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Mandolin sites

04 Apr 99 - 11:32 AM (#68055)
Subject: Mandolin sites
From: Paul

Since someone else asked this question about whistles, I might as well pick your brains about mandolins.

I've found the Mandolin Cafe, which is a fabulous site, but can't seem to find anything else. I especially can't find anything geared toward beginners. I've been playing for a few years, but with no formal mandolin training. I think it would probably help me to find someplace to go back to the basics (Am I even holding the pick properly?).

I know, the alternative is to go out and actually pay for lessons, but unfortunately, I'm a busy/poor/cheap dude.

Any beginner tips would also be appreciated.


04 Apr 99 - 07:36 PM (#68121)
Subject: RE: Mandolin sites
From: bet

Hey, Paul I didn't know there was any mandolin sights to go to. Would you share this info with me? I'm trying to get my mothers repaired and will then try to learn to play it so you are a couple of years ahead of me. I'd love any sources you might have because I'm also busy/poor/cheap. Thanks Betty

04 Apr 99 - 08:22 PM (#68127)
Subject: RE: Mandolin sites
From: Chet W.

Hope this still works. Try

They also had a fine links page. Also the links page at Mandolin Bros. ( has a lot of good links.


06 Apr 99 - 03:52 PM (#68558)
Subject: RE: Mandolin sites

Try the following:

There's also a fretted instrument web page out there whose URL escapes me right now...

Good luck and welcome to the mando society...