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06 Dec 02 - 01:41 PM (#842464)
Subject: BS: Road rage Shooter linked to Human race
From: wilco

"Individual involved in yesterday's DC "road rage" shooting determined to be progeny of two human beings. Human link to grand-parents also established. Mother of shooter on National Board of NEA (National Educational Association)."

10 Apr 03 - 04:26 PM (#930636)
Subject: Origins: Hava Nagila - - How old?
From: GUEST,Al

I'll be playing this tune Saturday at a Jewish wedding. Anybody know how old it is, or anything else about its origins? Thanks, Al

15 May 08 - 05:55 PM (#2341711)
Subject: RE: lyric query: 'Low Germany?'
From: Snuffy

High Germany is the name of the song where you'll find verses like that.

10 Nov 08 - 10:54 AM (#2489850)
Subject: RE: Obit: Miriam Makeba Nov 10th 2008
From: Genie

Miriam Makeba in 2007 concert

17 Jul 09 - 05:38 PM (#2682484)
Subject: Saggy Bottom Boys
From: oombanjo

The Saggy Bottom Boys are putting on a one hour show for the Children in Need Charity event on the 19 of July at Garden Village Hull. 2pm.

04 Dec 09 - 10:54 PM (#2781044)
Subject: BS: Amanda Knox found Guilty in Italy
From: robomatic

Amanda Knox was accused of plotting the murder of a young English acquaintance, and has not been found guilty in an Italian court.

The different sides of this case were at such polar opposites in their explanations of the characters of those involved and what happened. Several Knox defenders have gone to bat for her in the New York Times, followed by detractors who point by point chop down their arguments.

I'd expect to hear a different take from our cross the pond correspondents.

09 Sep 10 - 10:58 PM (#2983634)
Subject: RE: Trad Music Flash Mob a la Quebec
From: katlaughing

What an absolute blast! Reminds me of the ones with the opera singers who just "show up" two by two or so and start singing in an open air mart. It really engages the people around them, just as this one did. I don't know Seattle, but it sounds like a neat idea to me!

23 Mar 11 - 09:22 AM (#3119722)
Subject: RE: Obit: Liz Taylor has passed away
From: wilbyhillbilly

Thats a shame, but expected, she has not been very well for some time now.

I was never a big fan but did enjoy her pictures, especially with James Dean in Giant.

RIP Liz.

24 Jan 13 - 02:34 PM (#3470844)
Subject: RE: Australian gun control
From: kendall

I know I hit BS! wtf?

05 Feb 14 - 11:44 AM (#3598542)
Subject: RE: BS: Thank you for the Cancer Corn, Mr. Obama
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Food grains are being genetically altered to increase yields (I agree, Gargoyle), resist diseases. pests, drought and salt soils.
These changes are necessary to feed expanding populations.

There is no evidence to support the belief that the result contribute to cancers, or any other syndrome.

This was probably said before,

05 Feb 14 - 12:21 PM (#3598560)
Subject: RE: BS: Thank you for the Cancer Corn, Mr. Obama
From: KB in Iowa

It is amazing how often I (and others, I am sure) can tell who started a thread just by reading the title.

Re: GMO's
I worry that we are letting things loose that at some point we will wish we could put back in the bottle but it will be too late. Study it and project all you want but there is no way to accurately predict what will actually happen down the road with these things. That is something that we see again and again.

Agbiz is splicing and dicing our food crops with glee and where it stops nobody knows. At the same time, my local CSA may not be able to apply manure as a fertilizer next season. New regulations and all.