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Songs about disability

12 Apr 99 - 03:53 AM (#70113)
Subject: Songs about disability
From: karen jonason

I am seeking songs about disability. The database hasn't helped as it only searches for songs with the word "disabled" in them. I do know the one song in Rise Up Singing which was writen for year of the Disabled but isn't very clear on the issue and also used the objectionable word "cripple", albeit satirically.

12 Apr 99 - 04:01 AM (#70115)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: catspaw49

Hi karen...What kind of songs? Sounds stupid, but what I mean is are you looking for later songs about being disabled, sort of politically oriented or cause oriented...or are you looking more for "people with" type songs. Some of that type can be less than correct in their termonology I realize, but they can be used.


12 Apr 99 - 04:47 AM (#70121)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: karen jonason

I suppose I am looking for more recent songs, political etc. I'm not sure what you mean by "people with" type songs. I recently saw an obituary for a disability campaigner who had also been a song writer - Ian someone from Manchester, but couldn't locate any songs

12 Apr 99 - 06:01 AM (#70132)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Tucker

I left my wife in San Francisco because her head was of a mime Now she catches cable cars and goes to gay bars And sings Tony Bennet in 4/4 time

12 Apr 99 - 07:31 AM (#70151)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: DonMeixner


I'm A Little Cookie is such asong as you are looking for. So is a song by Si Kahn similar to People like you but boy the name escapes me now.

In my work as a designer of equipment and living paces for people with disabilities I find that the "C" word is not always out of style. Like many of the dreaded PC phrases it is situational. Many Viet Nam era vets who are wounded and disabled call them selves and other vets crips. So do some disabled cops. I take a riffle of shit if I call them otherwise.

I've learned that good and respectful manners and not PC words are more important than just talking an approved language.

As a builder I am frequently placing cripples under window ledges. All that means is short 2x4's that don't go to the ceiling. Imagine the can of worms I'd open if I called them disabled studs?

Don Meixner

12 Apr 99 - 07:57 AM (#70157)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: John in Brisbane

Try a Forum Search for 'Scorn Not His Simplicity', and while I did express some reservations at the time, it's as close as I get to providing an answer to the original question. My wife has been working long and hard as an unpaid political advocate for a very well organised group supporting people with disabilities in this State. I would also be keen to see what else our Mudact community can come up with.


12 Apr 99 - 09:49 AM (#70187)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Barbara

The Si Kahn song starts "It's not just what you're born with...". I think that's what it's called. It's in DT, as is Mark Cohen's song "Walking on My Wheels".

12 Apr 99 - 10:44 AM (#70200)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Rick Fielding

The Toronto singer Jane Field has a hilarious song which celebrates the perqs of being in a "chair". One of which is that she can apply for a hunting license one week before the "shooters with legs" can.

Don, a wonderfully put thought. " I've learned that good and respectful manners and not PC words are MORE (my emphasis) important than just talking an approved language. Hope this thread stays around for a while.


12 Apr 99 - 11:08 AM (#70207)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Cuilionn

Judy Small, on her "Mothers, Daughters, Wives" recording, has a lovely--but not syruppy--song about the ways in which people with disabilities can open one up to wider wisdom, wonder, and understanding. I'm not entirely sure of this, but I think the title may match the first line of the refrain, which begins "I'm learning how to speak with my hands..." (a reference to sign language). There's also a song called "Born on the 4th of July", in which the narrator is a disabled veteran. I don't know the singer/songwriter, but it's extremely well-written. Veteran's songs and war-response songs often deal with the theme of disability, and I'd suspect many American Civil War-era songs touch on the issue if you're willing to look beyond recently-written material. I can think of a few Irish songs as well, like "Johnny We Hardly Knew You", which may not address the issue of disability in any comfortable way, yet offer an important "reality check" about the way in which people with disabilities are forced into begging, even here in this "civilized" nation and time. I have two siblings with multiple disabilities, so I'd love to hear of other songs, myself. I'm sure I'll think of five more as soon as I sign off, but the scholar's mind is an unreliable thing... Oh, blast. That reminds me. I have to go write a paper!

--Cuilionn, whose sister has a t-shirt that says "Not being able to speak is not the same as having nothing to say."

12 Apr 99 - 02:48 PM (#70279)
Subject: Lyr Add: You Wouldn't Know It to Look at Me^^
From: Barry Finn

I wrote this for my son & myself, it's for those whose impairment is invisible & ignored
Alot of Mudcatter's helped with their advice while I was writting this & there was a good bit of discussion on songs of thhis type, try a forum search using this song & you should come up with quite a bit more.
I hope this fits into what you were looking for. Barry

You Wouldn't Know It To Look At Me (words; Barry Finn)
(tune; Australian, Trad. "One Of The Has Beens")

"You're not listening to me are you deaf in both ears.
Don't you see what you've caused, have you been blind all these years.
Could you just give an answer, so I know you're not dumb.
For Christ's sake, you bird brain has a cat got your tongue"?

I'm as cute as any other kid,
I can run, jump & shout.
You wouldn't know it to look at me,
At times I can't work things out.
I'm not stupid, I'm not lazy, I try very hard.
With a little compassion I could go pretty far.

Well, school is a torture, the teasing won't quit.
My thoughts go off track and my aide has a fit.
There are some things I excel in, so much that I'm bored,
You wouldn't know it to look at me, it takes all that I'm worth.

The kids scorn & laugh at me, I don't have a friend.
You can feel my heart break, I wonder when this will end.
The mistreatment & abuse I take, it's really a crime,
But I'm told to ignore it, though it happens all of the time.
I know it's hard on my family, I can't change a thing.
The aunts & uncles blame it on my folks & say it's poor upbringing.
The love & affection others get all the time,
I only hear people yell at me, when I ask where is mine.

I never feel comfort, no shoulder, no hug.
A system to support me, was pulled out like a rug.
If you can't understand this, you may be worse off than me
But I won't hold it against you cause you're deaf & can't see.
I may be mildly autistic or just plain O.C.D.
I may twitch with Tourette's, or have A.D.D.
If you see me cross my eyes, instead of my T's
You wouldn't know it to look at me that I have special needs.

Copyright Barry Finn 1998

12 Apr 99 - 03:01 PM (#70282)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: The Shambles

The Si Kahn song is What you do with what you've got

12 Apr 99 - 03:08 PM (#70286)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Tony Burns

As Rick mentioned above, Jane Field has written a number of songs on the topic of disability. The one Rick refered to and one about sex "Disabled People Do It Too", 'We may not have the agility but we have the ability'. (I'm sure there are more but those are the 2 I remember right now.)

At the Toronto Song Circle last Friday she said that she is always looking for the positive things about being quadraplegic and although there are darn few one of them is that there is always someone to harmonize with in the shower. She then proceeded to teach us a tongue twisting round that she learned from her attendant that morning.

12 Apr 99 - 05:31 PM (#70335)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: rob d

Eric Bogle's Rosie

She may not walk like she should do
She may not talk like she ought to
Sometimes the anger and the pain show thru
In her frustrated eyes
But when she smiles at me I can see
The little girl who lives in Rosie's eyes

Tom Paxton's He May Be Slow

He may be slow, but he's still in motion
He's got his own road, his own hill to climb
All he needs is a little devotion
He may be slow, but he's right on time

Vin Garbutt's Lynda, about the mother of a boy with Spina Bifida

12 Apr 99 - 06:27 PM (#70356)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Bert

Er... would Jake the Peg qualify?

12 Apr 99 - 11:06 PM (#70429)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Ronn

A long time ago I heard a song that I think was called "30 Inches Wide", about the problems involved with getting wheelchairs through doors. I have no idea who the singer or songwriter may have been.

I am pretty sure that Patrick Sky's "Ramblin' Hunchback" is NOT what you're looking for.

12 Apr 99 - 11:29 PM (#70432)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Mark Cohen

Fred Small has a great talking blues about a person in a wheelchair. I don't recall the name.

I'm gratified that my song "Walking On My Wheels" is in the DT. I don't know how to do MIDI files, but for those who would like the tune, I believe it was in Sing Out! several years ago. It's also been recorded by Bob Reid and Dan Crow.

There's a fine a capella song called Nine Gold Medals about a special olympics race. It was written by a NYC songwriter whose name escapes me. I'll try to find the name and the words and post them here. (Should try a DT search first, of course!)

I'm a pediatrician with a special interest in children with developmental and physical disabilities, and I really appreciate this thread.

12 Apr 99 - 11:35 PM (#70434)
Subject: Lyr Add: WHITE CANE SONG
From: Susan A-R

Fred Small's "Talking Wheelchair Blues" is quite good. I also wrote a "White Cane song" to the tune of Erin Go Bragh (sp) which I've heard sung by Dick Goughan. (also sp?)

My Name's Susan Reid and I use a white cane
I'm legally blind, a hard term to explain
I got that white cane when I moved to "Bean Town"
To make drivers think twice before running me down

Now I've always been blunt about not seeing well
And, until they are told, I find most folks can't tell.
Ah but now with the cane, I'm amazed at the change
As I watch people scatter to get out of range

I get dragged across streets and pulled up subway stairs
I get useful directions, like "It's over there."
I get shut out of crowds like I'm some kind of ghost
I get steered by brute force around planters and posts

When I know where I'm going folks act so surprised
I try not to blurt out something too ill-advised
Like "there's more to most brains than occipital lobes"
Or "I must have forgotten my old beggar's robes

My name's Susan Reid and I use a white cane
And I find quite a few misconceptions remain
People look at that cane, and it's all that they see
Use your eyes! Behind all that white metal is me.

13 Apr 99 - 12:35 AM (#70455)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Barry Finn

Great song Susan, congrats & nice marriage of a tune. Being raised as a "Bean Town" driver I can safely say that you are no more safe with a white cane as you would be without one, we see ALL who dare to step of a curbstone as a welcoming target. Are you still in Boston, the home of the human road kill, or were you driven out? Sorry I'm off track it's just that we train drivers in Boston & then send them all over the world as offensive drivers that never get into accidents, only causing them. None the less your song makes a great point that, for some reason, seems to be seen clearer when sung. Barry

13 Apr 99 - 01:08 AM (#70462)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Dale Rose

Silver Wheeled Pony, by Kimberly M'Carver on her 1990 release, Breath the Moonlight, Philo 1129.

Weepy Doesn't Know, Utah Phillips, from All Used Up: A Scrapbook Philo 1050 (cassette only) It has been reissued on The Telling Takes Me Home, a 1997 CD compilation from All Used Up and El Capitan.

13 Apr 99 - 02:11 AM (#70481)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Barbara

And then there is that song John McCutcheon sings "My Music is in Your Hands", I think that's what it's called, about the person who signs for the singer. Did he write it?

13 Apr 99 - 02:46 AM (#70483)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: MudGuard

Don't know whether "The Band played Waltzing Matilda" fits your request as it is more about war than being handicapped...


13 Apr 99 - 03:54 AM (#70494)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: karen jonason

Thanks for the great response so far. Now I have to actually find the lyrics and music of songs suggested. I am unable to access sound on my computer. One respondent to a previous thread of mine kindly enabled me to download written music. Maybe those of you with words of songs could get them onto the database.

13 Apr 99 - 07:32 PM (#70680)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: bill\sables

What about Ralph McTell's song Michael in the Garden

13 Apr 99 - 11:06 PM (#70739)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Susan A-R

I'd bet that John McCutchin did write that one, as his sister is an interpreter. And No Barry, I am no longer in Boston. It was a brief, and adventurous stint while I got my Masters at Boston College. Now I'm up in Vermont, not using the Masters, cooking, and avoiding being human road kill as best I can. By the way, your song is great. My sister has a child who fits the description very well, and I'll share the song with her too, if I may.


13 Apr 99 - 11:34 PM (#70753)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: catspaw49

Maybe just cause they're 'Catters, but I think not.

Barry and Susan...two excellent songs and I thank you both for sharing them.......don't mean to screw my rep but I do have a serious side.......

I am the proud parent of one of those kids Barry and he is indeed very special. His name is Tristan and I can't imagine or remember our life without him. We were the most fortunate of adoptive parents as we were able to bring Tris home from the hospital with us. Based on his family history we expected Tris to be far worse than he is. The MR/DD experts say he shows significant delays and retardation, and it's true; but he continues to learn and grow every day. Most significant to us is the happiness he shows and the joy and love he brings to his Mom and Dad.

Thanks Again Barry!!!(and Susan too!)


14 Apr 99 - 11:17 AM (#70874)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: karen jonason

I have done a Digital Tradition search and find only one or 2 of the songs suggested listed. Please could those who have sent words please enable me to download the written music and those who have suggested song titles post lyrics and music if possible? I know I'm asking a lot but I really would like to learni these songs and can't access MIDI. By the way, I am a teacher of adults with learning difficulties.

14 Apr 99 - 06:50 PM (#70962)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: campfire

Hi -

"Modern Country" is NOT my genre, but I was trapped in someone's car this afternoon. The song was half over before I thought of this thread but it went something like "Don't laugh at me...don't get your pleasure from my pain..." and something about "someday we'll all have perfect wings..."

If my understanding of "Modern Country" radio is correct, if you find a local station and listen for about an hour, you'll probably hear it. It actually wasn't too bad...;)

14 Apr 99 - 11:11 PM (#70999)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Margo

Barry: Thanks for the song! I have two children with autism and I was reminded of them right away in the lyrics!

Mark Cohen: Our pediatrician practically twisted our arms to get a diagnosis (we thought there was nothing wrong). I'm so grateful she did because early intervention pays off. The earlier, the better. All the best to you!

Catspaw: You faker! You're a closet sweetie pie! I know exactly what you mean about the joy these kids bring you. Mine are a crack up.


15 Apr 99 - 01:41 PM (#71120)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Barbara

karen, if someone emails you a MIDI file as an attachment, can you open that on your computer?
I haven't got time to put the tunes into sheet music right now. If you still want them in a month, drop me a note then. Otherwise maybe some other Mudcatter will take the time to send you some.
I'm a Little Cookie is in Rise Up Singing.

15 Apr 99 - 10:00 PM (#71195)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Susan A-R

I am not sure if "talking Wheelchair blues" is in Fred Small's song book. I will go back and see if I have lyrics and will type 'em in. Sorry, I'm not too hot on this midi stuff either.


16 Apr 99 - 11:21 PM (#71482)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Mark Cohen

For those of you reading this thread who have or know children with disabilities, you or the parents might want to check out "Exceptional Parent" Magazine. They have a website at (if my HTML were up to speed I'd put a link here!) and their annual Resource Guide is outstanding, providing information about support groups, equipment, resources, etc., for a wide variety of disabilities and chronic illnesses. I consult it frequently for my patients and their families.

I think I know where I have the words to Nine Gold Medals -- I'll post it as soon as I can find it. It's a fine song.

17 Apr 99 - 03:14 PM (#71597)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability

John McCutcheon also wrote "One Strong Arm" about an uncle of his.

Fred Small has written a number of such songs, including the "Talking Wheelchair Blues".

A while back, somone had asked the Disability Rights Legal Defense Fund people in Berkeley about such; I don't know if they got together a compilation. You might try them and see.


-- Arne Langsetmo

17 Apr 99 - 05:33 PM (#71619)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: katlaughing

Barry and Susan : great songs! Thanks for posting them! Our human rights group has had several informative sessions on disabilities, esp. the unseen ones. As someone who is oxygen, but usually takes it off to go into a store, I can tell you people do NOT recognise that some are unseen. when I do wear the O2, I think I should wear a tshirt that says, "NO, I didn't smoke!" People give me some pretty judgemental looks, sometimes.

We had a wonderful young man come to our group who is deaf. He is big, tall and calls himself Bear. I told him he should hire out as a comedian. He is really good. Tells his jokes in a singsong, yet deadpan fashion, which either strike like lightening or suddenly ignite, setting one off in peals of laughter. My favourite of his is, "If deaf kids use sign and sign a dirty word, do their parents wash their hand out with soap?"

Mark, your patients and their parents are very fortunate to have you for their doctor.

This is a great thread. Thanks! And 'Spaw, we all know you really are a softie, at heart. BTW, when are you going to write that history book on Civil war battle sites? Looks like you have a good start!


21 Apr 99 - 04:46 AM (#72391)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: karen jonason

Please could those who sent me words of songs send me the music? I have been unable to download Noteworthy, maybe because I use my work computer and there is a block on downloading software. For a previous request, John in Brisbane posted the music on a website for me to print out. Or people could post the music to me by letter: Karen Jonason, 42 Pulross Road, London SW9 8AF, England. I live 2 minutes from where the nail bomb went off in Brixton!

02 Mar 03 - 01:13 AM (#901498)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: 2 in harmony

I still usually cry as I'm singing along with Fred's wonderful song,
Walkin On My Wheels. That song is part of an entire CD of such topical songs brought together by the Disabled In Action Singers. This chorus sings around NYC, is working on second CD under the musical direction of Eric Levine. "Two Good Legs" by Pat Shih is sort of a theme song. It's a great song. Many of the other songs were written by chorus members and some reflect historical changes that have come about. The DIA Singers are the musical part of the civil rights group, Disabled in Action. Think folks will find some good stuff here.

01 Sep 08 - 08:54 PM (#2428202)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: CapriUni

This is a song that has been brewing in my head for years, and it finally crystalized into something workable this weekend. I think it also gets to the core of why it's so hard for me to write about Big "D" disability, even though I live with one.

SIMPLY HUMAN (Working Title)


You tell me that I'm "Special,"
And then, you look away.
You call me "Inspirational,"
But you don't hear what I say.
Well, I won't be your metaphor
For Grace, or lack of Grace,
'Cause I am simply human,
In this complex human race.

"There but for the Grace of God."
You say it to be kind.
But do you really think, my friend,
That God's left me behind?
It's true my body does not work
The same as many folks'.
But my life is (mostly) happy,
And my heart is far from broke.


There are things that I wish for,
But walking is not one.
I would like equal access
To my place out in the sun.
And I would like the freedom
To choose where I may live.
And I'd like you to accept the gifts
I know I have to give.


Yes, I am brave (on some days).
I am a coward, too.
I can be kind, or greedy.
I am human, just like you.
And now, I hope you'll think about
This simple little fact:
That we each have strengths we're given,
And we all have things we lack.


To get your computer to play this, copy the emboldened code below, and paste it into the text window at's ABC Convert-A-Matic (might be easier to right-click, to open in a new window) and click [submit]. This will lead you to another page with the link "Midi Music File;" click that, and your computer should play this tune for you automatically. If it doesn't, you might want to try turning off any pop-up blockers.

T: Simply Human
C: Ann Magill (CapriUni)                
z7 C|C3 F F2 G2|F4 E4|
F G2 A G2 F2|G6 G2|c2 B2 A3 B|
c2 A2 G2 G F|F2 E2 F2 E2|D4 z2 E2|
G2 F2 E3 F|G3 F D2 D2|E3 A G3 F|
G4 z G A2|G2 F2 F2 E2|D2 D2 E F3|
E2 D2 D2 C2|-C4 z4|C2 F2 F2 E2|
D3 E F4|F G2 A G2 F2|G6 F2|
E2 E2 D3 E|F2 E D3 D E2|F E2 D C4|
z2 E2 G2 F2|E3 F G3 F|D2 D2 E3 A|
G3 F G4|G G A2 G2 F2|F2 E2 D2 D2|
E F3 E2 D2|D2 C6|]

01 Sep 08 - 11:03 PM (#2428289)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: maeve

Ahh. Thank you for wrestling that one into shape, Capri. You've said it clearly and I'm glad you posted it here.


01 Sep 08 - 11:29 PM (#2428306)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: topical tom

"Don't Laugh at Me"-Mark Wills

01 Sep 08 - 11:43 PM (#2428317)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Cats

How about, 'I Can Jump Puddles'. An excellent song that always brings tears to the eyes.

02 Sep 08 - 12:37 AM (#2428350)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: topical tom

Mark Wills sings "Don't Laugh at Me IMO a terrific, moving song.

02 Sep 08 - 04:55 AM (#2428446)
Subject: Lyr Add: WHEELCHAIR TALKING BLUES (Fred Small)
From: eddie1

There have been several mentions of Fred Small's incredible "Wheelchair Talkin' Blues but no lyrics have appeared as yet.
This is from Susanne's (Skw) wonderful website

Wheelchair Talking Blues
•        (Fred Small)

I went out jogging in the city air
I met a woman in a wheelchair
I said, I'm sorry to see you're handicapped
She said, What makes you think a thing like that
She looked me in the eye with a smile on her face and she said
You want a race?

She began to roll and I began to run
In two minutes she was long gone
Going up the hill I could hit my stride
But coming down she flew on by
When I finally caught up with her she said
Hey - not bad for someone who is able-bodied
You know, with care and supervision you could be taught simple tasks
Would you like to eat?

I said, Eating, yeah, that suits me fine
We're near a favourite place of mine
We made our way over there
And the entrance was up a flight of stairs
I never noticed that before, said I
No problem, the manager replied
We've got a service elevator here
It's round the back

We went upstairs on the elevator
With the garbage, flies, and last week's potatoes
I said, I'd like a table for my friend and me
He said, I'll see if I can find one that's out the way
And he whispered, Is she gonna be sick? Is she gonna pee on the floor?
I said, No, I don't think so, she had polio when she was small
But that was twenty years ago

He points to a table, she rolls her chair
And some people looked down and other people stared
One mother said to her little girl
She said, Keep away from her, darling, that woman's - ill
We felt real welcome
Then the waiter said, What can I do for you?
I said, I'll have one of your special brews
He said, What about her?
I said, Who?
He said, Her
I said, D'you mean my friend here?
He said, Uh-huh
I said, Why don't you ask her yourself?

He said, I'm sorry, don't get sore
I've never waited on a crípple before
She spoke to the manager when we were through
And said, There's one or two things that you could do
To make life a little easier for people like us in these wheelchairs
He said, It isn't necessary
The handicapped never come here

As I said good night to my new-found friend
I said, Now I begin to understand
To understand just how it feels
To go through life on a set of wheels
She said, Don't feel sorry, don't feel sad
I take the good with the bad
I was arrested once in a protest demo
But the policemen had to let me go
We were protesting about the fact
That so many public buildings lacked wheelchair accessibility
Seems the gaol was the same way

She said, In fifty years anyhow
You'll be in worse shape than I am now
We're all the same in this human race
Some of us are called handicapped
And the rest of us are just temporarily -
(as sung by Iain MacKintosh)


02 Sep 08 - 06:11 AM (#2428481)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: GUEST,Rob the Roadie

The great british blues guitarist Kevin Brown has a song "Sheelshocked Johnny" on his "Tin Church " album. Might fit the bill as well.
Available on Doo Dah records or direct from Kevin.

02 Sep 08 - 07:44 AM (#2428555)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: maeve

This earlier thread (also linked up above with related threads) goes so well with the new one I'll make a link here. It makes for fruitful, thoughtful reading. CapriUni was wanting to write a song then: I think that song has now emerged in this new thread. Sometimes you just have to let the ideas roll around for a while before a song is ready to emerge.

I'd say it is worth the wait. Thanks, CapriUni.

Earlier Songs About Disabilities thread

02 Sep 08 - 08:42 AM (#2428621)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Scabby Douglas

My good friend, Jim King has a fine song called "Acceptance Speech" which can be heard here:

02 Sep 08 - 10:02 AM (#2428710)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: GUEST,Rob the Roadie

you can download "What you do with what youve got" from a Taggart and Wright web site and its free.

02 Sep 08 - 02:49 PM (#2429033)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Big Al Whittle

I wrote two songs on my cassette album 'frost at Midnight' about my wife's experiences - over 20 years ago now. My wife sung them. I wasn't very pleased with them. I recorded them at the late Doug Porter's studio. though he was a nice man. He didn't undertand the songs, and he made suggestions that were inapprropriate about the slant we gave them.

We got a largely negative feedback from the disabilty press, because it was me, the carer, who had written the songs.

However they're as honest a breakdown of the disabled experience as I've come across.

A fan put the whole album onto cd for me a few weeks ago - if anyones interested - I'll send them a copy. I have no further interest n them. Denise performed them once at a booking at Mansfield folk club.

A couple of nurses came up to me after the gig and congratulated me for the accuracy of the observation in the songs. But the club organiser told me he thought that they made the rest of the audience very disturbed. It was a bridge too far. the trenches of the first world war are a cosier option than the suffering and the indifference to it that goes on in our midst.

04 Sep 08 - 03:01 PM (#2431108)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: CapriUni

Hey, Thanks, Maeve. I had trouble getting a handle on it, until I imagined it as a personal response to those little old lady types who say "God bless you" in that sickly sweet tone that I hated even when I was three years old.

05 Sep 08 - 03:09 PM (#2432111)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: topical tom

Ccabby Douglas: Your friend, Jim King, has a very good voice and guitar work.Thanks for the link; very nice.

06 Sep 08 - 12:38 AM (#2432384)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: GUEST,Jeff

Tom Dundee wrote a song called 'Jennifer Clandrid' about someone he recalled from his youth. It's posted on youtube.

06 Sep 08 - 01:41 AM (#2432409)
Subject: Lyr Add: BORN WITH A BROKEN WING (Katy Moffatt)
From: Mudlark

Katy Moffatt has a great song called BORN WITH A BROKEN WING on her Greatest Show on Earth album, easy chords and like all her songs, a joy to sing...

See the snow geese up on high flying north in perfect line
Hear the cry of lonliniess of the one they left behind
He is calling for his brothers as they fly north in the spring
He is bound on earth to sing for he was born with a broken wing

Chorus:   He was born with a broken wing but he'll fly thru his dreams
                He'll close his eyes and sing, tho he was born w/a broken wing

Some are born weak in the heart, some weak in the mind
Some they have no legs to walk, but all are born to fly
They ask not for sympathy, just the freedom of their dreams
The lame shall walk, the blind shall see,
for they were born with broken wings

Chorus (They were born....)

Like that lonely snow goose, I have learned to make my way
I've survived the seasons, I'm on my own today
We may live close to the ground but songs are made of dreams
Just listen to the singer sing, for she was born with a broken wing

Chorus (We were born....)

21 Oct 08 - 10:11 PM (#2472406)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: GUEST,Eric O

"Missing Pieces" by Mark Leland is a very good song about autism

22 Oct 08 - 08:20 AM (#2472625)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: GUEST,The black belt caterpillar wrestler

Paul Metzers's "Joel's Song".

22 Oct 08 - 08:30 AM (#2472630)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: GUEST,HughM

Ruby, don't take your love to town.
The Kerry Recruit?

22 Oct 08 - 05:07 PM (#2473117)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: topical tom

"The Man Who Blew Kisses" by Chuck Brodsky.

23 Oct 08 - 03:56 PM (#2474032)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: Genie

The Kingston Trio had a song called "Jane, Jane, Jane" about a blind woman.

23 Oct 08 - 04:11 PM (#2474044)
Subject: RE: Songs about disability
From: SPB-Cooperator

A touch of irony...

1st verse

Why must he talk to me
Can't he talk to someone else
I don't understand a word he says
His eyes they have a vacant gaze
Is he drunk or is he mad
If he goes then I'll be glad
Wouldn't be nice if all the world were normal.

5th (last verse)

Why won't you walk with me?
Why won't you talk to me?
Why to you listen to them instead?
Is it something I have said?
I can dance and I can sing
I can talk about anything
I can'r see anything wrong with me - I'm normal!