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Tune/Chords Req: Geordie

11 Mar 97 - 11:26 PM (#3025)
Subject: Chords/Music for
From: Valery Malin

Looking for chords or sheet music for "Geordie". Where is a good resource on the Internet for downloadable sheet music for folk songs?


12 Mar 97 - 11:27 AM (#3035)
Subject: RE: Chords/Music for
From: Barry Finn

Search in the DT you'll find Geordie 1,2 & 3. #3 Burns's version I believe is the older, and in my opion the nicest. I don't know cords but the Silly Sisters sing this version on one of their LPs.

12 Mar 97 - 07:09 PM (#3046)
Subject: RE: Chords/Music for
From: Valery Malin

Thanks, Barry. We have Joan Baez's old version, & my fiance really loves the song. I saw the lyrics in DT, but was hoping to find music on the Web. So much easier than going to the music stores! As musicians, we spend enough time (and money) there anyway.

Will try to find the Silly Sisters version.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.


13 Mar 97 - 12:47 AM (#3053)
Subject: RE: Chords/Music for
From: Bill


According to the Joan Baez songbook from 1964, Joan plays in Em with a capo at the first fret to sing in Fm.

As [Em] I walked [D] out over [C] London [Em or G] Bridge [Em]

One misty [Em or G] morning [D] early,

[Em] I over- [Em or G] heard a [D] fair pretty [Bm] maid

[C] Was la- [G] menting [B7] for her [Em] Geordie.

Hope it helps.

Allinkausay, Bill

13 Mar 97 - 07:03 PM (#3069)
Subject: RE: Chords/Music for
From: Valery

Thanks, Bill! I'm printing out your very helpful chord notations right now!

My fiance will be very happy to see this.

We appreciate you taking the time to look this up. Can we help you with anything? Let me know. Email address is



21 May 09 - 12:03 AM (#2637206)
Subject: RE: Chords/Music for 'Geordie'

In a conversation with Maddy Prior 4 years ago, she mentioned that the tune used by Joan Baez is 1) an irish tune & 2) from the early 19th century. In her opinion the proper tune for Geordie is the one recorded on her Silly Sisters album with June Tabor. Certain it is that the Burns lyrics go far better with that tune than with the later Irish 'walk out' tune of Baez.