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Bert Jansch on tour?

01 May 07 - 12:05 PM (#2040420)
Subject: Bert Jansch on tour?
From: GUEST,Jerry Day

Hi there... was wondering if anyone knew more about Burt Jansch's tour coming up this summer. On his official website it says he is doing a concert in London with Bernard Butler & Beth Orton (lots of B's there!) on July 14 and another concert at the Manchester International Festival on July 13 the previous day. I can only make the Manchester date but I am not sure if he is just on his own or with Bernard 'n Beth as well? Can anyone clarify this for me. Thank you!

01 May 07 - 12:18 PM (#2040427)
Subject: RE: Burt Jansch on tour?
From: Grimmy

Jerry, he's on with Bernard and Beth according to the Manchester venue website.

I suspect there are more dates to be announced yet.

A 'source close to Bert' told me that he may be touring Japan sometime soon.

The same source also told me that 'L A Turnaround' is to be released on CD 'this year'.

02 May 07 - 05:14 AM (#2041030)
Subject: RE: Bert Jansch on tour?
From: GUEST,Jerry Day

Thanks for that Grimmy! I am from Leeds so Manchester isn't too much of a stretch for me to go to, plus there are other interesting shows as part of the festival there as well.

Interesteing about L A Turnaround thanks for the heads up on that too :)