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Sugawn Folk Kitchen

11 Jul 07 - 02:06 AM (#2099484)
Subject: Sugawn Folk Kitchen
From: GUEST,ifor

Back in the 1970s while living in Stoke Newington I went to an exciting folk club called the Sugawn Folk Kitchen on the Balls Pond Road near Islington.I only went a few times because of evening work commitments but remember it for its fiery singing and playing.Or am i looking back through rose coloured glasses?

11 Jul 07 - 02:21 AM (#2099489)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen
From: The Borchester Echo

I remember it as very noisy and prone to punch ups.

11 Jul 07 - 03:32 AM (#2099508)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen
From: severed-head

I also went several times with my wife-to-be (Mrs severed-head). We enjoyed the place and there was a certain buzz about it. I clearly remember one night they had advertised a young Irish guy who was going to be the new Van Morrison. We turned up to hear him. Unfortunately, when the time came for him to perform he'd consumed so much alcohol he could barely stand. He tried to do a couple of songs but had to be dragged off stage for his own good. I don't think he was ever seen again.
Someone else will probably post saying it turned out to be Bono.

12 Jul 07 - 05:44 PM (#2101038)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen
From: GUEST,mabel

I remember actually being asked to dance and then asked which county I was from. I said East Sussex. It was downhill from there. Never been anywhere like it since.

13 Jul 07 - 02:50 PM (#2101830)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen
From: GUEST,Jim Carroll

There is an interesting article from the Clare magazine Dal Cgais (No 2) by the guv'nor of the S.K. (circa 1972) which can be found on the OAC (OIDHREACHT AN CHLáIR) website.
My only memory of it was of going to see fiddler Tommy Peoples there - he didn't turn up! Never mind, I've seen him hundreds of times since and his playing has got better - if that were possible!
Jim Carroll

29 Jun 11 - 11:17 AM (#3178331)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen
From: GUEST,Michael McDonnell

I had some great nights in the Sugawn, when we were broke someone would get us a drink there was a gentleman there called "Spain" who made sure we were ok, the music was wonderful, the friendship and the fun. I heard Paul Brady there, Silly Wizard, the Fureys and of course the kindest banjo player in London, Mick O'Connor was a stalwarth member of the Sugawn Folk who kept the kettle boiling every weekend. Gerry O'Connor and his wife ran the place, I made friends there that I still have and cherish thirty tears later. There was a man called Ned Grant who always made sure a travelling musicien had a place to sleep and a breakfast. There were two Billy Connolly's no relation to the Big Un and a schelpe of Irish Nurses from Whips Cross who gave us hot dinners on Sundays. It was a home from home for me.

20 Jul 12 - 05:42 PM (#3379352)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen
From: GUEST,Dermot Drummy

My mother took part in a couple of plays and i met the fureys there ,fantastic memories
We used to sit at the back of the theatre and thats where i began to love Irish music

07 Nov 12 - 10:56 AM (#3432463)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen

Hi, I used to play regularly at The Sugawn in a duo called Windfall. We recorded years later on Christie Hennessy's 1st LP. Christie was a regular too. Tony Bradley ran the club, Gerry O Neil the pub. Ned Grant was a driving instructor who got me through my test in Tottenham. Does anyone remember a singer called Fergus Ryan? I'd like to know what became of him. Great days, some might remember me Anthony Griffiths the Welshman!

20 Nov 12 - 11:56 AM (#3439319)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen
From: GUEST,Doris M Daly

I set up the Sugawn Theatre Memorial and I am plan to have a reunion in March 2013. Google info..OK

See the DVD posted ''The Sugawn Theatre'' for info. please contact me and join in this celebration.??.

I did not hold a memorial last year as I was hospitalised but next March we will celebrate in earnest.D.V.

Beannacht í ngac áit in a déannan tú seasamh

Doris M Daly

19 Feb 13 - 06:06 AM (#3481346)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen
From: GUEST,Doris Daly

The Folk/Music part of the Pub worked in conjunction with TheTheatre, which was The First Fringe Pub Theatre in London and it was conducted with manners by professionals and thespians and never ever was there fisti-cuffs offered or given. Drunks were not admitted to the Theatre,
nor were they served in the Bar having arrived the worse for wear there.
The Manager, the late lamented Jerry O'Neill, playwright and novelist, kept order with his charismatic personality and benevelence. It was an Oasis of Irish Culture at its best. It has not to date been surpassed nor replaced. Alas! His novels OPEN CUT and DUFFY IS DEAD are master pieces of observation of the Irish building workers of that time.

A History of The Sugawn Theatre is being compiled and if anyone wishes to add to it please contact me ASAP. I guarantee you will be included.

And our March commemoration has been changed to October as there will be too many Irish events in March. We hope then the book will be launched.

Doris M Daly.

05 Apr 14 - 01:01 PM (#3615675)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen
From: GUEST,Maria

I wasn't familiar with this site until a friend of mine pointed out that somebody was wondering what became of Fergus Ryan. He came to live in Bilbao (north Spain) in 1974 and died in 2011 of colon cancer. He was my husband and his death was a shock for all of us. He started a folk group here also called Sugán, and played in several festivals in northern Spain and local venues. He was the lead singer . It was not a full time thing because you couldn't live off the music . For him it was an outlet and a way of connecting with Irish folk music, which was one of the passions of his life. He was a real character, very well known by lots of people. I can't believe it that he's gone forever!

28 May 14 - 11:22 AM (#3628716)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen - Fergus Ryan
From: GUEST,Cathie

I'm so sorry to hear about Fergus passing. I knew him very well and sang for a short time with the Sugawn Folk. We used to sing a duet called 'Dainty Davy'. He had a wonderful voice and a great sense of humour. We were the youngest in the band and frequently got into trouble for giggling and not taking things too seriously. we had some very good times and I too can't believe he is gone as I was sure we'd meet up again someday. I can believe that you miss him terribly

17 Oct 15 - 08:13 AM (#3744630)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen

I sang, played guitar and acted there 1974-76. I remember Paddy Jackman and parties at his place when the pub closed, also late nights in the Sugawn after hours. I heard Edna O'Brien read one evening. Joahn Quinn wrote and directed some plays. An Anerican folk singer, I was one of the few women who played.
Jerry and Mary were always very welcoming.
Virginia Lee Gillespie - would like to connect with those from that era.

05 Aug 17 - 09:17 PM (#3870195)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen

I attended Sugawn kitchen regularly between 1974 - 77. I had two. lines to say as Warder 2 in a production of The Quare Fellow by Brendan Behan which included some actors who had been in the original Theatre workshop production at Stratford (East). Amazed to see Peter O' Toole no less in the bar with our producer. The critic Bernard Levin was known to show. up at these shows in full evening dress.

I also went on a very bucolic coach trip from the Sugawn to the Fleadh Cheoil in Ennis. The music and dance in route to the Fleadh was much more fun than the. actual Fleadh itself, Apart from Gerry, I remember Tony Bradley and his group each sat and Sunday evening.

05 Sep 18 - 08:41 AM (#3948238)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen
From: GUEST,Derek Hayes

I was a regular at the Kitchen for several years and watched the Sugawn Folk originally led by Tony Bradley gradually morph into Shegui for whom I was privileged to look after the sound side of things for a few years whilst they built their reputation around London pubs.
Amazing characters in that pub. Gerry was an absolute gentleman as well as a literary giant. I can still hear Tony Nolan on the door shouting "Make way for the cripple" when someone turned up in a wheelchair. Paddy Jackman playing his party piece, The Lonesome Baoatman on the whistle. Back to Paddy and Yvonne's or the Longs for more tunes and drink. Very fond memories.
Some of the real greats stopped by to play there whilst they were in London - Paul Brady, Clannad,etc. etc.
I remember being there when I heard that Sandy Denny had died.....

21 Dec 18 - 06:15 AM (#3967647)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen
From: GUEST,Guest, Friends

My folk group played our first ever public performance there in 1969/1970. The audience were absolutely fantastic and so supportive
. Have been sign and playing ever since, always for pleasure. Loved the place. What was the name of then actual pub then?

21 Dec 18 - 09:21 AM (#3967683)
Subject: RE: Sugawn Folk Kitchen
From: GUEST,Nick Dow

I did a gig there when I was a shy 23 years old. The nearly ate me alive. It really did me the world of good. Just about everything went wrong, including an exploding light bulb behind the bar which nearly gave me a heart attack. I really did not stand a hope, but it was a lightbulb moment (sorry about that!) It turned me from a nervous floor singer into a club act in one painful night, but I stuck it out to the bitter end. I went away and did some serious work on becoming a singer. I honestly think you need gigs like that to teach you how to make it work. I remember I played a gig in London two nights later and remember thinking 'this time I'm going to do it right!' I didn't of course but I was about 200% better than the Sugawn gig, and winning an audience over stood me in good stead for working in Finland and Sweden. So thank you the Sugawn Folk Kitchen! A good kick up the backside every now and again is essential IMHO.