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BS: Fixed Income

53 16 Oct 02 - 09:32 AM
Mooh 16 Oct 02 - 09:42 AM
Bagpuss 16 Oct 02 - 09:44 AM
mmm1a 16 Oct 02 - 10:38 AM
53 16 Oct 02 - 11:34 AM
Bert 16 Oct 02 - 03:43 PM
M.Ted 16 Oct 02 - 05:50 PM
53 16 Oct 02 - 05:55 PM
katlaughing 16 Oct 02 - 06:43 PM
Coyote Breath 17 Oct 02 - 01:52 AM
mg 17 Oct 02 - 02:12 AM
Mudlark 17 Oct 02 - 03:02 AM
diesel 17 Oct 02 - 06:14 PM
Bobert 17 Oct 02 - 06:20 PM
Don Firth 17 Oct 02 - 07:17 PM
Amos 17 Oct 02 - 07:21 PM

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Subject: BS: Fixed Income
From: 53
Date: 16 Oct 02 - 09:32 AM

I'm on disability now and things can get pretty tight. Is anyone else in my shoes?

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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: Mooh
Date: 16 Oct 02 - 09:42 AM

Hi Bob,

I don't remember where you live, but there are some resources in many communities to guide folks on fixed incomes. There are alot of common sense solutions to making money go further, but what is it you need? Are you able to pick up a little extra playing music? I bet an internet search about your situation would turn up some ideas.

When I found myself unemployed a few years ago, I returned to music and pickup jobs like gardening, driving, caretaking and so on, until I got back on my financial feet. Music has been my mainstay ever since.

Let us know how you're doing so we can help.

Peace, Mooh.

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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: Bagpuss
Date: 16 Oct 02 - 09:44 AM

Make sure you are getting everything you are entitled to - don't just expect that what you are getting is all you are entitled to. Government departments are notoriously bad at providing full information.

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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: mmm1a
Date: 16 Oct 02 - 10:38 AM

Hi Bob
I know exactly what you are going through. It can be very rough.
Check out any food pantrys in your area also there are places that will help with utilities. When I was growing up we were on a fixed income for most of my childhood,at that time I never thought we had it rough, some how my mom always found a way to have money.
Right now I have just been let go from my job and things are more then a little tight. there are many places that can help but the trick is to find them. I wish you well I know how depressing it can be. any time you need someone to bounce ideas off of just give a yell.


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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: 53
Date: 16 Oct 02 - 11:34 AM


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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: Bert
Date: 16 Oct 02 - 03:43 PM

A fixed income would sound really good right now.

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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: M.Ted
Date: 16 Oct 02 - 05:50 PM

Cutting costs is one way to get ahead--

Don't know if you own or rent, but there are often special programs to subsidize housing and utilities for disabled (Tell me if I am wrong, but I seem to remember that you are getting disability benefits)--Bagpuss is right, there are a lot of Gov't programs out there that provide money and other benefits, you just have to find them--At one point, I found a program that would provide a downpayment and closing costs for the purchase of a home--the craziest thing was that they were having trouble finding people to give the money to!

Another thing is, if you are still up to playing and performing, you should consider doing some nursing home/senior center gigs--it isn't much money, but and extra $50-75 from time to time can come in handy--

If you can do nursing home gigs, consider this: if you set aside the money you earn(excepting expenses) you can build up a buffer fund to cover those surprise expenses that are big problems to folks with a fixed income--You might even consider investing in utilities stocks and automatically re-investing the dividends--after a while, the investment will built up to the point that will have        another source of fixed income if you want to stop the re-investment--

If it comes down to it, I can give you recipes, too--do you have a bread machine? You can often find them on sale for less than $50, or you probably have a friend or relation that has one that they've only used once before they stuck it into the garage--make the bread from scratch(not from the pre-packaged bread machine stuff) and you save a bundle, and eat better, too!


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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: 53
Date: 16 Oct 02 - 05:55 PM

I can't play now because of my left hand is messed up. Thanks for the concern.

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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: katlaughing
Date: 16 Oct 02 - 06:43 PM

Make sure to apply for food stamps and that you are signed up for government health benefits. I know those sound obvious, but they re important. Also, check with your utility companies; they have special programs which they can draw funds from, or they can tell you which places to apply to for help in paying your heating and electrical bills.

One fellow on the radio, today, who'd lost his job, said he is cutting out coupons for the first time in his life and saving quite a bit with that, as well as buying from discount grocery stores and day-old bread stores. My Rog bought a breadmaker for $5 at a yardsale and the homesmade stuff is much better than store bought.

Be careful how much extra you make, unless it is "under the table" as it can effect your benefits, if you earn over a certain amount.

You might ask the county extension agent if they have any classes on stretching your budget, esp. cooking classes and what kind of subsidies you might be able to get in the way of staples, i.e. beans, rice, flours, etc.

I know it might seem counter-productive, but if you can volunteer somewhere, even for an hour or two a week, doing something which you enjoy and can handle physically, it will help keep your spirits up a bit.

Please let us know how you are doing, Bob.

All the best,


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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: Coyote Breath
Date: 17 Oct 02 - 01:52 AM

Good luck to ya! My income is fixed (the old one must have broke, or was that me?) And I watch every penny as carefully as I can.

Here is a tip, write out a month by month "list" of all income and all expenses. Cut to the bone and then try to cut another 10 or 20 percent past that.

Seek the cheapest source of food possible.

Become cheery and enjoyable (I suspect you already are) so you get invited over for supper.

The food thing is the worst. It is the one area where you have a good deal of leeway but it is also dangerous to cut too much. Here in Missouri we have some very cheap sources of food in out local Save A Lot store. Bluebonnet margarine for 49 cents a pound, coffee for$2 a pound. Oatmeal, grits and bran flakes are cheap and good for you too.

If you live in a city, though, costs are higher, no matter what but there are food pantries and the USDA surplus stuff. Canned stuff isn't so good because of the high sodium content but it certainly is cheap. Buy some stuff (like oatmeal) in bulk. I live alone so I have some problems buying food in small enough quantities so it won't spoil while I'm waiting to use it up. Seek out the bakery outlet stores, day-old bread is just fine and it can be frozen.

I don't have cable and my internet bill is as low as possible. I would give it up except I have actually saved money at times and it costs no more to communicate with my family


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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: mg
Date: 17 Oct 02 - 02:12 AM

is your disability such that you can do some things? Could you barter for free rent? Do home sharing for a senior? Is there a place you could volunteer, like a school, that would give you a free lunch? Is there a food coop you could join? Try for free rent and eat as well as you can so you stay healthy. mg

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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: Mudlark
Date: 17 Oct 02 - 03:02 AM

Bob...I sympathise. Very difficult to stretch those few dollars to cover everything. Doing all your own cooking, cooking from scratch and avoiding readymade freezer food entrees all help as food is such a big part of monthly expense.

Sorry to hear your L hand is messed up. Didn't you just have surgery? Is there hope that it will improve? Keep us posted as to how you are doing. If guitars are your passion, it must be difficult to not be able to play.

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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: diesel
Date: 17 Oct 02 - 06:14 PM

I'm not on fixed income per say but the mrtgage and bills get me down.

What happens though once a year - cause I'm more lazy than too busy - I get to plant seeds for things like carrotts, onions, peas. and lately I've been picking blackberries to make jams and tarts etc.

Now normally I don't think of this as cheaper food - I just get a great buzz out of eating what I or nature has produced. Everytime I harvest - I keep saying I'm going to do this proper next year - and then the too lazy/busy bug bites again and so it repeats.

But the Buzz is still there - and it's still the reason I plant and pick. But the side effect is carrott seeds cost less than a Euro a pack and easily 5 - 8 lbs of carrots grow ?

Then the taste kicks in when you eat them - try it out 53, the only investment is time - but a great hobby is achieved.

take care


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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: Bobert
Date: 17 Oct 02 - 06:20 PM

mary garvey has made a good point here, Bob. I'm not sure what legal resrtictions you have concerning maintaining your eligibilty for benefits but, hey, you might be able to earn a certain amount of money while collecting the benefits. If so, you might be able to work part time a postion that doesn't require a seconf functional hand.


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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: Don Firth
Date: 17 Oct 02 - 07:17 PM

Not being able to play is frustrating as hell. I've walked with crutches all my life and buggered my shoulders in the process (the human shoulder isn't designed for that). Now I use a wheelchair. Playing the guitar is a bit of a problem because the lower bout of the guitar and the right wheel of the wheelchair want to occupy the same space. On top of this, I have range-of-motion problems with my left shoulder, which throws my left hand out of position.

I found two solutions which I use interchangeably. One solution: I got myself a small travel guitar (a GO guitar) that I can hold far enough to the right so it doesn't bother my left hand, and it's small enough so it doesn't bump the wheel. My left hand is still a little out of position. It works fairly well. but I can't play the flashy stuff I used to (which is frustrating when I used to be regarded as the fastest gun in town). The other solution: I've discovered the pleasure of singing unaccompanied. I'm learning lots of ballads, and I find it goes over well wherever I sing. Singing without the guitar gives a whole new dimension to singing that I had never really explored before.

Fixed income. Yup. Having spent my life hopping around and singing like Aesop's grasshopper rather than the industrious ant who toiled away storing up for winter, I didn't provide for my geezerhood, so my whole income is from my monthly Social Security check. My wife works part-time at the library. Financially, we work pretty close to the vest, but fortunately we live in a co-op apartment and own a share in the building, which allows us pay a nominal monthly maintenance fee rather than rent. Smart move twenty-five years ago! We have an economical car (Toyota Corolla). We enjoy friends, entertain fairly often, we go to Bob Nelson's to swap songs every time he throws a hoot. I spend a lot of time writing (which I've always wanted to do). We don't go to movies, but Barbara brings home videos from the library. We enjoy reading a lot. As long as we have three squares and a roof over our heads, we're doin' fine. We sometimes wonder about people whose income is four times what ours is and are always deep in debt.

I don't know if any of this helps, Bob, but I hope there's something in there you can use. Certain aspects of life can be a pain in the arse at times, but life itself is pretty glorious!

Don Firth

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Subject: RE: BS: Fixed Income
From: Amos
Date: 17 Oct 02 - 07:21 PM

Way to talk, Don!! Keep that chin out there, man!! Proudaya!


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