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Mudcatter's CD's Part 2


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Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull 31 Jul 02 - 02:27 AM
greg stephens 31 Jul 02 - 07:34 AM
greg stephens 31 Jul 02 - 08:18 AM
greg stephens 31 Jul 02 - 08:41 AM
greg stephens 31 Jul 02 - 08:49 AM
Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull 05 Aug 02 - 12:36 PM
Cappuccino 05 Aug 02 - 01:55 PM
Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull 05 Aug 02 - 02:04 PM
Big Mick 05 Aug 02 - 03:24 PM
hesperis 05 Aug 02 - 07:07 PM
michaelr 05 Aug 02 - 07:24 PM
kendall 05 Aug 02 - 07:35 PM
Cappuccino 06 Aug 02 - 02:56 PM
InOBU 06 Aug 02 - 09:19 PM
Stephen L. Rich 07 Aug 02 - 08:37 AM
Jon Bartlett 08 Aug 02 - 03:52 AM
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Subject: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull
Date: 31 Jul 02 - 02:27 AM

Part 1 got too long for some people. If you have recorded a CD tell peple about it here. Please note this is part 2 of a permathread and is just for letting others know about your CD, anything else could be deleted by Joe.cheers.john

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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: greg stephens
Date: 31 Jul 02 - 07:34 AM

I never did get to access the first part of this thread, it was too long for me to read before I found it.Ok, details of CDs(or CD's) I have out. I'll have to do one posting per album,my system goes funny if I try to type for more than 20mins and I'm not very clever.

Harbourtown Records Harcd 036 This is a double CD, featuring all our work with JC Gallow,legendary Louisiana creole/zydeco musician (Lawtell Playboys etc).
1: 'Tit Galop pour le Pointe-aux-Pins
2: Zydeco Burke
3: Oh Baby
4: Reno waltz
5: Bernadette
6: fee Fee Poncho
7: ciel
8: Sur le Courtebleau
9: New Iberin Polka
10: Lake Arthur Stomp
11: Rocke Me Baby
12: La Porte en Arriere
13: In the Evening
14: Why you wanna make me cry
16: Happy One-Step

CD2 (previously on cassette as "Fais pas Ca")

1: Eunice two Step
2: Cherokee Waltz
3: She Worries Me
4: Animal Zoo
5: Church Point Two-Step
6: Bayou Teche
7: Mardi Gras Song
8: Zydeco Cha-Cha
9: Les Traces de mon Boghei
10: Devillier Two-Step
11: Zydeco Run
12: Tous les Temps en Temps
13: Hee Haw Breakdown
14: Les Deux Jumeaux

Availability: from Harbourtown Records (, sorry cant do blue clickies). Or direct from me, send me a PM, but I cant handle credit card transactions or non-UK cheques. But if you buy direct from me, I get a bigger cut!

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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: greg stephens
Date: 31 Jul 02 - 08:18 AM

Next album:

traditional Cumbrian tunes
Harbourtown records Harcd 039

1: Jig:A Trip to the Lakes
2: Polkas: Carlisle Reel/ Haul Away the Hawser/ Trip to Cartmel
3: Cumberland Waltz/ Westmorland Waltz
4: Reels: Robinson's/ The Honeymoon/ A Bonny Lass to Marry me/ The Cumberland
5: Hornpipes: Keswick Bonny Lasses/ Stables' Grand
6: Song: The Birds upon the Trees
7: Jigs: Cumberland Reel/ Carlisle Races
8: Polkas: Dear Tobacco/ Bonny Cumberland/ King's Polka No 1/ King's Polka No 2
9: Hornpipes: Stybarrow Crag/ Iron Legs/ The Calgarth
10: Song: Corby Castle
11: Jigs: Kendal Ghyll/ When I parted/ Ulverston Volunteers
12: Westmorland Waltz
13: Cumberland Square Eight tunes: My Love is but a Lassie yet/ Whitehaven Volunteers/ Through the Wood Spinning
14: Air: A Trip to Galloway

Availability: from (not issued yet, out very shortly). Special offer to Mudcatters: I have a handful of CDs left from the original souvenir run of these, made for the Duddon Valley Folk Festival last year as an antidote to foot-and-mouth blues. Take your pick:flasher production values etc, go to Harbourtown, but you might have wait a month or two. Homely insert, but collectors' item, try me with a PM.

English music fans: this is hardcore traditional English tunes.
Celtic music fans: this is hardcore traditional Celtic tunes (Cumbria and Cumberland mean "land of the Celts") People who get bored with traditional tunes with only a couple of songs thrown in: this album is probably not for you.

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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: greg stephens
Date: 31 Jul 02 - 08:41 AM

Traditional Cheshire tunes

This is actually a Boat Band recording, but made domestically with very low production values as a teaching aid/memory-jogger for sale at the workshops we do on local traditional music. Welsh Row is a street in Nantwich with a lot of pubs on it: no reference is intended to the noise made by our musicianly neighbours in Sheep Country a few miles west.

1: Lyme Park/Slip it in Easy(jigs)
2: The Sultan's Polka
3: Knutsford Races(schottische)
4: Stoke Hornpipe
5: Nantwich Fair/ Oats and Beans(jigs)
6: Chster Races (reel)
7: Roger de Coverley (9/8 hornpipe or slip-jig)
8: George King's Hornpipe (3/2 hornpipe)
9: Chester Hornpipe/ Chester Castle
10: An English Set of the Broom (air)
11: Apple Pie(processional tune)

Bear in mind this is a teaching aid,made without benefit of decent mikes, rehearsal etc. Punky cut-and-pritstick photocopied insert on cheapo paper. If you're still interested,PM me (or email boatband(at)cwctv(dot)net. Cost you £6. A lot of people actually rather like this record!.

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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: greg stephens
Date: 31 Jul 02 - 08:49 AM


"Back up and Push" and "Take me Over the Tide", the first two Boat Band cassettes on Harbourtown, are currently unvailable, but will shortly be reissued on CD as a "Boat Band: the early years" type of thing.
"The Beggar Boy of the North"( Greg Stephens and Crookfinger Jack),1970's Fellside LP and collector's item, first ever record devoted to NW English tunes, is long since deleted but about to spring on the world again as a CD.
"Not for Sale"(The Boatgators) remains as a collector's item (available in glove-compartments of battered old hippies' cars).

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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull
Date: 05 Aug 02 - 12:36 PM

refresh, if you have made a CD tell people about it here, if you havent already.john

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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: Cappuccino
Date: 05 Aug 02 - 01:55 PM

If you can handle Christian folk-blues with a slightly irreverent and rebellious twist, try our CD 'In Real Life', which is probably unique in having the Bible, a pint of beer and a pack of ciggies on the same cover. The electric blues follow up, just as rebellious, is 'Shake Off the Dust' (a quote from the Gospels).

PM to me or visit for details - no purchase price, but donation to our charity appreciated.

- Ian B

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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull
Date: 05 Aug 02 - 02:04 PM

tell us a bit about your charity Ian, what is it called, whgat do they do etc?

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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: Big Mick
Date: 05 Aug 02 - 03:24 PM

Mick Lane, known here as Big Mick, along with his bandmates in THE CONKLIN CÉILÍ BAND have released their new CD "Over The Waterfall" as an independent release. Click the link for a thread that describes the CD and includes the liner notes. Ordering info is in that thread.

All the best,


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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: hesperis
Date: 05 Aug 02 - 07:07 PM

My one-woman band, Between the Worlds

Music for meditation and sacred dance, with an accompanying booklet of lyrics, song notes, and dance notation.
1. Stillness Within (Beautymix)
2. Seal Woman
3. Danse Universal
4. Skylark
5. Tslil Zugeem
6. Abundant Harvest
7. Unicorn Dream
8. I Will Be A Hero Someday
9. ANRUKIMLO (Vocalmix)
10. Undersea Quiet
11. Gates to Worlds Unseen
12. Night Garden
13. Life Lives On

Tslil Zugeem is an Israeli traditional, unfortunately I do not know the words, so it is done in a low panflute. Everything else is original, either sung or a multi-textured instrumental. The lyrics are the high point of this album, though I have received quite a few very nice comments about my voice. *Blush*

It's about 50% final right now, and I'm working fast on the rest. It will probably take at least two weeks, possibly a month to be absolutely final. Presales are welcomed, and would really help to make this happen.
You can find more information and how to order here:
(I figure if I move again I'll be able to let people know the mailing address more easily on my site than on here.)

Thanks! Hope you like it.

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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: michaelr
Date: 05 Aug 02 - 07:24 PM

My band GREENHOUSE has two CDs of Celtoid music, made in California, available:


1. Come By the Hills
2. The Ups and Downs/The Rocky Road to Dublin
3. Johnny Jump Up
4. The Boys of Bluehill/Pretty Maggie Morissey
5. Bonny Portmore
6. Song of Sixpence
7. One Misty Moisty Morning
8. The Trip to Sligo/Cooley's Reel
9. Lord Franklin
10. Jamie Rayburn
11. The Cliffs of Moher/Tripping up the Stairs
12. The Cuckoo
13. AWOL (Absent Without Love)

I LIE AWAKE (2000)

1. April Morning
2. Roger the Miller
3. The Verdant Braes of Skreen
4. As I Roved Out
5. The Blacksmith (Amos' choice for the Mudcat Sampler)
6. When I Was a Fair Maid
7. Night Song
8. Rare's Hill
9. Mount and Go
10. Black is the Colour
11. I Lie Awake (Taim I Mo Shui)
12. The Star of the County Down

Soundclips and ordering info can be found at If you get a blank page, try viewing it in MS Explorer.


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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: kendall
Date: 05 Aug 02 - 07:35 PM

I don't have a new one,still got some of the old ones left though. Recorded: The Three Legged Man Shel Silverstien The Haying Song Dave Mallett Gently Down The Stream Of Time Trad. Mrs. Ravoon trad. Phoebe Snow Utah Phillips Palace Grand trad. Ashes On The Sea Utah Phillips The Band Played Waltzing Matilda Eric Bogle Rolling Home trad.

The rest is a collection of Maine humor.

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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: Cappuccino
Date: 06 Aug 02 - 02:56 PM

Hi, John from Hull, thanks for the interest.

We are Health help International, a big name for about 6 of us. We establish, staff, and equip clinics in parts of remote Zambia where people may be hundreds of miles from the nearest hospital, and may never have met a doctor in their lives. We pay for their healthcare when necessary if they have to be taken into a hospital, and we establish similar resources - we've just founded two schools for the deaf, as deaf children are 'the forgotten ones' in Zambia. (No use sending them a CD, then!)

In Nedumangad, India, we support a former worker for Mother Theresa, who works among the very poor, and who tells us of severe medical cases needing attention... sometimes the cost of treatment will be many times what they would earn in a lifetime. He gets them into hospital, we pay for it.

Nobody in the charity takes any money or expenses... so the CDs are paid for by the musicians.

Thanks for being interested! - Ian B

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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: InOBU
Date: 06 Aug 02 - 09:19 PM

Lorcan "Larry" Otway's CD with Sorcha Dorcha, the name of which is Nil Sasta Ach Amadain (Only Idiots are Satisfied)
$15 US, available by Emailing me at

Swifts' Modest a joyful celebration of the deal which brings MazzMlani Swift into the band. It is comprised of the jigs Leitrim Thrush and An Phis Fluich ( a very old Willy Clancy tune—from his father, the name of which cannot be said in English on the air ).

Engine 33: As we were finishing this CD, the tragic events of September 11, 2001 unfolded in our city. I wrote this song for the heroes of this horrific event. It focuses on the Firefighters, for the most part , of our local firehouse, who lost a quarter of their number. In that morning New York lost close to the same number of firefighters as were lost in the entire history of our fire department. The song is dedicated to all the Firefighters, Police Officers, Court Officers, and others who ran into danger so that others might come out again.

Yvette's Song: Words by Lorcan Otway, Tune traditional, is a true story, written about an Innu friend from Mani Utenam, Quebec, who has triumphed over attempts to destroy her culture and who now struggles to stop the destruction of her land by Hydro Electric dams and Mines.

Dick Turpin - Blarney Pilgrim :Notes on Dick Turpin from our friend Kevin McGrath of Harlow, England…'s an extract from the Gentleman's Magazine of the time, about the execution on April 7 1739 (taken from a book about highwaymen called Stand and Deliver by Patrick Pringle): The notorious Richard Turpin and John Stead, were executed at York for horse-stealing. Turpin behaved in an undaunted manner; as he mounted the ladder, feeling his right leg tremble, he stamped it down, and looking around him with an unconcerned air, he spoke a few words to the topsman, then threw himself off, and expired in five minutes. He declared himself to be the notorious highwayman Turpin, and confessed to a great number of robberies, and that he shot the man that came to apprehend him on Epping Forest, and King, his own companion, undesignedly, for which latter he was very sorry. He gave £3 10s to five men who were to follow the cart as mourners, with hatbands and gloves to them and several others. Jumping off the ladder was an unusual way to do it. Maybe he had some cunning plan. It made for a speedier death - but required courage. _________ Note from Lorcan… I have heard that the crowd then rushed the gallows and cut him down and that he was never pronounced dead, but was rumored to have lived out his life among Scottish Romanichales (Gypsies).

The Ballad of Richard Murray: Words Lorcan Otway, Tune Traditional. When I was a child in the 15th Street Quaker Meeting, Anna L. Curtis would tell us stories about her family. Her Grandmother was a conductor on the Underground Railroad. This is a song I wrote from a true story from the telling of Anna L. Curtis.

Amadou Diallo: Words by Lorcan Otway, Tune traditional, is about the racial blindness which led to the tragic killing of a fine young man in New York. Shortly after I wrote this song, Vice President Gore asked why a wallet in the hands of a White man in America looks like a wallet, while the same in the hands of a Black man in America looks like a gun. I hope that we may, by acknowledging the history of Africa and her people, end the process of racialization which makes Black people in this nation, so often invisible.

The Ballad of Judith Folger: Words Lorcan Otway, Tune Traditional. Another song from an Anna Curtis story. The story was told to Anna by her Grandmother, who in turn was told the story by her Grandmother, Judith Folger, who was the daughter of a Quaker Whaler during the Revolutionary war. It is a true story and I wrote the song as I think it is a song for these times.

Riddle of the Rum: I first heard this song of the 1798 Rebellion, in about 1977 from Dáithí Sproule who tells me that the words are from the book "Dhá Chéad de Cheoltaibh Uladh" and the melody was composed by his friend, Seán Ó hÉilí, from Derry. He no longer sings the verse about "extinguishing Luther's creed and George's generation -- which he says "does sound pretty anti-Protestant to me!" I however, am of the opinion that it is not so much anti Protestant, but comes from the French Revolutionary turn away from religion per se, as the United Men's Uprising was, in fact, Protestant led. I tend to view it as a Protestant, anti- Orange Order song.

The New Saint It was not without intended meaning that I set this song I wrote to a song from the Irish involvement in the Spanish Civil War. Tens of thousands of Rom ("Gypsies") were killed by fascists during the 1930's and 40's. Millions of Roma have been killed over 500 years of oppression and forced migration. At last the Catholic Church has recognized a Romany saint. They did not choose one of the many killed for their race, or defending others, but they chose a Gitano who supported Franco.

Tom of Bedlam… (Notes by on this song from Barry Finn…) "Bedlam , the popular name for St. Mary's Hospital in London for males, the woman's institution named after Mary Magdalene was called Maudlin, & it was a popular diversion to watch the antics of the poor inmates. …" A note from Lorcan... I first heard it from John Roberts and Tony Barrand. Most sources place the song as being older than 1610...

Election Day: Words Lorcan Otway, Tune Traditional. What I saw on September 11.

The Copper's Chanter: This set starts with the march, Song of the Chanter, and ends up with the march named for the chief of Police in Chicago, Chief O'Neil - who transcribed so many great jigs and reels back when...

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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: Stephen L. Rich
Date: 07 Aug 02 - 08:37 AM

Putting my solo Cd up for sale on the web is still a work in progress. Meanwhile, Some of my work can be heard on an anthology compiled by Pachanga Records called "Acoustic Dog: Volume One".

The collection contains a number of artists who are based in the American Midwest. To find out more, listen to a bit of it and, perhaps, purchase a copy Click Here

Stephen L. Rich

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Subject: RE: Mudcatter's CD's Part 2
From: Jon Bartlett
Date: 08 Aug 02 - 03:52 AM

Just out! "Blow the Man Down: Tall Ships in the Fraser", sung by the Vancouver Folk Song Society Shanty Crew. 27 tracks for a full 72 minutes, all the tracks trad shanties and well-known ones at that. What is unique about the CD is the 32-page booklet with inter alia a longish history of sail in the Fraser River (British Columbia, Canada). Obtainable from me: email me at $US15 includes packing and mailing.

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