumes)

BOX 23

Supplementary Material

Folder #'s 1-4: “Shiver In The Pines a folk play by William Baring-Gould based on a series of short stories by Manly Wade Wellman; songs by John Allison:” papers, music, lyrics, scripts, etc.

Folder #5: “Men Against The Stars [by] William Baring-Gould [and] John Allison.” Typescript of play.

BOX 24

“Witches & War Whoops:” 6 folders of material, including photostats of illustrations, lead sheets, lyrics, work sheets and booklet drafts. ALLISON COLLECTION


Material separated from the collection.

All our lives. Baltimore, Diana, c.1976 Armitage M. Junior laurel songs. Boston: Birchard [c. 1917]. Abbott, Wilbur C. NY in the American Revolution. New York: Charles Scribners, 1929. Barry, Phillips. British Ballads from Maine. New Haven: YUP, 1929. Boys and girls Bookshelf. New York: University Society, [c. 1920] vol.6. Burl Ives Song Book. New York: Ballantine, [c. 1953]. Carmer, Carl. Songs of the Rivers of America. New York: Farrar and Rinehart [c.1942]. Colcord, Joanna. Songs of American Sailormen. New York: Norton, 1938. Cox, John. Folk songs of the South, Cambridge: HUP, 1925. Drake, Samuel. A Book of New England Legends. Boston: Little Brown, 1906. Eddy, Mary O. Ballads and Songs from Ohio. New York: Augustin, [c. 1939]. Flanders, Helen. New Green Mountain Songster. New Haven: Yale, 1939. Garretson, Ferd. Carmina Yalensia. New York: Taintor, [1867]. Heart songs. [n.d.]. Jackson, George. Early Songs of Uncle Sam. Boston: Humphries, 1933. Johnson, James W. The Book of American Negro Spirituals. New York: Viking, 1925. Kelley, Adelaide. King Washington. New York: F.C. Fitch, [n.d.] Let Music Ring. Boston: Birchard, [c. 1949] Linscott, Eloise. Folk songs of Old New England. New York: Macmillan, 1939. Macdowell, E.A. Songs, Opus 47. Leipzig: Breitkopf and Härtel, [c.1898]. Promenade Magazine. (v. 1-2) Radcliffe-Whitehead, Jane. Folk songs. Boston: Ditson [1923]. Randolph, Vance. Ozark Mountain Folks. New York: Vanguard, [c. 1932]. Riley, Alice. Lilts and Lyrics from the Schoolroom. Chicago: Summy, 1907. Sandburg, Carl. American Songbag. New York: Harcourt Brace, [c. 1927]. Spaeth, Sigmund. Read ‘em and Weep. Garden City: Doubleday, 1927. Spaeth, Sigmund. Weep some more my lady. Garden City: Doubleday, 1927. Stevenson, Burton. Poems of American History. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, [c.1908]. Thompson, Harold. Body, Boots and Britches. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1940. Welsh, Charles. Book of Nursery Rhymes. [n.p.] DC Heath, [n.d.].

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
Date: 12 Feb 21 - 09:16 AM


I am very interested in the archives of John Allison. I know that, among his papers, he had correspondence between Vilhalmur Stefansson and Frances (Allison's sister).

This correspondence could be of great interest to the researchers of the 'Eskimo Robinson Crusoe' Ada Blackjack.

John Allison is known to have painted at least one picture of Ada Blackjack, and in his later years he was hoping to illustrate a book version of 'Ada Blackjack's Diary'.

If anyone has any information leading to either the letters between Stefansson and Frances Allison, or John Allison's painting(s) of Ada (last sold at auction in 2018), I would be extremely grateful.

email - paddy dot blackjack at gmail dot com

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: GUEST,#
Date: 12 Feb 21 - 10:03 AM

Check Google Images

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Subject: RE: John Allison/Witches & War-Whoops
From: Stilly River Sage
Date: 12 Feb 21 - 11:23 AM

Go to the New York Public Library and look for John Allison papers and see if there are any finding aids online. The description of each box is what you see in the 2018 post above, but finding aids will have been created by archivists and will give more granular detail about the contents. Those are often online these days. (Often papers are housed but not processed; if there wasn't an endowment to support the collection the papers await a volunteer or student to start the work.)

If you don't find what you're looking for, take your best guess about where those might be in the collection and email the library with your request for information. If you're not sure how to go about it, ask your own local library if they will help you place the request.

Good luck with your research! Here are a couple of links to get you started.

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