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Lyr Req: I Give You the Morning (Tom Paxton)


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GUEST,Rich Latta 01 Aug 02 - 02:30 PM
GUEST,MCP 01 Aug 02 - 03:29 PM
GUEST,Rich Latta 01 Aug 02 - 05:09 PM
songs2play 02 Aug 02 - 02:35 AM
GUEST,MCP 02 Aug 02 - 07:57 AM
Jim Dixon 10 Oct 08 - 11:53 AM
SunrayFC 10 Oct 08 - 01:28 PM
topical tom 11 Oct 08 - 09:23 AM
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Subject: Tom Paxton's 'I Give You the Morning'
From: GUEST,Rich Latta
Date: 01 Aug 02 - 02:30 PM

An early Tom Paxton song: "I Give You the Morning". I'd sure love to find the lyrics!! Please let me know. Post it here; or email me at

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Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Tom Paxton's 'I Give You the Morning'
Date: 01 Aug 02 - 03:29 PM

Surprised not to find it in the Forum or DT, but the words can be found at Music of Tom Paxton - I Give You The Morning


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Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Tom Paxton's 'I Give You the Morning'
From: GUEST,Rich Latta
Date: 01 Aug 02 - 05:09 PM

Hey, thanks very much for those words!! How did you find those? Are there tricks to this? I appreciate any help you can give a neophyte. THanks again.

Rich Latta

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Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Tom Paxton's 'I Give You the Morning'
From: songs2play
Date: 02 Aug 02 - 02:35 AM

Find that and more Tom Paxton at

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Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Tom Paxton's 'I Give You the Morning'
Date: 02 Aug 02 - 07:57 AM

Rich - there was no real trick to it. As it happens, I know the song and could have just typed it in, but prefer not to if it's already available somewhere else.

I first checked it wasn't in the DT here (which you can do by using the DigiTrad Lyrics search box or the alphabetical list of songs - in fact I just looked in my offline copy with the Donkeywork front end).

Then I typed the title in quotes in the Filter box, set the Age box to 3 years and did Refresh to see if it had appeared in any thread title (for titles this is often better than using the next method:)

Then I again tried the title in quotes in the Digitrad and Forum search box. This searches the text of posts, but is a bit haphazard (recent posts - 1 to 2 years worth I think - have not been indexed for searching).

Having failed to find it I just used a search engine (in this case Google (although I accessed it via Yahoo UK and typed the title in quotes to search for. The site I posted was the first site that came up.(When the words are available on another site I always post a link to that site, though others differ on this - some will copy the words to the post providing it's loosely in the folk category, not pop; others will copy anyway)

Like many people using Mudcat, I have my own list dozens of sites I use for particular types of music, but there are many links available on the site here. There is the set Folk Musicians And Songwriter Links and the set Links By Category

I hope that's some help.


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Subject: Lyr Add: I GIVE YOU THE MORNING (Tom Paxton)
From: Jim Dixon
Date: 10 Oct 08 - 11:53 AM

Lyrics copied from

Tom Paxton

1. Ever again the morning creeps across your shoulders.
Through the frosted window pane the sun grows bolder.
Your hair flows down your pillow. you're still sleeping.

CHORUS: I think I'll wake you now and hold you,
Tell you again the things I've told you.
Behold, I give you the morning. I give you the day.

2. Through the waving curtain wall the sun comes streaming.
Far behind your flickering eyelids, you're still dreaming.
You're dreaming of the good times, and you're smiling. CHORUS

3. Close beneath the window sill the earth is humming.
Like an eager Christmas child, the day is coming.
Listen to the morning song it's singing. CHORUS

4. Like an antique ballroom fan, your eyelids flutter.
Sunlight streams across your eyes through open shutters.
Now I think you're ready for the journey. CHORUS

[Sung by Tom Paxton on "Things I Notice Now" (1969), "Even a Gray Day" (1983), "Storyteller" (1989), "Live in Concert" (1998), and "American Troubadour" (2003).

[Also sung by Jim McCann on "Seems like a Long Time: A Jim McCann Retrospective" (2004).]

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Subject: RE: Lyr Req: I Give You the Morning (Tom Paxton)
From: SunrayFC
Date: 10 Oct 08 - 01:28 PM

One of his best songs, and one I love singing.

The breadth of his songwriting is remarkable.

How I love one of my songs to gain a fraction of the fame.

Perchance to dream......

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Subject: RE: Lyr Req: I Give You the Morning (Tom Paxton)
From: topical tom
Date: 11 Oct 08 - 09:23 AM

songs2play: That is one great link, not only for Tom Paxton, but a link to a superb line-up of old time music from radio wfmu. Thanks!

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