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Lyr Req: Russian folk songs from Paul Hill Chorale

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Need Russian songs from Paul Hill Chorale (3) 08 Dec 98 - 02:45 PM
Joe Offer 08 Dec 98 - 07:57 PM
Murray on Saltspring 09 Dec 98 - 02:42 AM
Barbara 10 Dec 98 - 08:46 PM 10 Dec 98 - 09:18 PM
12 Dec 98 - 03:55 AM 12 Dec 98 - 10:36 PM
Murray on SS 13 Dec 98 - 02:28 AM 13 Dec 98 - 09:31 PM
Gene 17 Dec 98 - 11:34 PM 23 Dec 98 - 07:36 PM 25 Dec 98 - 02:03 AM
GUEST,Cesar Chagas 04 Nov 07 - 12:54 PM
GUEST,Volgadon 28 Dec 07 - 12:51 AM
GUEST,Volgadon 28 Dec 07 - 01:20 AM
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Subject: Russian folk song lyrics/Paul Hill ChoraleAm seeki
Date: 08 Dec 98 - 02:45 PM

Am searching for someone who might have sung on the Paul Hill Chorale CD of Russian folk songs. And/or, someone who might know a verse and chorus to: Polyuska Pole, Sarafan, Mockba Vyechora, Kalitka, Veniki and Czar's Anthem and Stenka Razin. If you can tell this glupy amerikanietz the words, he'd bemost appreciative. Balshoie spasibe!CRAIG

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Subject: RE: Russian folk song lyrics/Paul Hill Chorale
From: Joe Offer
Date: 08 Dec 98 - 07:57 PM

Hi, Craig - Stenka Razin (click here) is in the database. You will note at the bottom of the lyrics there there are a few words listed with the @ sign in front of them. Those are the Digital Tradition categories assigned to that song. If you put @Russia in the search box at the upper-right corner of this page, you may find other Russian folk songs. Check back at this thread. Maybe somebody will post some of the others you requested.
-Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: Russian folk song lyrics/Paul Hill Chorale
From: Murray on Saltspring
Date: 09 Dec 98 - 02:42 AM

Craig--if you're looking for the *Russian* words, I've got most of these somewhere. Without checking, the DT ones will I think be all English. Anyhow: esli vy xotite imet' russkie slova, ya [I'm not sure how they'd say "post" in this context, vyvesit' maybe] syuda. Xorosho? Do svidaniya. Murray

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Subject: RE: Russian folk song lyrics/Paul Hill Chorale
From: Barbara
Date: 10 Dec 98 - 08:46 PM

Murray, I've been talking with Craig by email, and the technology to get around in Mudcat is a little much for him. I'll do this to move the topic back to the top, and if he doesn't find it, I'll post you his email addy.

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Subject: RE: Russian folk song lyrics/Paul Hill Chorale
Date: 10 Dec 98 - 09:18 PM

Dear Barabara, I don'tknow what you did, but I FOUND YOU! the page oo the scroll down seems to start at differet places the 3 times I accessedit as I recognize many of the help requests.Oddly, the Paul Hil titles wasn'tamong any of the list on my tv screen..thank you for running interference for me.I don't quite knowhow I am to respond to Murray's kind I circle his response to thethread to gain lyric words? Balshoie spasibe Joe for your suggestion, which I think I tried at first and was told no Russian lyrics existed i the database.Must try to contact Murray and try Joe's suggestion and seeif I can gain some Russian lyrics.Aknemoya!eto uzhasno! Balshoie spasibe moie drug druze! CRAIG

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Subject: Lyr Add: KALINKA (trad. Russia)
Date: 12 Dec 98 - 03:55 AM

Well, now, to start you off, maybe the Russian words of "Kalinka". This as far as I remember is the familiar version, recorded many moons ago by the Red Army Choir, etc. I assume (for the moment) that the Paul Hill Chorale is using the same set.


Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka, moya,

V sadu yagoda malinka, malinka moya [twice]



Pod sosnoyu.pod zelenoyu,

Spat' polozhitye vy menya.

Ay, lyuli, lyuli, ay, lyuli, lyuli,

Spat's polozhitye vy menya;

Kalinka (etc.)

2. [similarly]

Sosyonushka, ty zelyonaya

Ne shumi zhe nado mnoy.


Krasavitsa, dusha devitsa,

Polyubi zhe ty myenya.

[as learnt in Surrey from Russians, 1952]

-- I learnt at the same time ANOTHER Kalinka, but you must want the usual one.

More to come if you like.

Do svidaniya!

Murray -----------

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Subject: RE: Russian folk song lyrics/Paul Hill Chorale
Date: 12 Dec 98 - 10:36 PM

Zdrastvutie Murray! BALSHOIE SPASIBE! Eto prikrasne! And you were so kind to put it int paruski! That is what I am looking for! I am trying to produce my own show to go into LacBegasa and create jobs for 30 of us ex chorus boys and showgirls unceremoniously canned and blacklisted with management change. I am attempting to use archive photos as a guide to recreating the look of the last Imperial Ball of 1903... physically cut out and sewing up 70 costumes by myself and even tracing a copy of a pattern of the Imperial horse cavalry royal blue uniforms from a firm in Germany. I am trying to arrange the music for the music including having all the 8 skating guys complain nightly as I try to have them sing the lyrics in Russian, though in some cases these are very short sequences needing only a verse and chorus. I am designing four theme girls in 17th century style costumes --each in an Easter color a la Faberge... to step through doors to a prop that would look like an oversized Faberge egg... I want each of the girls to have the cavalry boys escort them down the ice (we were all dumped from Ice Capades) with an identifiable Russian melody. Kalinka will be the green showgirl, Mockba vyecora the lavender, Sarafan the yellow and O chichornia the pink girl. I learned Mockba vyecora from a Yugoslavian girl (international cast) but am not sure I have the words quite right... may I run them past you to see if I am a glup? Nie schlibne v sadu, dasha shorohi. Svoyed yes samerlo do utra... yesleb za nali wi, kak mine doroghi... podmoskovinie vyechora? Am I wrong? I am trying to find a popular Russian song from the early 1900's called "Kalitka"... it means the rose garden. I want to rearrange it as a massive waltz... and need only the chorus and one verse. I have it on the CD from Paul Hill, but no matter how many times I hear it I cannot decipher the words except for the first one of the chorus... it sounds like "Atavri"... does that ring a bell?... my Russian friends know the melody but NOT the words. I am also trying to find a copy of the first verse and chorus to Polyushka Pole... which coincidentally was the official cavalry song of the Imperial horsemen and had krasmi inserted into the lyric instead of russki armi. I am also trying to locate the words to Veniki... a song about brooms that is a children’s tongue tier and Molodyuznaya... which I learned phonetically from Pavel and Yuri (skaters) and an exasperatingly wonderful song called Barinia (sudarena barinia). Have you ever heard of one the Red Army recorded called Donzy maolody? Janie dyrak, prosto nie takoy oomnay kak ja dolzhen bit as my watshirt says. A stenka razin verse and chorus would also serve well for a showgirl entrance from a 12ft tall egg. What do you think? I am trying to pick words and melodies that anyone who is an immigrant will quickly recognize, and expose amerikanietz audiences to the beauty of Ruskki musika. I have been doing all the work and funding myself in nickels and dimes and obstacles you simply wouldn't believe... I grew up with the russki povezo I took t my heart a long time ago, Lookshaya rooka pomoshi, ka toorooya ya nashol. Na kontse imyesh povezlo... ja imyeh dvehI hope I remembered it right... the best helping hand I ever found was at the end of my own wrist... and lucky me... I have two! My great thanks for your patience and kindness in what has been a very deep hole to try and crawl out of. Balshoie spasbe moie drug druze! CRAIG

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From: Murray on SS
Date: 13 Dec 98 - 02:28 AM

Heavens! That sounds a bit ambitious, but good luck with it! I can't find (even in my memory) all the stuff you're after, but try this, the first verse of "Moscow Nights" (Podmoskovnye vechera) -- which means, you know, literally, "Evenings in the suburbs of Moscow".

Ne slishny v sadu dazhe shorokhi,

Vsyo zdes' zamerlo do utra;

Esli b znali vy, kak mne dorogi,

Podmoskovniye vechera.[rep. lines 3-4]

And actually I may as well try giving it in more phonetic form:

Nyeh sleeshny vsadoo dazheh shorokhee,

Vsyaw zdyays zamyerlo do ootrah,

Yeslib znalee vy, kak mnyeh dorogee

Padmaskovny-yeh vyechera.

The Moscow dialect tends to make all unstressed "o"s sound like "a"s, so "podmoskovnye" is like "pad" etc.

Okay-- looking for other stuff. I/m sure the Mudcat crew can come forth with most of what you're after.

Vsyo khoroshevo,


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Subject: RE: Russian folk song lyrics/Paul Hill Chorale
Date: 13 Dec 98 - 09:31 PM

Dobre vyechor Murray. Balshoie spasibe your great kindness! As I grew up in an English only household, your thoughtful phonetics to correct my audibly learned Mocba Vyechora were greatly appreciated! I listen to conversation tapes now as I have no formal education in Russian conversation but am learning it on the fly. My showgirl pal Yelena used to say to me... you aren't "smart" in Russian but ARE a good "parrot". I learned most of my paruski going to classmates’ homes after school for homework, and was regularly greeted with "zdrastvutie druze, butati kagdoma.” And 5 minutes into studying was interrupted for chai e pirojzhni? Followed 2 minutes later with "Mozebit tehojit... chevota ye sho?” Or as Mila's mom would say, “yew mahst eet sahmtink darlink or yor brain vil not be vorkingk!” Your kind phonetic guide helped correct the first verse I see I almost got right.... it's just the subtleties I missed. Kind of like when Yuri, Pave, and Grigor surprised the cast at a company party and sang "a reel amerikanietz kovboya song“... "Heppy snails een glue!" seems the guys listened to a Radio Free Europe DJ who closed his session regularly with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans... but since the boys couldn't see how the words were formed... they took turns using a dictionary to translate what they thought they heard... with rather hilarious results like... “heppy snails in glue... ontil ve eet agen... hepy snails een glue, geep zmilink ontil den... ve alvays be friendlings for ever... no matter the cains een yor svetter... hepy snails een glue... til ve eet again!” I nearly wet my pants at the table, the cast gave them a lukewarm response... they were crushed despite my assurances they had sung wonderfully... there were just a few "subtleties" we needed to check in the dictionary back in the hotel room. Well of course, when I showed them the little differences... they scrunched up their faces and proclaimed... "uzhasno!”... So I offer my thanks again for the extra pronunciation guide! Can you fill in or correct some missing words for me to the Czar's anthem? I think it’s, “Boze tsria hrany... vseslnie derzhovny... Slavuyu???? Russi.” I want the four showgirls I mentioned earlier escorted by the cavalry boys singing it as they parade the costumes up along the front of the stage (hopefully not knocking drinks off the tables below as the trains will on each girl be 4ft behind their feet trimmed in 6 inch wide fake fur). Do you recognize any of the previous lyrics or "Julsa deem kazara tya prederosnaya? Oy tirada smaleh dyah levozh mozhnaya, twozna nieva visa kati, twozhna mora sheera kati, Nye obladnaya deroga malodyuzhnaya”? The guys used to sing it very slow and then so fast I could never keep up with the... I think I remembered the first verse right? Moze? vsyo khoroshevo... glupy amerikanietz... Craig

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Subject: Lyr Add: KALITKA
From: Gene
Date: 17 Dec 98 - 11:34 PM

From a Russian friend ...for Craig

Lish tolko vecher zateplitsa sini,
lish tolko zvezdi zazgoot nebesa
I cheremooh serebryani inei jemchoogami ukrasit rosa,

Otvori potihonkoo kalitkoo i voidi v tihi sadik, kak ten,
Ne zabud potemnee nakidkoo, kroogeva na golovkoo naden.
Tam gde goosche spletautsya vetki, u besedki tebya podogdoo
I ha samom poroge besedki s milih ust krugeva otvedu,


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Subject: RE: Russian folk song lyrics/Paul Hill Chorale
Date: 23 Dec 98 - 07:36 PM

Zdrastvutie Gene! (Yevgeni?) BALSHOIE SPASIBE! Rastolikov! This russki production number is finally starting to get some legs! Thanks to you, your Russian friend, and kind man named Murray, my search of nearly 3 years is finally starting to see some musical light at the end of the tunnel. I have a Russian rehearsal sweatshirt that proclaims in Cyrillic: “I believe in the light at the end of the tunnel!... and hope it not the headlight of an oncoming train!” I have asked a friend with a computer to try and send you my holiday greetings and thanks in the form of a Russian Christmas card a wonderful friend's Grandmother managed to save despite the revolution of 1917, Stalin, WW2, Khrushchev until her immigration under perestroika... I hope it is possible for you to receive. It is my one extravagance this year to have it turned into a personalized greeting card for a few elect and wonderful people who have improved the quality of my life this year. As my paruski grammar is plokah, I had a friend properly translate the greeting using a Cyrillic font computer. O if you suddenly fid Ded Maroz with a band of revelers blowing horns in a large troika... don't panic. And the Imperial matryoshka and St. Basil one in blue with the Ukrainian girl from the Poltava region in costume are just samples of my handiwork. The Ukrainian girl is just 1 of 16 ethnic kids made on 32 in dolls for a local store’s Christmas display. As we sit on the day before Christmas Eve, may I offer my thanks on so many of us who lost our jobs as the kindness of you mudcatters for this computer illiterate dumb blond is about the best Christmas present Ded Maroz could ever send me. Crodjestvom Kristovom! glupy amerikanietz, CRAIG

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Subject: Lyr Add: STENKA RAZIN
Date: 25 Dec 98 - 02:03 AM

--That's my e-mail above. Pozdravljaju vas s Rozhdestvom Xristovym, i takzhe, xochu skazat', s Novym Godom!! Herewith another thing you asked for, the first verse (if that's all you need) of "Stenka Razin", reputedly (I was told by an echt Russian) Stalin's favourite song--he probably felt spiritual kinship with the stern pirate.

Iz-za ostrova na strezhen',

No prostor rechnoj volny,

Vyplyvajut raspisnye

Ostrogrudye chelny.


Eez-za os-tra-va na stre-zhen,

Na pra-stor rech-noy val-ny,

Vy-ply-va-yut ras-pis-ny-ye

As-tra-groo-dee-ye chel-ny.

[CH as in CHurch; ZH as in meaSure; Y short as bIt, etc.]

Cheers Murray

[sending again--it seems to have misfired]

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Subject: RE: Russian folk song lyrics/Paul Hill Chorale
From: GUEST,Cesar Chagas
Date: 04 Nov 07 - 12:54 PM

Hi , Friends,
You are realy enthousiastic on Russian folk songs.Me too...!
Lately, I am looking for the english text for Kalitka . Thanks Gene for the Kalitka words pronunciation.But the meaning is essential to feel the song more deeply .

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Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Russian folk songs from Paul Hill Chorale
From: GUEST,Volgadon
Date: 28 Dec 07 - 12:51 AM

Kalitka does *not* mean rose-garden. It's usual meaning is a gate, the sort you would have leading *into* your garden. Not a single rose in any of the variants. Cherry trees a-plenty, which is more poetic, IMHO.
Sounds like an illicit amour where the main parties are afraid of catching cold. Very Russian.

Music: V. Buyukli
Lyrics: A. Budisheva

As soon as the blue evening turns warm,
as soon as the stars sets the skies ablaze,
and the silver frost of Cherry trees,
will be replaced by the pearly dew, -

Open the gate carefully
and come into the quiet little garden like a shadow,
Wear a dark cloak,
and put a yashmak on your little head.

There, where the branches grow thickly together,
I unseen, and silently will appear
and on the very threshold of the gazebo (if someone knows of a better term for a little spot in a garden where lovers could sit and talk, please let me know)
From sweet lips will I draw the yashmak.

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Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Russian folk songs from Paul Hill Chorale
From: GUEST,Volgadon
Date: 28 Dec 07 - 01:20 AM

Kalitka, is a romanse, a type of song which holds a very high and cherished position in Russian music, not unlike Portuguese fado.
These are songs to be listened to. They ought to grab you by the heart and wrench it out.
Oleg Pogudin performs kalitka here: to get the audio file, click on the loudspeaker icon.

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