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Origins: Webnotes: Peg Seeger's newish trad album

01 May 07 - 05:39 PM (#2040678)
Subject: Origins: Webnotes: Peg Seeger's newish trad album
From: lisa null

I just wanted you all to know the notes to Peggy Seeger's recent, mostly traditional album, "Love Call Me Home" have recently been posted at her website:

She wrote the notes for the first and last cut— her own songs, and I wrote the other notes with the help of Charlie Baum, whose impassioned querying led him to photographic collections of West Virginia penitentiaries and old life insurance company newsletters. Our thanks also go the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress to Mudcat's Joe Offer and "Q," who helped us pinpoint obscure versions of London Bridge Is Falling Down. Our gratitude, posthumously alas, goes to Bruce Olsen and his great trove of links to collections of early British material.

It was great fun using the internet as our primary research tool. Googling lifted us beyond the standard folk sources and brought us to Child Ballad versions by Arrowsmith, Dylan, punk rock groups and musicians we might not have thought to explore otherwise. We were also able to use archived Mudcat forums to learn about how some of the songs made their way from one singer to the next. We've inserted quite a few hot links into the notes and believe you will find some of the illustrations and old versions worth browsing. Here's hoping you enjoy the project too. To top it all, Peggy's record is a delight!