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Lyr/Tune Req: Joaquin Murrieta

09 Apr 99 - 11:13 PM (#69560)
Subject: Joaquin Murrieta
From: Bri/ain

19th century Mexican American song. Does anyone have words & music to this? possibly a printed source or cd. Ive not been able to find it in the data base. Thank you Bri/ain

09 Apr 99 - 11:45 PM (#69575)
Subject: ADD:Corrido de Joaquin Murrieta
From: Les B

Is it possibly "Corrido De Joaquin Murieta" ?

Here are the words in English from "Songs of the Great American West" - Silber & Robinson

I am not American
But I understand English
I learned it from my brother
Right-side up and up-side-down
And I can make any American
Tremble at my feet

When I was just a little boy
I was left an orphan
Without anybody to love me
My brother was killed
And my wife, Carmelita,
How she was tortured

I came from Hermosillo
In search of gold and riches
The good and simple Indian
I defended fiercely
The sheriffs had put
A good price on my head

I have been in every cafe
Fighting with the Americans
"You then are the captain
Who killed my brother
You caught him unarmed
Proud American"

I was traveling in California
In the year eighteen hundred and fifty
With my pistol in my belt
And the cartridge belt was full
I'm that Mexican
Whose name is Joaquin Murieta

We're going to make a raid,
It will be wild and fast,
With plenty of horses
And a hundred pesos in bills
I'm also bringing with me "Three Fingers"
Who has been a faithful friend

10 Apr 99 - 12:07 AM (#69581)
Subject: RE: Joaquin Murrieta
From: luisinblue

espero que entiendas español por que mi ingles es un poco malo, te escribo por que ademas de ser latino y mexicano? quiero que me mandes informacion de nuevos musicos de blues ya que tengo un progama de radio ("a ritmo de blues" en el 99.5 de F.M.)y casi no tego informacion sobre lo nuevo que ha salido. Espero tu respuesta mi e- mail es

04 Jul 03 - 11:33 PM (#977083)
From: GUEST,

El corrido de Joaquin Murrieta

Yo no soy Americano, pero comprendo el ingles
Yo lo aprendi con mi hermano, al derecho y al reves
A qualquier Americano lo hago temblar a mis pies

Cuando apenas era un nino, huerfano a mi me dejaron
Nadie me dio un carino, a mi hermano lo mataron
y a mi esposa Carmelita, cobardes la asesinado

Yo me vine de Hermosillo en busca de oro y riqueza
Al indio pobre y sencillo, lo defendi con fiereza
Y buen precio los sherifes
Pagaban por mi cabeza

A los rico caballentos, yo les quite su dinero
Con los humildes y pobres
Yo le quite mi sombrero
Ay, que leyes tan injustas
Voy a darme bandoleros

A Murrieta no le gustan
Lo que hacen no es desmentir
Vengo a vengar a mi esposa
Y lo vuelvo repetir
Carmelita tan hermosa
como la hicieron sufrir

Por cantinas me meti
Castigando Americanos
Tu seras el capitan que matastes a mi hermano
Lo agarrastes indefenso
Orgulloso Americano

05 Jul 03 - 01:08 AM (#977114)
Subject: RE: Joaquin Murrieta
From: masato sakurai

Los Madrugadores' version (Parts 1 & 2) is on Corridos y Tragedias de la Frontera (Arhoolie), with Spanish lyrics & translation.


05 Jul 03 - 02:39 AM (#977140)
Subject: RE: Joaquin Murrieta
From: Stilly River Sage

There was a novel written by John Rollin Ridge called Life and Adventures of Joaquin Murieta: The Celebrated California Bandit. (Amazon has made a mistake in the listing and calls Ridge by the name of his character also). The story started with this novel. It has been many years since I read it; I don't remember if Ridge included a song in the novel.


05 Jul 03 - 03:56 AM (#977156)
Subject: RE: Joaquin Murrieta
From: open mike

i think there is a song by Peter Rowan
which includes the history of Joaquin.

05 Jul 03 - 03:57 AM (#977157)
Subject: RE: Joaquin Murrieta
From: open mike

Espero que es una cancion por Peter Rowan
sobre Joaquin Murietta.

05 Jul 03 - 04:44 AM (#977170)
Subject: RE: Joaquin Murrieta
From: Greycap

Yeah, Rowan did it with his brothers - I've been looking to own a copy for years

05 Jul 03 - 09:55 AM (#977259)
Subject: RE: Joaquin Murrieta
From: wysiwyg

Doesn't he also figure in a Debby McClatchy song?


05 Jul 03 - 02:44 PM (#977395)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Tune Req: Joaquin Murrieta
From: Joe Offer

Anybody know what Rowan and McClatchy albums have the song about Murrieta? He's certainly one of the most interesting California legends. Click here for some fascinating information about Murrieta.
-Joe Offer-
This site has a summary of Murrieta's story:

In 1849, Joaquín Murrieta and his family arrived in Alta California from Villa San Rafael de los Alamitos, Distrito de Altar, Sonora, México.  They were Mexican 49ers seeking their fortune in the Mother Lode.

Joaquín and his family were claim-jumped twice.  The second time, his older brother was lynched; his wife was gang raped by the same mob; and he was tied to an oak tree, horsewhipped, and left for dead.  He went to the county sheriff to file charges against the mobsters  and was informed that in California it was not illegal for Whites to rape Mexican women or for Whites to kill Mexicans.  He was advised to "forgive and forget."  Disillusioned with the authorities' response, the Murrietas and their friends decided to seek their own justice.  They captured and killed 41 of the 42 villains, and the law labeled them outlaws.

As outlaws they robbed and killed people in the Mother Lode area and in the San Joaquín Valley.  In the three years Joaquín lived in California, he committed the following:  stole and herded to México more than 10,000 horses, killed the 41 rapists who victimized his wife, stole over $1,500,000 in gold, and killed and robbed scores of people.  How many? We may never know.

Two separate companies of California Rangers (the first in 1851; the second in 1853) were enacted to halt Joaquín's criminal activities; but he was never captured, killed, or tried as a criminal.  The second company of California Rangers claimed they killed him and lied to the State of California to collect the reward money.

05 Jul 03 - 02:52 PM (#977399)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Tune Req: Joaquin Murrieta
From: wysiwyg

As I recall, the McC song is really more about a lady than about him-- they tangle over gold. Can't recall more, sorry.


05 Jul 03 - 02:54 PM (#977400)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Tune Req: Joaquin Murrieta
From: wysiwyg

... and I believe it would be on the same album as Cremation of Sam McGee and Blasphemous Bill McKie, or the next one after that one (as originally issued LPs).


05 Jul 03 - 03:07 PM (#977408)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Tune Req: Joaquin Murrieta
From: wysiwyg

Might be "Stella Ireland and Lady Luck" on LADY LUCK....


05 Jul 03 - 03:09 PM (#977410)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Tune Req: Joaquin Murrieta
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Susan - Sam McGee and Blasphemous Bill are on Debby's Lady Luck album on Green Linnet. Any of those songs look like they might be the one you're thinking of? She says she doesn't have much hope of getting the Green Linnet albums reissued.
-Joe Offer-

05 Jul 03 - 03:38 PM (#977422)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Tune Req: Joaquin Murrieta
From: wysiwyg

See cross-post above yours....

06 Jul 03 - 01:26 AM (#977638)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Tune Req: Joaquin Murrieta
From: Joe Offer

Yep, I asked Debby tonight - she said the song about Joaquin Murrieta is "Stella Ireland and Lady Luck." She said she saw the names of Stella and Lady Luck somewhere, and it piqued her imagination and she made up a song about them and Murrieta. Maybe I can get her to find time to write down the lyrics sometime. sounds like an interesting song.
-Joe Offer-

19 Jan 04 - 12:55 PM (#1096373)
From: wysiwyg

Sound clip for Debby's song here, a nice long one too:


Here's a start on the lyric, from the clip.



Debby McClatchy

From St. Charles, Missouri in 1849
Stella Ireland packed up all her gear
And joined the wagon line.
She hauled for California,
And then to settle down,
She opened a fandango house
In Rough-and-Ready town.

Now Stella had the finest drinks,
Her game was 21;
And miners came from miles around
To join in Stella's fun.
She brought in fancy fixin's
From all the seven seas.
And throughout the land her motto ran,
"We shore do aim to please."

Now Stella had a great big heart
For all around the town.
But no single man could win her love
Or hope to tie her down
She vowed no man was worth her love---
All she wanted was their gold.
So poor Stella had her virtue,
But her sheets were always cold.

Succeeding verses tell the story of Juan and his gold and how it all... worked out in the end. As usual, Debby's song is a masterful combination of tune and story, with internal rhymes popping to keep it going through its long number of verses.


03 Oct 04 - 03:43 AM (#1287259)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Tune Req: Joaquin Murrieta
From: GUEST,mario

juan es un sujeto de hermosillo, con deseos de conocer
a una mujer que desee entablar una relacion amistosa . y
por que no llegar a concocernos y unir nuestras vidas para
vivir felices y luchar en trabajos . seguramente mejorar
en el dinero, tener un negocio. y amarnos todala vida